Sunday 24 November 2013

Candy Tree Box Tutorial

Hi Friends,

Its time of the year where the cool breeze and the feel of warm sun announces the start of winters. Winters across the world is associated with festivities and celebrations. And Christmas is the main festival of this season which is celebrated across the world. It is believed that maximum gifts are exchanged across the world on this day.

So today, I, Shalini Pahwa, is presenting a tutorial of a small, cute and lovely gifting idea for this Christmas. I am calling it “Candy Tree”

To Make this lovely tree, you would need
Template(given below)
Stamps(of ur choice)
Paper Creaser(for scoring)

Step One
Print the given template. Cut it and score along the edges.
Apply the Tacky tape as shown on the pix. Stick the large flap to the underside of the cardstock on the opposite side. The Christmas tree basic pyramid like frame is now ready.

Step Two
The ends of the pyramid are also stuck as shown in the pic below. This will complete the tree. It would be hollow to give space for candies to be put inside as gift.
This is how the tree top should look like:

Step Three
For the base, cut the cardstock and follow the picture to stick the base together. The base slips over the tree. Fill the top with your favourite candies (Gems could be a good idea to fill it up with). When presented to kids or your loved ones, it would be a unique way of gifting this Christmas.

I hope you all liked the tutorial and
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Have A Nice Day!!!

Template(click on the image and right click and save the image and print )


  1. WOW..........this is awesome Shalini.
    Love the Red Tree Box !!
    It's just fabulous !
    and Thanks for sharing the Template !

  2. Awesome treat box shalini....and thanks for sharing template,sure going to try....

  3. Awesome treat box shalini....and thanks for sharing template,sure going to try....

  4. Thats so smart and fabulously cute...thanks for sharing the tute! a must try one :)

  5. Wonderful ! I loved the Unique shape of the candy box a lot ! Thanks for the tutorial n template .

  6. This is a very nice candy box! May be I´ll decide to make it at school with the children for christmas. Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. it will be a beautiful candy treat during chritmas shalini.

  8. Beautiful treat box shalini... Thanks for sharing the template

  9. Great idea.Love how cute it is.Thanks you for the tute!


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