Saturday 12 November 2016

Altered Diary Cover using Jute roll and burlap stickers

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are doing great!
So today I am going to share my 3rd post using Jute roll and Burlap stickers.

First I am going to share the main ingredient of this project which is a Printed Jute Roll. Along with this I have used Burlap and cork stickers as topping on my project.

This pack contains one printed jute roll of 1 meter length which I used I used in my project to create an altered art and not only altered arts you can use this for Burlap Decoration, Shadow Boxes, Scrapbook covers, Card making, mixed media and what not!

Isn't it amazing?
They can be sprayed with permanent paint for special effects. And I mentioned earlier in my previous posts on Burlap-Jute-Cork..they have very warm rusty look so If you are planning for any theme party then do consider Rusty theme and include Jute- Burlaps for a Change.

Before I move on to the detailed instructions and talking, let's share some pics of the end project,

I just loved the way it came out. Just look at these gorgeous rusty vintage roses...I will also share how I made these. It was really a fun making these flowers as you would love the process...

For this project along with video Tutorial, I will give a brief step by step process, so lets move on to it

Step 1: For making the flower,
Boil some tea/coffee then take regular a4 sheets and tea dye it by dipping it into the boiled tea water.

Step 2: Microwave it,
 Drip of the extra tea and keep the wet paper in microwave for about 2 min. You can also use heat gun in case if you do not have microwave. Well when you think of making flowers with regular a4 sheet, it seems impossible as they may tear but this process will make paper so nicely stiff and flexible that you won't believe how beautifully you can turn, curl and emboss the paper.

Step 3:Texturing & Stamping
So now you need to put some texture paste on these paper, I used Art is Stencil and Prima messy clear stamp. As both are of writing pattern so gives perfect look when make flower petals.

Step 4: Make flower petals 
I used Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Die to cut flower out of these papers and make roses. Enjoy the detailed process in video

Step 5:Altering the Diary Cover with Jute roll and embellishments.
 Now  this is the last and most important part when I will alter the diary cover.

So this is a brief idea of the whole process. Please check out the video as we all know it's more interesting to watch video,

I have listed down the materials along with the direct link to the website so go and grab it.

I hope you all enjoyed watching it. Please share your reviews, I would love to hear from you all..

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Sampa this is super cute Fantastic project. Dipping in tea water ....Perfect idea. Love it

  2. so beautifully done and so well explained,love the diary

  3. Love the warm feel on this diary! The jute cover is so attractive and The tea dyed flowers are so perfect with all beautiful embellishments! Gr8!

  4. I'm spellbound by your work it's amazing 😊

  5. Loved the way burlap has been used . Rusty look adds glamour to it!

  6. Hi, how did you make the black flowers?? What material are they?? And yes, amazing work!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanku so much...are you asking about flowers made from tea dyed paper or the black one..
      The small two flowers are made of fabric :-)


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