Saturday 25 May 2013

SPRINGTIME – The Mini Album

Hi friends. On this hot summer day, I am going to present one of my hottest collection – a mini album which I am calling – “Springtime”.

Springtime is a time of bloom, fun, awakening… Its time of exuberance and life. My creation here
 is encouraged by the Spring hues, by the gorgeous images and fresh colors of Spring. I have picked the "GREEN" color from the available pallette and mixed it with its different tones to create this
 fresh looking piece. In addition, my creation is also inspired by the beautiful papers from the collection “Once Upon a Springtime”. Hence I have aptly named this creation SPRINGTIME

It’s a hexagonal album with transparent  sheet on its sides. The top is a dome shaped structure, extensively ornated with paper flowers, paper leaves, vines, and lovely small cuts outs from the “Once upon a Springtime” collection.

Lift the dome and you would be transported in a fairy world. The main hexagon inside, contains three transparent sections, which opens up to reveal a number of transparent jackets. Each jacket contains a beautiful designed card with space to paste 3 photos and one message to go along with the photos.

In all the album can contain 36 photos and there are 12 spaces for your personal messages.

The edges of the sections are lined with nice spring hue of green border made out of
Martha Stewart Garden Gate Deep Double Edge Punch punch. Each card is placed inside
transparent jacket lined with leaf punches of Marvy.

The hexagon album rests on a bottom made from high GSM paper embellished with flowers
and pearl buttons.

The whole album looks fresh and typical spring like. You may add some trinkets like Dragon Fly / Butterfly etc. to add life to the creation.

Here's the pix

Material used
Graphic 45 Once upon a spring time
AC Cardstock
Prima Flowers
( from my stash )
Mulberry Leaves

For any query comment or write at
and don't forget to participate this Month Challenge-Summer Sundae

Thursday 23 May 2013

Shaped Corner Bookmarks using Dies

Hello Crafters!

As we are showing how versatile the dies can be, I made a set of corner bookmarks using various cutting dies.. These are fun to make and looks so pretty.. Gift it to your friends and family who are avid readers.. My initial idea was to make card toppers.. which will come handy when you have limited time and you need to craft alot but then idea got shifted to a final product.. but you can always use these as card toppers.. I have converted these into bookmarks by adding a small triangle pocket at their back so that they can stuck well at the corner of the page...

Alright here is a picture showcasing the complete set..

I will show you each bookmark one by one with the links to dies I have used..

1. Circle bookmark:
Dies Used:
1. Classic Scalloped Circles Small
2. Standard Circle Large

2. Square Bookmark:
Dies used:
1. Lacey Squares
2. Big Scalloped Circles Small

3. Victorian style Bookmark:
Dies Used:
1. Spellbinders Labels 8
2. Spellbinders Decorative Labels 8

4. Heart Shaped Bookmark:
Dies Used:
1. Classic Heart
2. Classic Scalloped Heart

Added some mulberry flowers and cute butterfies using MS 3-In-1 Butterfly - 1 Punch...

I hope you guys liked these bookmarks using various dies.. Feel free to shot your queries on the comments section or write to us at for any product query..

Have a good day!


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Flip-Card Tutorial using partial die-cutting!

Hi Everyone,
Hussena here to share with you a tutorial on how to make a flip-card using your dies and Big Shot..It's a really very easy way to make some fast and interactive cards to get the 'WOW' factor from your friends and family..So first let's gather our supplies and you all will need the following to make these cards below.

