Thursday 18 June 2015

Easy Mixed Media canvas tutorial with Ken Oliver Crafts Color Bursts

Hello Friends!
This is Jaya here.

Hope you all are keeping an eye on the new products in the Crafters corner store. If not, then do not forget to check them out. I got the Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts in my DT package and believe me they are awesome! 
Very economical and there are various possibilities with them..I am so excited to share my experience with you all. 

I have had a few queries as to how I do my canvases.. So I thought I will put up for you all a very basic, very easy to follow canvas tutorial using the Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts. 
When I began with making canvases I started with something like this so... to all those people who want to start with mixed media .. Here you go. Give this a try and you wont regret :)

This is what I made


 Step 1- 
Take a stretched canvas/ canvas board or a hardcover which you would like to alter.
 Apply some Prima heavy white gesso on it.

Step 2-
 Use any stencil of choice and spray through it. I mixed some Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts- Utramarine blue with water in a misting bottle and sprayed through the Heidi swapp stencil- Lattice

Step 3-
 I stamped the centre of the canvas using the Prima texture stamp and Versamark watermark ink

Step 4- 
Heat embossed it using the most favourite tool -Rangers heat it tool

Step 5- 
Use another stencil and give some texture using Prima modelling paste. I have used the Prima Bubble stencil here.

Step 6- 
Now using some more of the Prima heavy white gesso merge all these textures a little. I love using the Prima gesso for their consistency. Creamy and easy to apply .

Step 7- 
This is optional. You may add more texture using the Art ingredient glass beads. I used the Crystal ones here. Apply it directly on the wet gesso and texture paste and let it dry before the next step. You may speed up the process with a  Rangers heat it tool

Step 8-

Now comes the fun part. The Ken Oliver Crafts Color Bursts. These inks are meant for porous surfaces and since I applied gesso to my background here and there these inks will spread differently in these areas. I used the Ken Oliver Color burst- Ultramarine blue and Pthalo Green here.

Step 9-
Once my background is dry i assemble my embellishments and the beautiful chipboard. 

Step 10-
I adhere some Prima Art ingredient- Mica flakes granite to a few areas.

Step 11-

Splatter with Prima heavy white gesso and Prima heavy black gesso and the canvas is done!

Final look!

How did you find the tutorial? Isn't this really quick and easy .
 Try it out yourself and me know. 

In the next post I will be sharing more about Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts ..various techniques you can try with them.

Supplies used-

Prima art ingredient- Glass beads
Prima bubble stencil
2Crafty Chipboard- beautiful
Prima modelling paste
Rangers embossing powder- Seafoam white
Embellishments- Flowers
Canvas board 

Have a great day!


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  2. As the canvas says- BEAUTIFUL! Love this canvas Jaya! :)
    Suchi xx

  3. Gorgeous canvas!!! Love the colours and textures....

  4. SO Gorgeous..Thanks for the step by step tutorial !

  5. Beautiful canvas the color burst as spray. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a beautiful layout !!! I must really learn from u ... Want to try this tooo😍TFS

  7. Gorgeous. . Thanks for the step by step pics.. :)

    1. My pleasure Radhika! Glad to know you like it :)

  8. WOW...beautiful and gorgeous the color combo and the clustering...amazing work as it...xx

  9. It's beautiful just as d title says.

  10. Excellent tutorial Jaya di! Love the textures! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Wow..very easy to follow tutorial... Thank the canvas says beautiful..its truly.

  12. Wow..very easy to follow tutorial... Thank the canvas says beautiful..its truly.

  13. Wow..very easy to follow tutorial... Thank the canvas says beautiful..its truly.

  14. Loved it but how about a video tutorial? Is there one some where that you recommend? I want to do my first canvas but need a bit more guidance. Love your stuff, you are the one that has inspired me.

    1. Oh Thank you so much Lucy! Glad to know you are inspired:) I will send you some link to a good mixed media tutorial and if possible will definitely try to put up a video tutorial :)

  15. So pretty...I had a sneak at your draft post too and loved it to bits!! Very inspiring
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  16. Jaya it was an awesome post for all those who want to learn perfect mixed media......
    very good job,

  17. Superb... Always wondered how to start with it... Now its clear with this detailed tutorial... Thanks a lot for teaching... :-) stay blessed

  18. its Awesome<3 m loving it!!cn u plz snd me links of vedios


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