Tuesday 23 June 2015

Easy techniques with Ken Oliver Crafts Color Bursts

Hello everyone!
Jaya here with you all today :)

Today I will be sharing some easy to follow techniques with Ken Oliver crafts color busrts.
These are the newest addition to the Crafters corner shop and in fact a must try... Especially for all the mixed media artists- beginners and professionals... and all those people who love to try out watercoloring.

What are color bursts?

Color Burst is an amazing concentrated microfine watercolor powder that lets you create beautiful watercolor techniques like never before! This versatile powder can be used with so many fun techniques! 

Spritz your project with water and sprinkle on Color Burst and  you can create amazing designs. 
Sprinkle Color Burst on dry paper and then spritz with water for a completely different look. Dissolve in water and spray from a mister bottle to create your own custom mists.
 The possibilities are endless! 

The best part-

1.Very economical. Each bottle contains around 8 grams  of concentrated pigment powder that is enough to last you for a long time! 

2.A single bottle of pigment powder can give varied results of mist color from lightest to darkest depending on the amount of dilution.

3. As there are 6 colors- 3 primary and 3 secondary, there is an endless possibility of mixing and making your custom made mists in the color you want.

4. Mix a little amount with water in a mister and add some perfect pearls to it to create your own customised glimmer mist.

Here is a projects I did using the 
Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts and Altanew Stamp- Painted Poppy

The background demonstrates the effect of color bursts when used as pigment powder and the stamped images show how you can achieve beautiful water coloured effect with these pigment powders.


This is actually a 5 minute card.
1. For this card the background was done using the Color bursts.( Please see the video ). Simply sprinkle some Orange Color burst on the Brustro watercolor paper and spray some water using the Rangers mister bottle

2. After the background was dry, I stamped the rose image using Versamark black Onyx and my new stamp set from  Altanew Stamp- Painted flowers.

3. I heat dried the stamped image and then simply went inside the flower image with Ken Oliver crafts Crimson color  diluted with a little water and leaves with diluted Pthalo Green Color bursts. 

I painted the flowers and leaf images rather randomly without worrying about the details.

5.I adhered this cardstock piece to my base using some double sided foam tape

The second card I tried -

I am certainly not much of a card maker and the mixed media work I do is far from being CAS usually. My fellow DT members Neha and Nupur are my huge source of inspiration when it comes to making anything CAS. 
So here is a card I tried and believe me, other than the embossing this is once again a surprisingly quick to make card.

The trick is using Ken Oliver crafts color bursts to watercolor embossed images.
 You really don't have to worry about the water coloring to be accurate.
The embossing resists these inks and you automatically end up with these gorgeously painted images!
I used the Altanew stamp- Painted Poppy

 You can see the video to get an idea of how I painted the image. 


1. I stamped the image on Brustro watercolor paper using Versamark watermark ink and sprinkled the rangers white embossing powder. I heat embossed this using the Rangers Heat it tool.

2.  I taped the watercolor paper to my Inkssentials craft mat along all the four edges 
3. Next I dabbed the flower image with lots of water containing myself only inside the embossed flower image.

4. I diluted a very small amount of the Alizarin crimson color burst with water directly on my Inkssentials craft mat ( very easy to lift color from my Inkessentails craft mat and even easier to clean!)

5. I dabbed the centre of the poppy flower with the Alizarin crimson color and without picking up any more color I continued to blend it towards the edge of the petal using ore and more water. The colors blend beautifully into the watercolour paper and there isn't much you need to do from your side ;)

6. I used diluted Pthalo Green color to color the leaf and stem of the image.

7. For the sky background, I soaked the paper with lots of water and the simply dabbed the diluted Ultramarine blue color burst on the edges of the cardstock and blending with more and more water( without picking up any more color)  as I went inwards.

8. Heat dry and mount this on the card base using foam tape. Finish off with a sentiment and some Wink of Stella- Clear on the petals.

For the sentiment, I used a Altanew clear stamp- Painted Poppy sentiment and embossed it on vellum using the Rangers gold heat embossing powder and  Rangers heat it tool.

And the third project-

Finally... I have this galaxy canvas I made using the Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts,  Prima heavy black gesso, Prima heavy white gesso and white pen


1. This canvas was done in at different time intervals to achieve this look. The blue you see here is the Ultramarine blue mixed with some white ink, the burgundy color that you see is the  Alizarin Crimson color mixed with the blue . There is also a hint of yellow in there which is basically the Orange Color Burst diluted to an extent.

 2. I went over and over the background around 4 times to get this look.

3. I gave a random coat of Prima heavy white gesso to some areas ( see the top right corner) that I painted with Color bursts to give the appearance of  clouds.Since the color bursts are meant for porous surfaces, they cloud not coat the area properly thereby giving a cloud- like finish.

4. Once satisfied with the galaxy background, I splattered it with Prima heavy white gesso ,  I also tried embossing some spots with Rangers White embossing powder. Once all this was dry I went over some white stars with white pen to create sparkle like effect.

5. Finally I embossed my sentiment in Rangers White embossing powder.

There are numerous techniques you can try out with these powder pigments.
 Here are the 6 colors you get them in-
Ultramarine blue
Pthalo Green
Lemon Yellow
Alizarin crimson

Picture courtesy- Google

 I have a short video for you all regarding how you can try out various techniques with these Color bursts. Will upload it soon.There are many more that I still have to discover. 
This is just the beginning!

Supplies use from Crafters Corner-

Ken Oliver crafts Color bursts-

 Altanew stamp- Painted Poppy
Altanew Stamp- Painted flowers.
Rangers gold heat embossing powder
Rangers White embossing powder.
 Rangers heat it tool.
Brustro watercolor paper
 Inkssentials craft mat
Versamark watermark ink
Versamark black Onyx 
double sided foam tape
Wink of Stella- Clear

That's all from me today!
Hope I inspired you today to try out these new products.
Thank for stopping by!



  1. Wow...this is so amazing Jaya...loving the blue...the florals and the wonderful techniques...All the 3 projects are happy and bright...Thank you so very much for the sharing this power packed informative truly inspire me to try my hands at Ken Oliver products....xx

  2. Lovely cards Jaya ! First one is so pretty and loved the colors and the starry night canvas is SUPERB !!

  3. cards are as awesome as your Layouts. Welcome to card land...:) Love the galaxy canvas.

  4. Wonderful cards jaya!!! U have some real magic in ur hands 😍😍😍

  5. Lovely post Jaya di! Such an informative post! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. The poppy card looks Especially gorgeous
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  7. these are one of the most beautiful cards i have ever seen....
    jaw dropping work......

  8. wow Jaya. loved this post and you saved the absolute stunner for the last . Bravo.

  9. I don't know how I missed your post ..I am just wowed by your gorgeous cards Jaya ...Both of them look so amazing ..I love the way you have created the background using the Ken oliver' burst ..I am so inspired !!!


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