Supplies needed for the tutorial :-
Big Shot Machine
Spellbinder's Nestabilities Label 4
Martha Stewart Scoring Board
Fiskars Sure Cut paper Trimmer
Pattern paper of your choice ( I have used the Prima Zephyr Paper Pad.)
Distress inks(Totally optional)

And now for the tutorial :-

I have written the steps in the pictures itself..I hope this makes it easier for you all to understand it.
Step 1- Take a piece of cardstock measuring 7 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches.                                                                                        

Step 2 - Fold it in a zig-zag pattern.                                            

Step 3 - Your card should look like this now.                                          
Step 4 - Now measure,cut and glue your pattern paper on to the front of your card.                                                     
Step 5 -Now place your die on the smaller side of the card with it's centre point aligning with the 2 3/4 inch scored line and stick it with either a Washi Tape or any repositionable glue.                                                
Step 6 -Now make your cutting sandwich for this you can refer our DT member Mallika's post on how to create a cutting sandwich for your dies...Place your acrylic plate only up to the 2 3/4 inch score line and run it through your Big Shot..This will allow you to only partially die-cut one end of your card which is required for the flipping mechanism.                                             
Step 7 -Now that you have cut one end ...Turn your card around and place your acrylic plate on the  3 3/4 inch score line and again partially die-cut it...Please take care to place your acrylic plates to the the required scored line...otherwise you will end up cutting up the entire piece.                 
Step 8 -After you have die-cut both the ends,your card will look like this below....Now, peel off the pattern paper from the die-cut ends...Don't worry if you mess up a bit..This will later on get covered up.                                        
Step 9 -Now using the same label die, die-cut  two pieces of cardstock....One plain and other colored....The plain one will be attached to the back side where as the colored one will be in the front of your card.                              
Step 10 -Attach the white cardstock on the front side and when you flip your card this will go on the back.                         
Step 11- Attach the colored cardstock on the back side as shown.                                                      
Step 12 -Once both the die-cuts are attached, this is how your card will look.                                          
Step 13 -As you can see,when the card is opened, the white die-cut piece comes in the front where you can write your message.                                
Step 14 -Once the card is closed, this is how it will look.                                              
Step 15 -Here are my sample cards before I have embellished them.                                              

Supplies used for embellishing :-

Hope you all like my tutorial..If you have any queries do leave me a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!..
And don't forget to participate in our current challenge 'Summer Sundae' to win some lovely prizes Craft supplies under One roof)
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Sunday 19 May 2013

Best from your dies !

Hello Blogger Friends ,
I ll be very clear at the start , that this is going to be one word heavy post full of information and fun things you can do with your die . Sit Back  ! Relax and wear your glasses :P

TOPIC1  - 
TO start with , the first segment is about the most popular topic / confusion METAL ADAPTER PLATE ! 
When I first bought my big shot , I used sheets of paper below my acrylic plates to get perfect amount of pressure . Every company die required different layers of sheets for perfect pressure . My paper width which was suppose to be chopped was also different . I used this technique for a long period of time but finally my bigshot broke . I still have no idea weather it was pressure or plates were placed tilted .
I took my second bigshot and I was not ready to take any chances , so I took metal adaptor plate . These plates , the moment I took them and started using made cutting easier process . I was not suppose to use different layers of paper everytime . One plate worked for all the companies .
In the following picture I was demonstrate a perfect way to use these plates .
From bottom to up  , this is the way you will layer your die and paper .
1) The thick Base called solo platform { it comes along with your machine }
2) The metal adaptor plate 
3) Your first acrylic plates
4) Die - with cutting side up
5) Your paper / felt etc
6) Your second acrylic plates

And voila - Here your sandwich is ready to be chopped in !

It is very important to have a proper sandwich for any die to chop your paper properly .I need these adaptor plates for all my wafer thin dies .

TOPIC 2 - 

Storage of these precious expensive babies called dies .
I have struggled alot while storing these , and lost few small ones from the set too . The solution to these was using art bin magnetic sheet box .As these dies are metallic in nature , they will be attracted to magnet .
The best way to store them and keep them in place was to store on magnetic sheets and stack them in a box,which is perfect with the size of your magnetic sheets .
I prefer art bin sheets , specially because the magnetic property of sheet is strong enough to keep dies in place  and they dont require any extra sheet covering of cellophene of plastic bag . It easy to take them out , organize them and use it in handy . When we are ready to spend thousands of money on dies , then why not a single thousand on keeping them properly .
Do have a look , in the picture below - I have organized my dies properly in these boxes
sorry for those black dots - i m too lazy to clean them ;)
One box has marriane , joycraft , spellbinder
The other box has all other companies - memory box , mft , cherrylynn , dieversions .
I am planing to take one more box and give spellbinders a separate box . Spellbinders are very versatile and they are my favorites . The designs will never bore you with time . Below I will show some interesting items I made with spellbinder .

