Thursday 5 January 2017

Sparkling Festive Projects

Sparkling Snowman
          Hi friends,Dr Sonia here sharing my first blogpost for 2017  showcasing "Sparkling Dust" from Shalini's own in house brand "Dress my Craft"
The first project is a super cute sparkling snowman made by my 10yr old!
       My daughter made the  snowman using thermocol balls, pipe stem cleaners and air drying clay . She drew on a mouth using sharpies and used black bindis for the "buttons"
Sparkling Dust
     We sprayed E6000 adhesive spray over the snowman and sprinkled the super sparkling , shimmering white "Sparkling dust"...oooh it was amazing to see the transformation!!! I had thought sparkling dust was like any other glitter but  it is so pristine white in color and literally sparkles!!  ♥♥♥      
Sparkling Snowman
 My next project is a purely recycling craft made with the humblest of materials...a magazine!

I tweaked a tutorial by Innova Crafts to fold my magazine into a tree.There are so many tutorials to fold a book but this one is pretty straightforward and you can easily get beautiful results!

Take 2 pages of your magazine and fold the top and bottom corners as shown above.Keep folding every 2 pages of your magazine until you have folded all the pages.

 Once you have folded all the pages of your magazine, take out your glue gun and apply a generous line of glue along the central part of your magazine. Take a folded page and roll it inwards and stick it .

In this step take care you follow a roll and stick motion  and not a folding motion.Do the same for all your pages and your tree will take shape!

Paint your tree and Spray E6000 adhesive over it  . Sprinkle Sparkling dust over your project and leave to dry.
Paper Christmas Tree
You can also use any kind of clear drying adhesive but spray adhesive is the best choice as it can give a nice even thin coat of adhesive on a large surface and is perfect to add glitters. The Sparkling Dust transformed the tree so beautifully !

 Even if you give just a light sprinkling of the "Sparkling dust" your project will sparkle beautifully!♥♥♥

I hope you liked these simple projects showcasing the gorgeous "Sparkling Dust" !

Here are links of the products used which are available at Crafters Corner


  1. Beautiful projects!! Love the glittery look and what a cool way to upcycle a magazine.
    Happy new year

  2. superb projects doc... love the tree a lot. good use of those magazines and wat a transformation

    1. Thank you so much Sujana...good to see you back to blogging and commenting
      Dr Sonia

  3. The snowman by Prisha is super cute..esp the eyes..and the recycled christmas tree is the use of sparkle dust on both of them..

  4. love the girly snowman with the curly eyelashes by Prisha the most !!


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