Thursday 17 November 2016

Rulers to create Perfect mats,frames and more!

Hi friends,I love experimenting with a product in depth to the hilt! Researching and experimenting for this blogpost for Crafters Corner was so challenging[ I had to make it interesting for you guys] and exhilarating [ as it was sheer joy to discover new ways to use rulers!] at the same time!

And I fervently hope you find this post and the linked in video useful !!

Rulers are one of the most basic of craft supplies and me have used it from childhood.
Well did you know that there are specialised rulers that cater to the need of crafters!!

Special features of Craft Rulers 

Metal Edge 
Crafters Corner has a nice variety of rulers with a metal cutting edge.
The metal cutting edge is a super useful feature for papercrafters as it allows you to use a rotary cutter or craft knife with a cutting mat to easily and snugly cut along your ruler without slicing off a part of your ruler!
This allows you to use your ruler to get a nice straight cut on paper , fabric, chipboard etc
Cons: you need to hold the ruler firmly against your paper/chipboard so that it doesn't slip
You need to use a cutting mat when using the craft knife/rotary cutter!

Clear Acrylic Rulers
Being able to see under your ruler is an indispensable feature !
Pro : You can see exactly where you are cutting and measuring and only acrylic rulers can have the feature of a grid
Con : Scratches, Breakage, markings wearing off over time

Grid Feature
You can use grids to
  • Easily and quickly draw parallel lines by using the grids as guides
  • Easily create mats and frames for your pictures as I have shown in the video
Centering Feature
This is the feature I find most useful and its something which you will find indispensable once you start using it!
How to use Centering : refer to the video

Uses of centering
  • Hanging something precisely requires finding its center point!
  • Centering an image
  • Scrapbooking -precise centering of photos
  • Card making- Matting and Layering precisely and easily
  • Card making- making card bases easily and quickly
Card with mats and layers
  • Adding embellishments at equi distances.
  • Adding brads/eyelets/pearls at equi distances
    Centering Eyelet holes perfectly
  • Precise placement of a sentiment

Here is a Video Tutorial  I made to show you how to use grids and the centering feature.
Its my very first video with a voice so please do forgive my mistakes!

Piercing Holes in the Ruler

Stitched shapes are the vogue in the craft world right now and there are so many dies which can give the beautiful pierced hole edge feature but how about if you don't have a die cutting machine or want the versatility of being able to create your own customized pierced lines...well then pick up a ruler with the piercing holes feature.
Things you can do with the piercing feature
  1. Add a pierced hole border around your cards/ layouts
  2. Stitch through the holes
  3. Create a lattice of holes
  4. Create patterns and even letters with the pierced holes
  5. Play with spacing of the holes
Tim Holtz Ruler
In the Tim Holtz ruler, holes are placed at 1/8 inch intervals so you can create stitch lines on your cards or layouts by using a needle tool [ I have used a humble thumb tack] and a foam base .

You can create a stitched border all around!

And you can play around with the distance and create rows and even create patterns!

Now that I have discussed the features of craft rulers here are the salient features to consider when buying rulers from different brands.

And here are details about popular craft rulers at Crafters Corner . Click on the heading and you will be taken to the link in the shop.
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Design Ruler
12 inch clear acrylic, centering ruler, with piercing holes, grid and metal edge.
Sturdy ruler
Creative Impressions Acrylic Ruler
This is my personal favorite among the lot!
12 inch clear acrylic ruler with metal edge,grid and Centering ruler  with 1/4 inch measurements on one side and 1/16 th measurements on  the other side
Pros : The markings are only 1/4 inch on one edge and that gives a nice uncluttered look
You also have the option of a centering of 1/16th inches which is an advantage over the ideaology Tim Holtz ruler
It is also 2 inch wide which is wider than most rulers
Also comes with a nice plastic cover which you can  use to store the ruler and also hang it .
Cons : It doesn't have piercing holes so keep this in mind if that feature is very important to you
Universal Crafts Metal Edge Ruler
 30 cm clear ruler with metal edge , grid, centering feature and piercing holes.
You can get centering to millimeter accuracies!

Westcott Wooden Ruler with Metal Edge 12 inch

  • Lightweight wooden ruler which is super cheap costing just 70 rupees!
  • Has a Metal edge on one side and is calibrated in both inches and centimeters
  • The groove in the center allows you to firmly hold the ruler and press it while you use your craft knife this protecting your fingers and decreasing the chances of the ruler slipping.
  • Manufactured by the pioneers of ruler making, the Westcott company who have been making rulers since  1872 .Here is the link to a wikipedia article about the brand for those interested in a bit of history : Westcott Scissors and rulers
I dont know how well this post is going to be received...but I am hoping it was useful!!!

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