Monday 21 November 2016


Hello Everyone !!!!

How is everyone doing ??? I'm Anita here with loads for excitement for you. A new day...a new product and a new brand !!!! New brand under Crafters Corner !!!!!! Now thats a big news !!!!
DRESS MY CRAFT a brand that is under the banner of Crafters Corner and has launched a new paper for flower making. So exclusive is this paper, that all flower lovers with just love it. /many more craft supplies will be added soon and there are many surprises too!!!

Now lets get on to work.
STONE PAPER !!!!! Another bombshell !!!! Is it paper that looks like stone or paper with stone like texture or paper as hard as stone !!!!!!! Let me clear your doubt.
Stone paper is a paper from Stamperia -the well known Italian brand and is ideally called the Paper of the future. It is made from a new type of natural fibre and is actually made from  powder form of Calcium Carbonate-hence the name stone paper and also some resins which makes it so soft and pliable. It is extra strong, very durable, water proof and can be machine washed!!!

It is a very versatile paper and can be used for a wide variety of projects and techniques like mixed media, flower making, jewellery, 3d projects, decoupage, stamping, embossing, and what not !!!!
It is quite big in size almost double A3 and so is real value for money.

Let me show you some pictures as to what all you can do with this amazing paper and then I have a video for you where you can get a detailed description. Do bear with me because it is a very heavy picture post.

Die Cutting






flower making

Another product that I will highlight today is the Transfer paper and Transfer Gel also from Stamperia.
It can used to print design on any surface and makes any project look beautiful. 

I have made a phone cover using the stone paper , transfer gel and transfer paper. 
I made a pouch to the size of my phone and made holes along the sides using my crop a dile. Then I passed a twine through it to hold the piece together. You can even stitch it . Colour the cover using shimmer spray and then add some design with stamping. I am using stazon black ink because stone paper is washable and stazon is a waterproof ink. After this, follow the pictures below to see how I transfer images using the Transfer paper and gel.

Cut the image from the Transfer paper leaving about 1 mm around and apply transfer gel on the image. Adhere on to the surface image facing down and press well. Let it dry for 30 mins.
  After it has dried, soak it very well with water and using your fingers reove all the paper revealing the image beneath.

 This is how it looks like.

 The complete project

Here are some more things that you can do with stone paper. 

Now isn't that pretty. You can learn all in a video here where I show you more. So do not miss it.

Products used

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved all the projects that I made and I really ask you to try out this paper. I am sure you will love it too. Thanks a ton for stopping by. Please feel free to ask anything. You can email us


  1. This is so tempting Anita. One paper. many uses am amazed. Love that pouch and the image transfer looks awesome.

  2. Woww...u start ur post so nicely that it creates anticipation in me...that wat she is going to do now...
    Such cool products...loved the pouch
    I love every bit of the process..this paper is also multitalented like u..

  3. So versatile with many possibilities! Amazing use of this stone paper! Love your pretty pouch!

  4. This is such an amazing product....thanks Anita for sharing such awesome techniques :)

  5. tempting product...very well explained by anita

  6. Wow awesome paper, multi usage....this is really useful for kids scrapbook. excellent post, clearly explained in different uses. Thanks dear

  7. Amazing loved the way u explained it n the rose comes out so preety definately a must buy product n on my list now

  8. Fantastic mam always u make us inspired thanks for sharing ur beautiful creations with superb video tutorial

  9. What a delightful have explored it to the hilt!!

    Dr Sonia

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