Thursday 13 April 2017

Color Therapy with PLAID!

Good morning!
Its Thursday and am back with another PLAID play....this time its play with colors! Yes the range of colors in the MULTI SURFACE paints and CHALK paints is amazing and  Crafters Corner corner being the sole distributor offers them at the best prices!

This project is very different from my usual ones...lots of colors and the PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT for today is the FINE TIP TOPS!

Apart from this I have used the flower making stylus, pencil with the rubber at the back and brushes with rounded wooden edges...yes NOT the bristles this time! I have used the back end of brushes...are you wondering what is it that I have been working on????

Well here is my first experiment with DOT MANDALAS! Its so much fun and most importantly so therapeutic to play with colors and dots of various sizes.

I thought I would start with a small box but I liked it so much I decided to do a bigger version of the same.
First project is on a 4x4 inch packaging box where I have used a range of multi surface paints and I have used mostly the writer tips for the small dots.

These come in 3 sizes..0.24, 0.37 and 0.52! The smallest one gives you a dot so small, its unbelievable and also the pressure you give matters. These caps easily fit into the Folkart color bottles, so its just attaching the cap and you start your work. You can see the different sizes here!
I have written the sizes on the cap so that it is easy for me!

I started with dividing the box into segments to help me place the dots and I started with varying sizes of dots using, stylus, back of pencils and brushes.

The small box has a colorful range of greens and yellows and let me take you thru the various stages...The multi surface paints used are Citrus green,Turf, Yellow ochre and vintage white.

Here is another stage..

For the first time, I finished this box in an hour! It's just that I dint want to is a great feeling to concentrate and work on dots, just like meditation!
Dots so fine, is possible only with the Tip tops!

So I took out another box, a discarded faux leather cutlery box which measures 14x14...I know that's huge! I start with a coat of black gesso, as this art looks best on a black background.

 For this project I have used Chalk paints, Patina, Nautical, Yellow Crochet, Summer Porch, Grotto.

These are so creamy and thick that the dots you place are so vibrant and full! You will understand this if you start making one...Trust me, it is such a great feeling. Just the kind of relaxation you get while doing an adult coloring book.

I really had a problem as to when to stop. Each circle that I made, it looked prettier and I loved the flow of this project..

Added some bling to it so that I could prolong this project, lol! Finally I could call the end!

I painted the rim of the lid with Yellow crochet (love this color) and the base with a contrasting Grotto!

Dosen't it look colorful different from its original version! The chalk paints adhere to leather too so easily...just 1 coat!

I hope this inspires you to look at paints, especially the CHALK PAINTS in a different light! Think out of the box to use them on different surfaces, experiment and share your work.

Do get in touch for any queries too.

Until my next Plaid play,
Happy crafting and recycling,


  1. Wow! It is beyond beautiful and the Black surface highlighted the Mandala dotted design perfectly! Love it!

  2. OMG this is really outstanding creation. I love it Dot flower design 😊

  3. stunning ...and the perfect project to showcase the product Rupa !!

  4. Do you have to use only these bottles to be able to use the caps?

    1. Yes...Rekha...these fit the Folk art paint bottles only.


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