Saturday 18 March 2017


Good Morning Everyone !!!

How are you all doing today :D
First of all lemme scream here it feels great to be back here..... yeyyeyye 
I missed so much crafting  and all of you tooo of course... and I am back here after long break, and lets just not waste anymore time and jump straight to the POST...

Today I am going to share with you my take on DISTRESS CRAYON ..

Distress Crayon was launched last year in CHA 2016.. and who doesn't love the distress line of products by TIM HOLTZ. These are water reactive pigment crayon.

"Distress Crayons are formulated to achieve vibrant coloring effects on porous surfaces for mixed-media. The smooth water-reactive pigments are ideal for creating brilliant backgrounds, watercoloring, smudge effects and more! Color directly onto your surface and blend with water then layer with Distress Inks or Stains for more creative possibilities. Available in 10 sets that coordinate with the Distress Palette." - RANGER (website)

Each crayon pen is about 5″ in length, and comes in a grey plastic retractable body with the cap. The color pallete of crayons is just the same as of other products in the distress line. These are for ‘adult use only’ and are to be kept out of reach of children as clearly mentioned on each of the crayons. 
 When fully retracted out the crayon medium is about 1.75″ in length approximately. 

I believe that its to less in size/quantity as compared to price. That's one minus point for my side.

Whenever we think of crayons, only one thing pops up in mind i:e wax crayon !!!. But distress crayon is nothing like it, they are soft smooth cream like crayon and it is very much similar like lipsticks... as said by TIM HOLTZ. I personally felt they are even more softer then lipsticks.It literally glides on the surface.

When I applied them on the paper i could not wait to try my fingers to smudge these creamy crayons.
Ooops they didn't smudge .... I was wondering why it did not happen... I realised I might have let is set on the paper for too long and pigments got absorbed into the paper and dried off, therefore it didn't smudge.

I tried again, scribbled few dots and immediately smudge them and I got the results they smudged perfectly..... you can spot the difference between the two in the above picture.

Since they are pigments, I wanted to try them out on Black cardstock.. but somehow was not much happy with the results.You can see yourself how they turn out to be on Black CS.

Another attempt was to try these creamy crayons with gesso.. Since lot us are mix media lover and I was very much curious to see how they works with mix media mediums.....

I scribbled some crayon on the craft sheet and then start mixing it with gesso ... Voila they works well with the same and I was very much happy to see the effect.. so Here goes a big thumbs up to distress crayon.

Playing with DISTRESS CRAYON.....
Since I am big fan of distress products and Tim Holtz, I cannot wait more to play these crayon with water ...  I have randomly scribbled them on white cardstock ... spritz some water and start blending them with my fingers.. and heat set it with ranger heat gun.

Next I tried crayon with stencils... What I did here was I scribbled them directly on the stencil and started smudging with my fingers. You can see below the results .. I loved how the extra pigment is creating a highlighted effect . It really pops up the stencil pattern.

So as of now this is all what I have tried with DISTRESS CRAYON. I personally believe that it is a great product and is perfect for beginners and journaling lovers or anyone who loves to play around with colors. I have made a cute card and tag with distress caryon and I am totally loving these crayons... 

Here is what I have created...

I am loving the bright and creamy colors... I have just used the simple water technique and smudging to create these card and tags.. I have stamped the crazy birds with jet black archival ink and colored them with distress crayon. Sentiment is from dylusions ..and have been hoarding them for quite some time.

Thank you for visiting and reading, hope this post is helpful and you will include the crayons in your next shopping list and try them out too. Don't forget to share your creations with us :) 

Have a nice day 

Supplies used- 

Distress crayons
Dress my craft card stock 
Archival ink black 
Ranger heat tool
Ranger craft sheet


  1. Beautiful Review..Vibrant set of cards..

  2. So much colors..... Beautiful art. Nice to see you back again. 👌

  3. Thank you for the review,maybe it is time for me to get mine out and play with them.

    1. Sure ... these are just super and so much fun :)
      Thank you for stopping by

  4. Pretty pretty! Love the backgrounds!


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