TOPIC 3 - 
Will my die ever loose its life ?? 
DUDE !! You serious !! never they will never loose there life , until and unless there is blast or fire .
the paint comes off , but the sharpness of your dies will never go away .
The more you use it , the better it becomes . The blade part on your die sharpens itself .
I used few of my dies like zillion number of times - my butterflies :P  , they all are still fine - ekdum zinda !

TOPIC 4 - 
Are all the dies in my set useful ? 
Think before you say NO !! The answer is yes . All the sizes are useful even the tiniest . 
We always think , that in this set of 5 dies only two - three are useful , rest are not of any use . In the upcoming pictures you ll see how nicely small tag books can be done using all my die sizes !
I have used decorative labels 8 for the same .

I will be uploading this picture in the evening { There is power cut at my place :( }

TOPIC 5 - 
How versatile can my die be ?? 
Our dies can be very versatile . Look at the way you can use your labels !
You can chop these beautiful die cuts and tag them together  with a ring binder to make a mini album .
I have used labels 20 to make this .

I love taking different die cuts from spellbinders  and stacking them all together in a different manner .
Believe me , there is always to explore more and more with your dies .
Our DT member Hussena beautifully combined two dies together to make an ornamental cage . Can you spot in the picture ? Check the post here . 

For any info please write to us at
for any queries above please write in the comment section below .

Have a nice day !

Saturday 18 May 2013

Tutorial : Creation of a Card using Spellbinders Edgeabilities

Hello folks,

This is Pallavi and today is my turn to show you some ideas with dies/embossing folders.First a disclaimer,I have to let you know that I am brand spanking new to the  world of diecutting and I am still figuring out the basic things that you can do with these.So if you already know about these things,forgive me.I am still in the new love phase with this dies, so every little thing seems like a great discovery to me.:-)

Anyway,after racking my brains and stalking google,I failed to come up with anything which you seasoned crafters might not already know.So,I threw caution to the wind (melodramatic eh?) and decided to experiment with the Spellbinders Edgeabilties dies.Now the first mistake that I did was to not research how these dies work before buying them.I don't want you to make the same mistake,so here is a little bit of information about these specific dies.Please do read ,if you are planning to buy these.

There are two categories of Edgeabilties dies.First are the Classic edgeabilties dies.These have a cutting edge which is in various shapes like scallops, postage stamp, ric rac etc.These dies also have two decorative inserts which can be cut and embossed and matched with the edger die.Then we have the Classic decorative inserts which is a set of three decorative inserts which can mix and match perfectly with any of the edger dies.So basically you buy one or multiple set of  Classic Edgeabilities and different sets of decorative inserts and you can mix and match and create multiple combinations.Spellbinders says that with these dies you can create more than 70 combinations Cost effective much?To get so many different edges, you will have to buy a ton of edge punches.

Anyway on to my mistake now.I did not know this and I bought just the decorative insert.So, I can't
show you the edger function of the dies,but I can show you what I did with the decorative inserts.

Learning : Always research a product before buying.:-)

For my post today, I made a card.Here is how I did it.Its super easy.

1. I took some thick vellum and cut it to the size I wanted.I then embossed it with the Spellbinders
 M-bossabilities which is basically an embossing folder.(The instructions on how to emboss are given on the product packaging)

This is how the vellum looked after embossing

2. After embossing, I used one of the decorative inserts and used my die cutting machine to cut.I repeated the same die at regular intervals till I covered the whole panel.You can refer to Shalini's tutorial on the basics of die cutting.She has provided nice pic-based based step by step instructions for this.

3. I then layered some glittered cardstock behind the vellum and you get a sort of a peekaboo effect.

Then it was just a matter of adding my embellishments and finishing up the card and here's how it looks.I layered various dies as part of my embellishment.For the design behind the die cut.I cut out two fancy tags with vellum and then cut them in half and thats how I got those 4 pieces.

