Monday 7 November 2016

Playing with PLAID Part 2

Good morning!
Rupa here from Crafters Corner and I am here with my first post for November! Yes we are reaching the year end soon and I continue to play with the PLAID family once again. Here are all the stuff I started with…
This time I decided to alter an empty liquor carton and make it a decorative element on my desk. You will soon see what happened. As always I have to warn you about an extremely looooong post and loads of pictures too.
I have played with this new texture tool from PLAID, the combtool. My previous project, I used it on wood to create textures. This time I have done so on paper and used it to create a background for mixed media. I admit, the possibilities are end less and its just where your creativity and imagination takes you…with that said, Let’s get into the process.
Step1- I started by cutting the liquor carton by half and sponging in  gesso. Meanwhile I spread this pack of Dylusions adhesive canvas in front of me and was admiring the vibrant colors and the play of textures for mixed media. I zeroed on 2 pcs for my project.
On the cut carton, I applied blue paint with brush and then dragged the flat comb.

 This drags the color and reveals a distressed linen look and this case the white gesso gives a white washed look.

I then took a water color paper and gessoed it to prepare for my mixed media page. I divided an A4 paper by 2 and one side applied green multi surface paint and on the other side it was orange.
 I applied first with brush and then then dragged the comb from the toothless side. Mind you this needs to be done before the paint dries. 
When I do this, I get a lovely linen texture on the base. Have a look…I somehow like this as a starter for art journaling or mixed media background.
Step2- Once this was dry, I applied some red color with the blendinggel and covered the orange side with it. 
The gel gives a lovely sheen and yes, it does increase the drying time. It allows you to play with the tool too!
 This time I used the comb with the wide tooth and dragged once horizontally all over the page and then vertically.

 I get a lovely checkered pattern with a reveal of the base color. All this in just an instant, with the drag of the comb! As simple as that.
For the green side, I applied blue with blending gel and once spread;
 I kept a honey comb stencil on the top and then dragged the wide tooth texture comb! Apart from the stencil pattern. 
I also got some stripes within the same. This kind of backgrounds with textures is a mixed media artists delight!
With this is the base, I started building up layers with stencils and stamps from my stash to make 2 pcs for my project to match the colors and size of the Dylusions canvas.
I cut a piece of canvas cloth and after a coat of black gesso, I applied some orange multi surface paint with textile medium this time and applied with a brush.
 I then dragged with comb in a wavy pattern and I ended up getting some lovely waves against a black back drop.
To the other side of the flap, I applied these colors to create a linen effect and then used a doily stencil and white pain t to create a pattern. This is how it looks.
I cut a small piece of canvas using the alterations border dir and repeat the wave pattern on it with a different color.
 Now all my pcs are done and ready for assembling. You might be wondering what I have been planning to do with the paper and the canvas and the adhesive canvas.
Not 1 or 2 but I managed to make a whole lot of stuff for the desk, for my phone and for my husband and daughter who love reading!
PRESENTING the entire range of products made after all this mess!
Isn’t that one colorful treat!!!! I just loved, loved what the end result turned out to be, much better then what I had envisioned! 
The 2 pcs that I made on the water colr paper, I used to decorate the 2 sides of the pen stand
The papers strips that were in excess were used to make book marhs. I have mounted them on felt cloth and done contrasting machine stitching. The quotes are from my stash. I have also done some doodling in white!

Here are the 2 sides of the stand with Dulusions adhesive canvas.
And with the canvas cloth, I made a lovely mobile pouch, mixed media style! A fancy button and a hand made paper tassel sets off the mood of the canvas. The over all effect with the charnms and the key chain is a delight.

The back of the pouch. Pl note the small piece of canvas has been stitched in to hold some notes abd cards. I am loving those textures ll around!
I am glad I went ahead with my mind voice to experiment with this texture tool on paper and canvas. I once would like to re iterate how useful this is to create backgrounds in a giffy for mixed media or art journaling. I now love this comb next to my hairbrush, ,lol! Give it a try and play with your creativity.
I Thank you once more for putting up till the end of the post. Do leave your feed back on this.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy Crafting and recycling.
Products used from the store…
Folk Art Textile medium

 Folk art blending gel
 Heavy Gesso, Black
Multi surface paints


  1. WOW Super cool...and as Shalini once said you should do a video will rock it!!!
    Dr Sonia

    1. Thanks Sonia. ..I just wish I could. ..but I love writing too!

    2. Thanks Sonia. ..I just wish I could. ..but I love writing too!

  2. Fantastic ... You make everyday items look out of the world .

  3. Wow! Such gorgeous textures with sheen, love the way you showed all the steps so clearly Rupa!

    1. I am glad I made sense here and yourlong stay to read the whole thing is much appreciated; Vinita.

  4. Wowww...wat a detailed n lovely post :-)

  5. So many wonderful projects and so detailed. Awesome work!! Will sit down with a cup of hot coffee and go through it in detail in the evening. Thanks for making the effort to write such a detailed post.

    1. Now that's precisely how I would like you to read this post, Preeti. So happy you are going to be here again. Hugs and enjoy your coffee.

    2. Now that's precisely how I would like you to read this post, Preeti. So happy you are going to be here again. Hugs and enjoy your coffee.

  6. beautiful, Unique, lovely, colorful, textured and really out-of -box creations Rupa !! love the variations you have achieved with the humble comb, that quote about creativity really suits you :)

  7. I loved the way you showed us how we can use the comb. Literally amazing and was very clear with this post, thank u very much for this ideas Rupa


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