Sunday 29 January 2017


Hello friends,

This is Anita here and I hope everyone is having a great time. The season is bright and beautiful and It is my most favourite time of the year. Flowers are in full bloom everywhere and I simply love the beautiful nature at this time.

When we talk of flowers, I am sure you all must be well aware by now about my passion for flower making. I love making flowers and so the raw materials that I use also has to be of excellent quality and use because how my flower will turn out depends a lot on the paper  and tools that I use to shape them.
So once again, I have DRESS MY CRAFT GROOVE GOLF TOOLS for flower making. I swear by these tools and you too will love them once you start using them. At least after watching my video , you sure will grab yours from the Crafters Corner store.

YES !!! I totally agree with you when you say oh !!!! they are already there in the market. But What I am going to show you is that how to correctly use these groove golf tools and Dress My Craft tools give me that result that I look in my flowers and we have not three but four sizes.
This gives me a wider scope to emboss my flowers in a correct way according to the size of the petals giving a realistic look to the flowers.

So what exactly are Groove Golf Tools??

These are tools that help to achieve realistic look on flowers and leaves after embossing them with these tools. They have grooves on them and are shaped like a golf stick and so that's their name. The different sizes are so designed to work on petals of various size starting from large to the tiniest flower. The tools are pointed on one end to make holes or give deeper character lines on the petals.

You can check out these tools here at the store-LARGE, MEDIUM,  SMALL, MINI

My video will show you how wonderful these tools are and using them correctly can give you such awesome flowers.

Closer look of the flowers.

Products used from Crafters Corner

Groove Golf Tool Large
Groove Golf tool Medium
Groove Golf tool small
Floral Oriental collection paper
Sparkling Dust
Archival inks
Sponge daubers
Flowers from Heartfelt creations

Do give us your feedback regarding this tool. We try our best to bring the latest and most useful products from from Crafters Corner. Your comments are very important as they help us to improve for the better.
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  1. Love the way you make flowers, the post is very informative and will definitely try my hands on flower making.

  2. Great tutorial Anita Ma'm...Awesome demonstration of the golf tool..

  3. You make it look so easy Anita! The flowers look so do beautiful. Thanks for the detailed tute.

  4. gorgeous flowers, thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Beautiful post Anita , my eyes are sticking on poppy flower. Really tempting

  6. Your flowers are so beautiful! Wonderful post 😊

  7. Very pretty flowers,.. awesome job done.. may i know the name of the dies used to make these flowers?? Hugs.


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