Wednesday 16 November 2016

Playing with PLAID part3...It's Snowing!

Good morning!
Rupa here from Crafters Corner and I am here with my second post for November.
Many of you would have started working on Christmas gifts and decorations and I wanted to share with you the same.
Would you believe if I said “ It’s snowing here in my craft room!” You will see soon what I meant. As for starters I want show you the PLAID products that I playing with this time. I have also re cycled a bottle and a wine glass for this project. So sit back and enjoy the process the with me…it could get a lot colder in the end, lol!
Step1- I cleaned the bottle and wine glass to start my work. I then gessoed the bottle with a sponge and let it dry.

Meanwhile, I applied a coat of Folk art glass/tile medium on the wine glass with a brush and let it dry. I was not sure what was going to be the result of this medium and was pleasantly surprised to see this after the glass dried!

Have a look…an amazingly frosted look to the glass in a giffy! It was looking good as it but that’s not what I intended to do.
Step2- I had a christmasy decoupage tissue in my stash and started to adhere it to the bottle using modge podge.

It was big enough to cover the front of the bottle.

I used the multi surface paint in blue and mixed some glass medium to this and sponged on the empty spaces in the bottle. I then took out the magic PLAID ingredient for this project, the Texture paint(snow white)paint!
I told you it is snowing here…..just look at this little tub of snow. OOOOOO…I just loved the creamy paint inside. So easy to use. You could use a spatula, brush or your fingers to play with this. I applied the paint to all the portions on the tissue where I wanted a dimensional effect for the snow. I used a spatula for the same and let it dry overnite.
Step 3- I couldn’t resist having some snow on my embellishments too! I dipped in a pine cone and some plastic foliage directly into the tub of snow and swished it out! 
Yum yum…look at these! I also had some snow setting on the top of the bottle too.
As for the wine glass, I adhered another tissue and dabbed some complimenting acrylic colors keeping some open space. I liked the frosted look of the glass and didn’t want to cover it with paint.
I had these small laser cut cherries from Crafters corner, that I painted in red and had them stuck randomly on the glass.
Step4- I made a icing cone with a plastic cover and filled in the dimensional snow paint onto this. I started using this like an icing cone and started piping the paint out on the rim of the glass and then like drops falling from the top. 
I also had some settle on the base of the glass. Left them to dry overnite.
Step5- For the back of the bottle, I sprayed white paint using a tooth brush and stamped some music motes using archival inks. I also stamped a sentiment on white tissue and stuck it at the back.
Lastly, I added a red and white checkered fabric bow to the bottle neck and stuck the snow capped foliage too.
Here is how the bottle looks….
And here is the wine glass with the magic touch of a tea lite candle burning!
Now the duo is perfect as a Christmas gift, what say??? 
  The dimensional snow ids an effect that I cant explain in words, but for to see and touch! It is just awesome and a must buy for the coming festive seasons.
Looking forward to hearing your views on the same.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.
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  1. You are such talented person Rupa, every time you come up with new ideas, using best out of wastes! Mind blowing, love it!

  2. Ooh the snow effect is toooo good!!!

  3. Rupa you are rocking with alteration work. Snow effect is super awesome. And I love the tissue design, it's really feel 3D effect on bottle. After seeing this I got an idea dear. 😊

    1. Thanks Suzna ...curious to see how you got inspired!


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