Thursday 27 April 2017

Bottle play with PLAID!

Another Thursday and am back! Its bottle play today and I have 2 projects to share, one a glass bottle and the other a set of 3 plastic bottles! This is to show you how well the CHALK PAINTS adhere to both these surfaces.
My plaid ingredients for today...

I have also used the Alibaba stencil from plaid and the sea sponges for texture.

Lets start with the glass bottle.

Here is the bottle before the makeover...

1. First cover the bottle with bark brown Multi surface paints from Folkart. Use a sponge to do the same. Let dry.

2. Now use a brayer or dry flat brush to paint the teal blue Chalk paint. I have mixed patina and Grotto to get this lovely shade of teal.

NOTE..Dry brushing enables the paint to adhere only to the high points or the textures on the surface.
This gives a beautiful distressed look naturally. This bottle as you see has a lot of grooves, and this technique is the best suited.

3. Take out the stencil and stencil brush. Apply vintage white multi surface paints to your craft mat. Load the brush with paint and rub in a circular motion to take off excess paint.
Now place the stencil on the bottle and using circular motion, add paint.

This gives a subtle print on the surface. I have worked all around the bottle wherever it is possible to stencil.Let dry.

4. I have added a modge melt on this circular groove and also made a tag using the same background technique. The stamping has been done with the vintage white paint.

Here is how the finished bottle looks in different angles.

A wonderful vintage table decor is ready!

Now the plastic bottles...

1. Apply brown paint. I have used different chalk paints for different bottles. In this case I have used the sea sponges to give different textures. There are 4 different ones in the pack. I have used one of them.
Here are the bottles with the different colors...
The teal one with a mix of patina and Grotto chalk paints.

The yellow one with vintage mustard chalk paint.

The pink one is also mix of vintage mustard and Bordeaux chalk paints.

2. For the lids, I have decoupaged different prints using the glossy modge podge.

Do you see that BIG GALLON of glue...its amazing and so economical to buy this huge one if you are a regular decoupager!

The excess paper can be trimmed using the sanding block and you end up with clean looking edges!

3. Next stencil the desired pattern on the bottle. I have stuck some vintage labels on the front of the bottle and also given a coat of satin varnish to seal the work.

Here is how they look all done up!

Now I cant decide if they need to be in the kitchen or my craft help!

Hope you can see the versatility of chalk paints here and how they look on different surfce.
Do give it a try.

Until next Thursday,
Happy crafting and recycling,


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