Wednesday 7 October 2015

Alcohol Inks and Techniques

Alcohol Inks
     Hi friends ,Dr Sonia here  with my last DT post for Crafters Corner. I have been with Crafters Corner for more than a year and am so thankful to all of you my crafty friends for the encouraging FB likes and blogger comments . A big Thank you and Hug to dear Shalini for teaching me so much, gifting me so many wonderful things and being so understanding! Mwaaa...!!
          Well if you are wondering why am I leaving....I am not going anywhere girls....I am just taking things easy!.I will be very much around in the crafty world and in blog-land !
Now jumping onto Alcohol Inks Crafts
In case you missed the Alcohol Inks introduction post here is the link : Alcohol Inks Introduction
To apply Alcohol Inks you can

  • directly drop it from the bottle onto the surface
  • drop drops of Alcohol Ink on to felt and then dab it onto the surface you want to craft with
  • drop Alcohol Ink on a craft mat / plastic and dip the surface to be inked on to Alcohol Inks 
  • smear on Alcohol Inks using your gloved fingers
To create Alcohol Ink Patterns / background 
Use 1 or more colors ---keep in mind that using too many colors runs a risk of making a project look muddy if the colors overlap
  • Apply the Alcohol Inks on the metal cardstock/ other surface and dab over using Alcohol Ink blending solution on a piece of felt
  • Apply drops of Alcohol Inks  and blending solution on the felt piece and dab on metal cardstock/ other surface
  • Apply drops of Alcohol Inks on surface and blow with a straw - I have not tried this ...just read about it!
  • Create spotted / swirls pattern by changing how you dab with the felt piece...stamp and lift or twist to create different patterns
    Alcohol Inks 
    Alcohol Inks background 
     Here is the Alcohol Inked card used as a background to a card [ Details here : Alcohol Inks Card ]
  • Instead of small individual drops,  add bigger blobs of Alcohol Ink onto the felt piece and create a different style background .
    Alcohol Inks
    And here is a card made with the above Alcohol Ink background : Details : Alcohol Inks Squares Card
    Alcohol Inks
Alcohol Inks alone can be used to 
Color Resin - easiest way is to add a drop or 2 of Alcohol Inks to the resin mixture before it sets
Color Metal

I colored the silver finish metal heart pendant into a red heart by dropping a few drops of red Alcohol Ink directly onto it.

Alternatively use your gloved fingers to dip the object onto Alcohol Ink drops on a plastic sheet/ craft mar

 Color Beads/ Pearls/Other plastic or ceramic embellishments

I still had some Alcohol Ink left over from the heart inking so dipped in some white heart pearls and made them a lovely red!
Stone Crafts
I converted these stones into cool paper weights using Alcohol Inks !
stone craft
 The stones were first painted in white acrylic paint and once thoroughly dry , I dabbed Alcohol Inks + blending solution on a felt applicator. The stone above was stamped with Versamark using a Hero Arts Butterfly cling rubber stamp and heat embossed!
stone craft
This stone shows the marbling pattern achievable with Alcohol Inks very nicely!
More Points with Alcohol Inks 

  • Once you have created an Alcohol Inks Project you can stamp on it with an Archival Ink /Staz On

  • Remember not to apply Alcohol Inks directly to your stamps as Alcohol Inks can crack and damage your stamps in the long run

    • Same color Alcohol Inks will give different looks when used on different colored card stock [ you need metal/ glossy/ special card stock...normal paper is too porous to work with Alcohol Inks ]
      Alcohol Inks 
      The leaf was die cut from a background created using only red Alcohol Ink on gold metallic card stock
    • heat embossing
    • Heat embossing looks fabulous on Alcohol Inked surface! In the leaf above I drew veins using an embossing pen and heat embossed with sparkling snow embossing powder[ More details here : Heat Embossed Tag]
      Heat embossed Butterfly
    I made this butterfly by stamping and heat embossing on an Alcohol Inked metallic card [ Details : Alcohol Inks Card Techniques]
    • Alcohol Inked background looks very vibrant and you can really add on various media to it. The Ganesha Hanging was created using beads gel and a stencil on an Alcohol Inked background .
      Beads Gel
      Hope you liked the various techniques and projects I have shared
    You can buy the whole array of Alcohol Inks craft supplies at Crafters Corner

    And signing off...Dr Sonia

    Monday 5 October 2015

    Project Life it is!

