Sunday 30 October 2016

Pocket and Flip Inserts E and F and a Mini Album

Hello to all !!
This is Anita here !!!
I wish you all a very Happy Diwali  !!! May you get loads of craft goodies on your table throughout the year and loads of inspirations for your creative mind .
We at Crafters Corner always strive to bring the best for you . So today again , I have an amazing product for you by Heartfelt Creations . It is the Pocket and Flipfold page inserts E and F - two new releases that will bring a smile to all those who are find of scrap booking .
A treat for those crafters who are always hard pressed for time and yet want to create beautiful memory keep sakes . But all that scoring , cutting and folding makes one think twice but these interactive page inserts makes scrapbooking very easy and fun filled activity .
Not only they are quick to make but are also very pocket friendly price wise .
One can make a compact mini book in two - three hours with so many flaps and folds that it is hard to believe.
These page inserts come in three colours and we have the Kraft and Black available at Crafters Corner .

A Mini Album with Flipfold Inserts E -kraft 

The Inside Pages 

More inner pages 

You can also create wonderful waterfall interactive pages for your albums or just use them as it is to create mini albums . Combined with Heartfelt Creations paper pads , making scrapbooks becomes a cake walk .  I have used the Heartfelt Creations Raindrops and Roses paper pad .I will explain why so in my video .
Do follow the video to get the  inner view of the pages and how they open up .

You can combine two together to make more pages and folds .
I had too much fun making them and the result is so awesome , you will want to make more and more.
I hope you enjoyed the mini book video tour . Do try these out and I am sure you will live them . Please leave some feedback and feel free to ask anything .
Hugs and happy crafting!!

Products used

                                                                 E Kraft - Pocket & Flipfold Inserts

                                                                             Raindrops on Roses


Saturday 29 October 2016

Playing with PLAID part 1

Good morning!
Rupa here from Crafters Corner and wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI. As you are bursting crackers and eating those sweets, I would like to share with you a little deco piece that I made for Diwali this time and I have involved quite a lot of ingredients from PLAID FOLK ART. Here is a look at the entire PLAID family who helped me in this project.
Let me warn you that this is a very long post with lots of pictures and I hope you enjoy your journey till the end.
Here we go….
I started to build a wooden shelf/organizer with the wooden scraps that have been lying around at home. 
I managed to get the raw structure done in about 2hrs with the help of my driver who pitched in as a temporary carpenter and I must say, he loved his new role, lol!
This is what I started off with! I know it was this bad…I told you they were wood scraps! But trust me…the PLAID family wove a magic here and you will see what happened to this ugly duckling!
STEP 1- I gave a coat of black gesso to all the nooks and corners of the shelf. I then took Folk Art multi surface (orange) and gave a coat on one of the sides.
 Then came the magic tool, FOLK ART HOME DÉCOR COMB!Yes…I had an instant love for this member in the family! There is so much that you can do with one tool! Today I am going to show you 2 textures possible with this. In the months to come, I am going to explore this product with various mediums and for different styles. Hang on!
Here I applied orange with a little BLENDING GEL over the entire surface and dragged the toothless side of the comb over the wet paint.
And here you see that when it is dragged this way, you get a lovely linen effect . The paint settles on the wood grains and the excess is dragged off reveling the base coat, in this case black. The minute patterns resemble the linen fabric.
STEP 2- Next member from the family is the FOLK ART DIMENSIONAL MOSS EFFECT. I first gave a base of fol art green and then dabbed in the dimensional paint.
 I left it to dry overnight and what I saw in the morning was a lovely growth of moss on the shelf! 
This product is great for creating moss like feel to your projects with a combination of a lighter color to give shading and depth.
STEP3- On the sides of the shelf, I applied yellow color with some blending gel and then swiped the comb with the wide tooth. 
As you drag the comb, you can see the lovely striped pattern! This magic comb when dragged over the top cost of paint reveals a great texture and dimension and best thing is you can play with this in different directions. 
A closer look and you will see the raised dimension of the top coat paint.
I continued this pattern on both the outer sides of the shelf and on the top.

STEP4- Next i took WHITE WAX and applied in on the lower of the striped pattern that I just created. A closer look and you can see the difference. 
Where I have applied the white wax and wiped, it gives a white washed look to the project. This removes the stark brightness of the color and gives a lovely shabby washed look. The top half if you see, you can see the starkness of the black. In the lower half, the white wax settles in the wood grains and gives a lighter look.
I continued this process on the entire shelf and then gave a 2 coats of SATIN VARNISH and let the project dry overnight.
STEP5 _ I took these lovely papers from BOB AND BETTY FLORAL LOGS. I wanted a festive and colorful look to this shelf, and look these lovely blooms and stuck them.
 I also added some orange rhine stones as flower center to bling up the project! here is how it looked all done up after the cosmetic changes.
The play of paints and the colors that I have chosen gives me the freedom to use this shelf for different purposes and I can also give different looks to the same project

Hers is LOOK 1- The contemporary style..A very practical one and I have used it as a tissue holder and some flower to brighten up the work space.
LOOK 2 is a Desi, festive look...near my dressing table. It holds all my bangles and some garden fresh flowers add some more color. Just so to let you know, the the pole that goes to hold the tissue and the bangles is a dry piece of branch from the garden too.

