Monday 13 March 2017

Altered Clock Frame

Hi everyone! It's Suzna and I'm back with crazy creative project. Yes mixed media Prima Marketing metal frame.Today I'd like to show you one of the projects I decided to put real clock inside frame - I'm sure you remember my Altered tuna tin art   

I create texture and color for backgrounds…its basically the same way do in canvas.
So today I will Show you and Give you Ideas how to make your own Altered frame
Here I have basic tutorial pics.

Step 1. Choose your favorite metal frame from Prima Marketing  

Step 2. Which is very flexible to remove and attach the frame like this 

Step 3. Make a hole in center for attach the clock motor.

Step 4. Select clock design depends on needle
I choose numbers

Step 5. Cover the whole frame area with a coat of black Gesso

Step 6. Decorate 2 sides of the frame with flower

Step 7. By using mode podge & 3D matt gel i attach the bandage cloth and prima art stone on the outer side of frame
Stencil design on background 

Step 8. Again 1 layer of black gesso, and thine layer touch up with white gesso   
Step 9. Randomly start coloring with Prima acrylic metallic colors, Mainly outer part of frame - Royal red, Emerald green, Steampunk copper & Olive green.
Inside frame : Aqua rose, Viva inka gold 

Step 10. Once it done coloring, i decorate my frame with metal charms, Prima flowers, preserved mosses etc 

Below image you can see, I attach Prima metal charm : bottle cap. But my clock needle cant move, so i removed that design and i choose thine metal round design charm 
Adding more texture with plaid craft product.
Few more decoration 
Inside view is so dark, so i painted with Prima acrylic Aqua rose 

I hope you are a bit inspired and you enjoyed 
Some more close ups 

Thank you for stopping by

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