    Hello everyone!
    Its me! Nupur 

    One of the best ways to make yourself happy in the present 
    is to recall happy times from the past. 
    Photos are a great memory-prompt, 
    and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, 
    they weight our memories to the good.
    ~ Gretchen Rubin


    Project Life is an amazing system, 
    a very systematic system of recording memories 
    it is an ultra-simple, ├╝ber-stylish solution for getting your photos 
    off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums.
    It is a revolutionary system to simplify the process of preserving 
    your family’s history, your daily/weekly experiences, important days etc


    There are many ways , there is no "wrong "or “right” — way to “do” Project Life. 
    Some people keep chronological albums,
    some create themed albums 
    and some just “go with the flow”, 
    creating and filling the sleeves as time permits without imposing
    a theme or time-frame on their album
    Anything and everything you can think of can be documented in Project life
    Its fun, no restrictions no limitations...only fun
    It is advised to begin with the day to day experience.
    Then slowly proceed towards the week by week
    If you’re keeping a weekly Project Life album, 
    the way you tell stories may change from week to week. 
    That’s okay too 
    and then deciding how to work with the theme makes it easier for you to document. 
    Do you want to convey your message using text, handwriting, photos, or stuff?
    Or a combination of those things? 
    If you are not sure and just want to create
    you may choose to go on with the flow....
    you never know what awaits you...


    A layout is basically a single page designed for a specific event or a memory or a particular time etc.

    A spread usually consists of 2 pages for a specific period of time.

    A spread - the albums that are kept daily, weekly or monthly. 
    It is also referred as the left-hand page + the right-hand page together. 
    Some people may use just one page per week,
    Most Project Lifers who document life on a weekly basis put together one spread each week; 
    if they have extra memories to include they’ll use an insert instead of adding pages to their spread. 
    But sometimes life is too good a multiple spreads are required for a single week. 
    If you’re documenting life on a monthly basis, you may use anywhere from one to three or four or more pages to compose a spread.

    A pocket is a compartment within the page protector. 
    Depending on the size you have chosen the size of the pockets will vary.

    An insert is a page protector that is slipped between the left-hand page + right-hand page of a spread. By default, it’s smaller than whatever size page protector your album uses for spreads. For instance, my Project Life album uses 12×12 page protectors for weekly spreads. If I add additional content to a week using an insert, I do so using some variation of a 6×8, 3×3, or 6×12 page protector. 
    It measures 6×8 overall, and has two 3×4 vertical pockets and one 6×4 horizontal pocket.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 




    There are several sizes that you can choose from

    12x12 inches
    8x8 inches
    6x8 inches
    4x4 inches
    Mini Albums

    Page Protectors or Photo Pocket pages

    Based on the size of your album 
    or if you choose to preserve them without the albums 
    there are varieties of these you can choose from.


    Cards Set

    This kit contains 40 pieces:
    (4) 4” x 6” Title Cards;
    (4) 4” x 6” Journaling Cards, 
    (32) 3” x 4” Journaling Cards 
    All cards are double-sided.

    Mini Kits

    This Mini Kit includes 100 total cards:
    (10) 4” x 6” Title Cards 
    (10) 4” x 6” Journaling/Filler Cards
    (80) 3” x 4” Journaling/Filler cards
    All cards are double-sided.