Supplies used:

Big Shot Machine
Prima Rondelle Paper
Worn Lipstick distress ink
Fiskars Surecut Paper Trimmer

Dies used :
Spellbinders Classic Decorative Inserts Three
Spellbinders Nestabilities - Floral Ovals
Spellbinders Shapeabilities Fancy Tags Two
Spellbinders Nestabilities Gold Label 4
Spellbinders M-bossabilities Revesrsible A4 folder

Glitter sheet and die cut piece from my stash.

Hope you liked this mini tutorial.If you have any questions,please feel free to write to us at


Thursday 16 May 2013

Summer Sundae Inspiration! :-)

Hi Everyone,
This is Hussena here to share with you my inspiration for this month's challenge theme 'Summer Sundae' set by our amazing and talented DT member Pallavi! :)....I am sharing a card based on the theme and here's a look at my card :-
A look at the inside of the card :-
I have followed the color inspiration and the recipe  ingredients...And my recipe is as follows :

I have used 2 base cardstocks and 1 pattern paper.
Used more than 1 die although the challenge requires 1 punched element or 1 die-cut element.      
And my 3 embellishments are : Pearls,Rhinestone and the Flower Brad.          
And my touch of glitter I have added on the sides of the bird and on the Eiffel Tower as well!        

This card is so totally different from my usual style..I am not sure whether its turned out as I wanted to but I have experimented on a little bit of shabby chic/grunge-look specially the torn paper look with the doily insert below..That is one technique which I have been meaning to try for some time..Guess,need lot of practice still :)And As Dies is the the focus of this month at Crafter's corner I decided to play with the new Memory box Die that I had purchased recently  from the Crafter's Corner shop especially the Wrought Iron gate die so I die-cut these and over-lapped  and stuck them on each other to form a fence...I really like the way it has turned out..The fence I mean, and I have punched and distressed the small flowers and created the vine-like look...Did you notice the bird-cage with the solitary bird..Well of course,I did a bit of manipulation there too and used the part of the Wrought-Iron die to create the bottom half of the cage...Pretty isn't it ?

Okay now onto the supplies used  in my card :-

Base CS : Stash
Pattern paper : Webster's pages
Dies :Memory Box -Wrought Iron Gate Memory Box Birdcage, Memory Box Nestled bird ,MFT Die-namics-Eiffel tower,Spellbinders Nestabilities: Label 3,Cherry Lynn Flourish leaf strip.
Punches : Punch bunch Hydra cluster,Martha Stewart Doily lace punch.
Stamps : Unity and Sentiment from TPC
Inks : Momento Rich Cocoa,Versafine Onyx Black pigment ink
Distress inks : Scattered Straw,Tumbled Glass and Spun Sugar.
Brad and pearls from Stash.

Hope you all like my card... Do drop me your comments/suggestion's would love to hear from you and if you have any queries regarding any of the products used please leave me a comment here or  write to us at   and I will try and get back to you ASAP :) ... Please do play along our current challenge Summer Sundae to win a beautiful die and paper pad and the random draw as well :)

Have a Nice day everyone!

Tuesday 14 May 2013


Hi to all!!!!

I hope you all are really enjoying yourself this summer by hitting the pool, eating ice creams and cooling off with icy shakes.
What am I doing!!!! Well, I'm just racking my brains so that I can create so many things in such little time!!
You are right!!!! I'm running short of time, barely sleeping for 5 hours and working non stop to meet my dead lines!!
But thats life!!! We all are always on a roller coaster ride in our lives!!!

