Saturday 22 December 2018

Flowers and Leaves with DMC dies

Foamiran Roses and Leaves
Hi friends Dr Sonia here sharing  a floral bouquet made with the new Dress My Craft Rose die set No.2. I was so excited to see all the beautiful beautiful flower dies Shalini released and even though it is hard to pick a favorite....the Dress My Craft Rose die set No.2 is my favorite There are a total of 14 dies in this set and it is perfect to make roses ranging in size from tiny rose buds to really huge blooms!
Let me jump right into the Tutorial
Foamiran Roses and Leaves Tutorial 
You can use just 2 sizes of petals to make large  foamiran roses. Die cut 5 sheets of foamiran at a time using the petal dies.This not only saves time but helps to thin the foamiran even further!
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Die cut at least 2+3+5 [these are the petals in each layer from inside to out] =10 small petals and 5+7 [outer 2 layers of petals]= 12 larger petals. Always cut a few extra petals as foamiran is very thin and it is inevitable to tear a few petals as you work especially if you are impatient like me!
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Use a coloring media of your choice to shade petals if you wish. For these roses I lightly shaded the upper part of the petals with Mungyo Artists Soft Oil Pastels. I shaded the small petals slightly darker.
Tip:  Shading the central petals darker helps to give more depth to your flower.
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Shape the petals into a cup shape using your fingers or a ball tool. If you want to save time you can heat your petals by touching the petals to an iron and your petals will quickly curl into a cup shape  but this does tend to make your petals thicker !
Tip: Using your fingers is faster but make sure you don't have nails on your fingers as otherwise you will get nail marks on your petals!
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Take a forceps and grasp the upper edge of your petal as shown.

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Twist the forceps to the back  as shown.

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Heat this edge on the iron box for a few seconds

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Remove and curl it into place using your fingers again.This is how the back of your petal will look now.

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Do the same for the other side of your petal.

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Sometimes as your heat the petal the cupping may smoothen out...then use your ball tool/finger again to cup the central part again.

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Don't be frustrated if you tear a few petals in this shaping step !! Shape all your petals in this way. You will need around 10 small and 12 large petals to make your rose.
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
The easiest way to make a rose is by starting with the bud. You can use  a crunched up cotton ball, aluminium foil , clay or even a paper ball  as your center. 
I used the pointed Styrofoam buds from Dress My Craft for my rose that these come in many sizes,have a wire stem to hold and the shape is just perfect!
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Glue 2 petals overlapping each other around the central Styrofoam bud. 
Tip: the quickest glue for foamiran is hot glue but be very sparing in the amount of glue you use and only apply at the lower part of the petal...that way you wont see unsightly white blobs of glue when you make your flower!

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
For the 2nd layer use 2 to 3 petals. The easiest for beginners is to use 2 petals in the 2nd layer as trying to get in 3 petals is a tight fit don't be frustrated if your rose center doesn't look as cool as you wanted it to!

Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Add 4 to 5 layers in the 3rd layer. Working in 5 petals in easier 
Tip: Once you have made one or 2 flowers you will quickly understand the right amount of overlap to get that perfect petal arrangement!
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
Add the  outer 2 layers in the same way...overlapping the petals as you glue.
Foamiran Roses and Leaves
If you are making a bouquet or a home decor item the under-surface of the flower will be visible...add a calyx using the calyx die in the set.
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
 Scrunch up the die cut calyx to make it look more natural. Turn your rose over and apply a blob of glue on the center . Add your calyx, curling it to overlap and cover the center and stem of your rose.
Foamiran Rose Tutorial 
How to make Foamiran Leaves

Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
Once again die cut 5 sheets at a time  ...this helps to make the leaves thinner.

Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
You can draw,use mould or even stamp to add veins to the leaves but here is a super easy way to add lovely veins.
Place the leaves on a perforating pad [ used in parchment craft and flower making] or a thick mouse pad and run the pointed tip of the Dress My Craft golf tool on the leaves to make your veins.
Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
It is so quick to make your leaves using this method!
Tip: Hold your tool in a slanted fashion rather than vertically up...this way you will not tear through the delicate foamiran.
Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
If you are making a bouquet you need to add leaf stalks...sharing a quick tip to make your job easy and fast: Insert floral wires an inch or so into the glue bottle, twirl and remove it.
Tip : Use a quick drying tacky glue for fast and mess free results. I used Aleene's tacky glue here.

Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
Stick the wire on the under-surface of your leaf[ the surface with the less prominent vein markings]

Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
It is faster and more fun if you batch process a bunch of leaves in one go!
Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
Leave undisturbed to dry . Be patient!!
Foamiran Leaf Tutorial 
And voila...your beautiful leaves are ready to go on your floral arrangement!!
Foamiran Roses and Leaves
I hope you liked this project and found the tips and techniques useful.
I apologise I could not make a video ... I am much better at writing than speaking and I really wanted to share all the tips in a post so that it will be easier for you to reference back to it at leisure!!
Here are the supplies used.
Everything is from Crafters Corner
Supplies : Foamiran Sheets, Dress My Craft dies  : Rose die #2 , Styrofoam Buds, Mungyo Artists Soft Oil Pastels, Floral Tape, Golf Tools, Ball Tools, Flower making wire, Aleene's tacky glue

Thursday 20 December 2018

Crackle glaze and Crocodile crackle, Cadence

This Thursday is all about crackle. There are different types of crackle mediums available in the market and their uses and effects are different too!
 Today I am going to show you all about Crackle glaze which is a ONE STEP crackle medium and the other is Crocodile crackle which is a TWO STEP crackle.
To make it easier, I have a video tutorial showing you the application of both and have tried to handle all queries related to them.
If you still have any doubts, do leave a comment here.

Before you see the video, here is the look at what I made with these 2 products!

Here is how crackle glaze looks like!

This is Crocodile crackle..look like those big chunky cracks!

To know more click on the video link. As always await to hear from you.

With this post I take leave for this year. Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I will see you all after the break.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.


Julietta Decoupage napkin

Thursday 29 November 2018

candle decoupage, candle paints and Dora metallic paints

Hello and welcome to my THURSDAY tutorial.

With the next round of festivities to come, all you all ready to make some festive gifts for your near and dear ones?
Today I have a video tutorial on candle decoupage and ways to spruce up an ordinary candle sing Cadence candle paints and Dora metallic paints on wood.
After watching this video am sure you will be able to make these easily at home for this coming festive season.
So lets start.
Here is what all I have made today!

Here is the video to making these.

Do let me know your comments and feed back and if you have any doubts ,do leave a comment.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and upcycling.
Products from the store

Thursday 15 November 2018

Cadence Dora metallic paints

Helloo and a lovely Thursday to all!
 Rupa here and I have a video tutorial on Cadence Dora Metallic paints. These metallic paints along with the herbal sponge gives an amazing texture and I have used this technique to antique an old ceramic vase.
Here  are a few pictures...

There are more individual pictures in the video.

So forget buying exorbitantly priced antique pieces now! Make your own antique home decor piece with the Very Chalky paints, Dora metallic paints and the herbal sponge...all from CADENCE and available at Crafters Corner only!

Here is the video link...

I hope you enjoy watching it and do leave me your feedback.
Thanks for stopping by.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Beach Inspired Post for Kids

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Hope you are enjoying your Diwali celebration! 

It’s time for another Paper craft and today i would like to share with a clean and simple theme: the BEACH! Especially for your kids.

These creation are remind me (somewhat) my childhood vacation in Dubai beach  :) 
Look at these.....Fish net, glass bottle, tiny slippers, etc  i love it all. 

Gifts are no doubt the most beautiful way to greet someone and to make other feel special that you’re caring about them. It is really good when you give a handmade album / cards / anything to any one because it helps in making your connection more strong and powerful.

So here is some making pictures for you to get the idea

1. Album: I have already shared many easy way of binding. This one also almost same 
I took 2 diff color cardstock.
Score the lines 5'1/2 - 5'5/8 - 11'1/8
How i attached here: is Using design papers or pattern paper
Check the below images.


Its very simple. Next part is, Need extra thick for front and back of my Album. So i attached one more layer cardstock. And decorate the album in your way.

2. Shadow Box: By luck i got these boxes :) My PocoPhone box. Yellow Box

3. Envelop : By using We R Memory Keepers Envelope punch 

Creating these beach-themed projects is lots of fun for me. I hope they give pleasure to the kids who receive them.


Double Side Tapes: Form and Transparent

These Stickers from ShoppingMall (HyperMarket)

So that's it for today
Wishing You Sunshine this and every day
Happy Crafting
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