    Core Kits

    The Core Kit usually includes 576 cards,
    (depending on the collection - 500+)
    (468) 3” x 4” Journaling/Filler Cards 
    (36) 4” x 6” Journaling/Filler Cards 
    (56) 4” x 6” Title Cards 
    (8) 3” x 4” and (8) 4” x 6” 
    All cards are double-sided 

    Value Kit

    This kit contains 
    (no.of cards based on the collection chosen)
    (30) 3” x 4” Journaling/Filler Cards 
    (8) 4” x 6” Journaling/Filler Cards,
    (7) 4” x 6” Title Cards, 
    (36) Chipboard Shapes

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


    Photo Fuse tool

    The Photo Fuse Tool allows you to add additional photo pockets
     to your pages create any size + shape pocket you want on a page protector, 
    divide your pockets into smaller sections, seal embellishments inside of pockets, 
    and more! It really is a tool that allows for maximum flexibility and creativity! 
    Set included Fuse tool, metal ruler stencil, stand, fusing tip, and cutting tip.

    Fuse Sleeves

    The sleeves to hold your journalling, pictures etc

    Journalling pens

    Use these pens to write a special message on a photo, journaling card, title card, and more! 
    Pens are acid free, fade proof, waterproof, and non-bleeding. 
    Contains 18 pens total - 2 each of black precision pen in three point sizes (.01, .03, and .08); 
    2 each of brown precision pen in two point sizes (0.3 and 0.5); 
    1 each of blue precision pen in two point sizes (0.3 and 0.5); 
    1 each of red precision pen in two point sizes (.03 and .05) 
    and 1 each black slick writer in two different tip sizes (fine/medium)

    Project Life Date Stamp

    Document the date on your photos or Project Life cards with the Date Stamp. 
    This twelve-month rotary stamp is easy to use and includes years 2006-2016.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    Basic Cards + Cardstock
    Designer Paper
    Designer Dividers
    Envelope Pages
    Photo Overlays
    Washi Tape
    and much more

    Any project needs some fun, some glamour,
    and not to forget some personal touch
    Don’t be afraid to be creative
    Its your time to explore and incorporate
    This is pretty much it for you to get started with Project life
    * (Information and images have been compiled from the internet)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Dont forget to check out the awesome Project Life supplies at Crafters Corner.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    Thank you for stopping by

    Friday 2 October 2015

    Wonders with- ULTIMATE BACK SUPPORT!

    Hello everyone! 
    Well Today I'm here with an AWESOMEEE product! 
    Let me give you few hints? 
    Its a perfect product to turn cabochons into charms and the possibilities with these charms are endless! Let me just show you all what I am talking about .. :D
    Confused? Dont know what this is? Well these are called ULTIMATE BACK SUPPORTS 
    What do they do? Why do I need them? How do I use them? 
    Well I'm here to answer all your questions! :) So lets get started! 

    Well I hope you all know by now How crazyy I am about embellishments/ charms/ resins/ cabochons and anything and everything thats cute and can jazz up pretty projects! 
    So I picked up these embellishments for today's tutorial I have tried to link up all the products but incase you like any specific one from the picture n cant find it do ask as a lot of cute cabochons come in the mix pack n since I am a person who loves them I usually but the mix packs! Our store has a variety of them- 25pcs, 100pcs, 400pcs etc. 
    Enough of talking lets get started! 

    Well all you need to do is flip the embellishment add a tiny drop of Glossy Accents and stick the ultimate back support on it. Let it dry for few mins and thereeee you gooo! A pendant/ Charm is ready! 

    Wasn't that Quick and Super Easy?  Inspiration coming up down below! The possibilities are  ENDLESS! From Pendants, earrings, bracelets, Danglers for your albums, baby books, planners and what not! 

    Now Let me share a short tute on some super cute pendants I made using Collage clay and these Adorable Polka dot bottle caps- one of the new releases! 

    Add back support to the pc and pipe your fav design with the clay and decorate it! 
    Super cute pendants are ready! 

    Next I made a keychain! Isn't it cute? I love the bright pink bow! 

    So easy to add resin flowers to metal charm bracelets now! And do you see those pearls? They are available in the store now and they come with the hooks making jewellery is so easy now :D

    Here's a chocolate bracelet! And do you see the chocolate sauce on the ice cream? It looks yumm right? Its Drizzle paint by plaid! 

    Here's a super cute pendant I made for my niece she just loved it! Ultimate back support is such an awesome product! 

    Lastly one more keychain! 

    Hope you all liked my post! 
    Dont forget to leave some love!

    Anchal Sapra 

    21 Chain