Any ways!!! Lets talk CRAFT!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my video tutorial on Napkin Mod Podge!! The good news is that all these fabulous designs will be available in your very own craft store--Crafters Corner.
And this month, we are showcasing DIES. Who is not aware of our craving for DIES !!! The demand never ends !!! And each new design keep haunting us in our dreams, till we get them!! LOLL !! Well that happens with me!!!! Basically I LOVE DIES!!!!
And Crafters Corner brings to you  a wide range of dies from different brands.
Our DTs are trying their best to make you all familiar with various pros and cons of die cutting and dies!!!
So if there is anything particular you want to know, do tell us as we are always there to help you.
Now for my project!!!
I started with one and ended up making two !!! First is the new WRMK shadow boxes which are ultimate in quality and at such wonderful price. The best part is that it comes with a layout which you can change according to your wish and the frame can also be hung on the wall.
I have made a baby themed shadow box lay out based on the challenge set by Pallavi.--SUmmer Sundae!!!
I have used the color pallette and also two patterned Papers, plus there are embellishments--wooden, flowers and lots of baby hangings, lace and pearls.
I have also used more than one dies and added a glitter to flowers. I loved this whole affaire!!!! So, have played along this challenge?

All the supplies are given below.


Dies Spellbinders-Persian Accents, Marianne Dies-Baby and  Cherry  Lynn- Homey Comb  die
PP- DCWV-- Nana's Nursery baby girl, Baby Boy 2 stack
Punch- Martha Stewart Punch around the page- cherish
Flowers and ribbons from stash
Frame- shadow box available at Crafters Corner

So I hope you liked this sweet baby layout!!

And when I was just beginning to wrap up for the day, I started on this card which has all the shades of summer and My favourite Magnolia stamp.
 So here it is,

Supplies--Spellbinders Chateau Gate ( see how I,ve used this as a frame)
Spellbinders- Layered elegant swirl Die
spellbinders-Labels 28
Spellbinders- Basic Lattice
PP- From stash
Embellishments-Charms, pearls and flowers
Glitter- Stickles from ranger
Stamp-Magnolia -The loving bridal couple
Colours-Distress Markers

So thats it!!!
I hope you liked both my projects. Do Play along the challenge ---Summer sundae and win a wonderful die for yourself.
If you need any help for any craft technique , do leave your comment or send us a mail-at info@crafters

If you want any particular thing to be featured in my video tutorial do let me know.
Till then  Happy Crafting!!!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Altered Matchbox Dresser


This is Pallavi here, wishing you a happy Sunnday morning .Today I want to share something that I have been planning to make for quite some time,but never got down to do it till now.This was all the rage in the crafting world recently and every second person was making one.I am talking about an Altered Matchbox Dresser.Take a look.(Sorry for the not so good pictures!Took these at an ungodly hour)

I have followed the color inspiration and the recipe given in our Summer Sundae challenge.Here are my recipe ingredients.We are also showcasing dies this month, so the die I used in this project is

Spellbinders Floral ovals die cuts : I used these behind the chipboard frame and the sides of the dresser.
2 different pattern papers : used for the drawers and the top and sides of the dresser
Embellishment : Flowers,Chipboard frame and pearls and of course some dimensional stickers
Glitter : The diecut is cut out of glitter paper.The frame,flowers and the banner are glittered.

I hated it in the beginning but after putting on some decorations and the little itty bitty things on the dresser, I have started liking it afterall.

And those of you think that this is not a USEFUL thing to make, think again.These matchboxes can store your little brads, paperclips, pearls and other ittsy bitty things and are so pretty to boot.You can also store your small earrings in these and place it on your dressing table.If you seal the whole outside with modpodge,this will handle all the wear and tear for a considerable time.

Here are some more pics

The top of the dresser.If you are wondering what those beads are.Those are my attempt at making perfume bottles.:-).There's alittle frame and a flower vase too ,in case you are wondering what THOSE

Here's the list of supplies that I have used for this project

DCWV Lace and Linen Stack , Prima Papers
Inks : Worn Lipstick ,Shabby Shutters, Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
Spellbinders Floral Ovals
Mod Podge Matt
Big Shot Machine
Glossy Accents
Whimsy Stamps Celebration Pennants
Other embellishments are from my personal stash.

Hope you like this and give it a try.Keep your eyes peeled, since our DTs plan to come up with yummy inspiration pieces for you incorporating the theme of the Summer Sundae challenge.

Until then,adios amigas and amigos (if any).If you have any query please write at or leave a comment.