That brings us to the end and I hope you could stay on till here, lol! I had a great time playing with these products and will be back soon with another one.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy Crafting and recycling.

Wednesday 26 October 2016


Hello Everyone and very warm Good Morning!!

My favourite season of the year is already here with all the festivities and warmness :)

On this auspicious festival of lights,
May the glow of joy,
Prosperity and happiness
Illuminate you life and and your home.
Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali

Today I am going to share with you all more about SOSPESO TRANSPARANTE, In this post I am going to talk about SOSPESO PAPER VEIL. In my last post I have talked about the BASICS OF SOSPESO PRINTED FILMS , If you are a beginner and would like to try Sospeso for the first time then you can read all about basics here.

Sospeso paper veil is printed images on air light weight paper (special papers). You need to paste these veils on special transparent (plastic) sheets first before you make your gorgeous flowers.

Working with Sospeso plastic films is easy, where you just have to fussy cut the images- heat - and emboss to make your flowers. Its absolutely easy and perfect for beginners.

Coming over to Veils, its little tricky and time taking process, but the time involved is absolutely worth it. Sospeso paper veils are economic as compared to plastic sheets and are perfect for big projects or large quantity of flowers. 

Material Required - 
1- Sospeso paper veil
2- Glue- special sospeso transparente glue 
3- Special sospeso plastic films 
4- Embossing pad and tools 
5- Candle 
6- container and water 

In the above picture you can see I have used Hibiscus paper veil. You can either paste the entire veil on the the special plastic film or you can roughly cut each pattern from veil and paste them individually on the plastic films.
I have tried both the ways .... 

In order to paste these veils on plastic films you will be needing special sospeso transparente glue. Mix equal amount of water and glue in a container and paste the veils with a help of brush.
Since the plastic veil is so thin you got be extra cautious while pasting 

On which side to apply Glue ????
In the picture you can see I have tried both the ways of pasting the veils on plastic film. Top most picture I have pasted the entire veil on plastic films, but somehow there are some wrinkle on the sheets.
Then I tried the long way, I roughly cut the designs and pasted each one of them on the plastic films.

If you noticed, I have pasted veil design pattern facing up while roughly cut images are pasted upside down. Both ways create gorgeous results.

Veils pasted design facing downwards creates Porcelain effect because its glossy and  designs facing upwards where veil back is pasted to the film creates Matte effect.

The cutouts on the left hand side are the matte ones where the plastic is beneath and cutouts on the right hand side are the one procelain where the plastic film is above the design.
I have fussy cut both the sets. It somehow takes lot of time for procelain effect as you need to double cut the flowers one roughly for pasting and secondly final cutting right from the edge.

Once we have all our cutouts ready, Its time for embossing and shaping the flowers. Now the process is similar to that of Printed films, you can check the video how I have embossed the flowers 

While embossing the veils you must take care while at the time of heating, only that area is to be heated where the plastic films is. Don't heat the paper veils else they will catch fire.

Finally with all the time and effort the gorgeous flowers are ready. You can easily spot the difference between the two sets of matte and procelain.

It's time to assemble these beauties :)

 Since the Matte effect gives the normal look to flowers that of simple paper flowers, I have decided to add some distress dry glitter with sospeso glue.
I have added these flowers to this bird cage candle stand. It just perfectly enhances the beauty and looks perfect against the black color.

Happy diwali :)
Haave added candle to it and its just looking perfect.

Further have tried my hands on some basic jewellery pieces like a ring and neck piece. 

The flower used in the jewellery and frame is procelain effect one's,

I hope I am able to inspire you all, Do try your hands on this gorgeous art of SOSPESO.
You can shop all the supplies at Crafters Corner store

Material Used:
Sospeso embossing tool and pad
Crystal fillers
Hibiscus paper veil

Have a nice day

Monday 24 October 2016

Burlap- Lace-Cork Prima Doll Card

Hello Everyone..A very goodmorning..
First of all I want to thank you all for your over whelming response on my first post.
Summer is almost gone and this inceptive weather is soon going to welcome "Delhi Ki Sardi"and I am eagerly waiting for it mostly like many Delhiites..
So with this lovely and pleasant morning, I have this lovely card made with the twist of Burlap- Lace- Cork.
I will be going to present a series of post using Burlap-Lace-Cork and in this row, this is my second post.
I am so excited to share some pics and later moving on to the tutorial..

After my first post, I thought what next can be done with something like Burlap and cork..I really was digging up my mind to get some innovation using these products.
So many things were rolling in my head..Parallely I was also in process of re-organizing my craft room, so while doing that, I came across my Prima Doll stamp which was kept packed since I bought it.. And it took me a moment to decide what will be my next project...This is my first try with Prima doll..Oh How I love the way it came out...I gave a little twist by dressing the Candie doll in burlap lace and cork,
So moving on, here I present the video tutorial,
Along with the product list at the end of the post, I have also added the images and mentioned the CRAFT PRODUCT USED in video along with its model number so making it easy for you to search on Crafters Corner's website.
Product List:
I have listed down the materials with direct link to the go and grab it..
I hope you all have enjoyed watching it ...and stay tuned for some more burlap and lace projects I will be coming up with...
Till then enjoy and wishing you all a very safe and Happy Diwali!! 

Love & Hugs!