Thursday 16 March 2017

Chalk paints on Cardboard and Plastic!

Good morning!
This is Rupa and am here with another PLAID project.
You have seen my earlier projects with a variety of Plaid products, but this time I am going to be using the Chalk paints. So whats’s new??? You have seen projects using this on wood and mdf right…ever wondered how these paints react to card board!!!
Well that’s my project today…I have altered a sweet box this time…yes the one with a glossy card packaging! I admit…I was eyeing the box more than the sweets inside, lol!
Let’s move on to the tutorial to see this box’s journey…
Step1-I sanded the box with the new SANDING FOAM BLOCK from PLAID. It is so easy on the hand, a good grip to run on any surface. The sanding is so even and unlike sand paper you don’t end up hurting your hand! (Sorry no pic here).
Step2 – 
After sanding I applied FOLK ART Chalk paint(Castle) on the lid of the box. OOO…the chalk paints take so well to cardboard. one neat application and I was done and they dry very quickly too! I then rubbed some candle wax over it and painted white chalk(oat meal) paint over it.

Once the top coat was dry, I took the SCRAPER tool from Plaid and started scraping the edges. This is another tool which helps distressing any object in a jiffy. Easy to hold and scrap especially the edges. They come in 4 sizes too!
For the base of the box. I used the castle as base coat and then green (Irish) on top. To sand the body of the box, I used the sanding block here.
I decoupaged a tissue with a girl image and also a stamped quote which were in my stash. For this, I have used MODGE PODGE.

Look at the lovely distressed look !
Step 6-
 I had some old wine bottle caps with me in a matching green color. They were fortunately green and all I did was scrap them using the sanding block and were instantly distressed! I then fixed these to the base of the box with super tacky glue. Also fixed a metal handle to the lid with brads.

And here it is, the sweet box after the makeover!
I have lined the inside with some lovely papers from Bob and Betty (ornate Annie) paper pack.
That’s it for today. All I want to tell you is to experiment with Chalk paints on all surface…do not restrict yourself. I have another project to share with you, similar in all the steps, except that I have used a PLASTIC BOX this time.
Here is the you tube link after the makeover.

 Its my first you tube video! I am glad it is happening with Crafters Corner…Thank you Shalini and the entire team for inspiring me to do so.
I shall soon have some tutorials lined up too.
So experiment and enjoy your play with chalk paints. See you soon with more inspirations.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy Crafting and recycling.


  1. Congrats on your first video Rupa! Love the Chalk paint effect, superb work!

  2. It's wonderful Rupa. Keep up the good work .

  3. Wonderful...congratulations on your first video :-)

  4. Congratulation on your very first you-tube video :-) . Everyone love Alteration art, and you are the "Queen". As always as its beautiful. waiting for your tutorial. i would like to learn more from you


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