Thursday 26 January 2017

Glitter and shimmer with DRESS MY CRAFT !

Good morning!
Rupa here with a different kind of inspiration for you this month. I am here to share with you the lovely glitter and sparkle sequins byDRESS MY CRAFT. You have to see it to believe it…to see the range and colors. 
There are 13 different colors, all of them pastel and subtle but high on glitter and the bonus is the smart jars that they come in! Yes, the recycler in me is already thinking about the empty jars, lol! The names of these sequins too are equally unique and fancy!
Earlier this month, our DT Sampada had created some amazing shaker embellishments with these sequins. As I am not a card maker, the challenge on me to create something in my style was building up and I admit I had a few sleepless nights!
So, here I am sharing how I have used these cute, adorable sequins MY WAY…in altered art and recycled crafting.
Here we go…The pictures should explain how I used them If you do have queries, do leave a comment and I shall get back to you.
PROJECT 1- I decided to make what I love making these days…junk journals with these sequins! Confused???? 
I made a pregnancy journal/mother hood book for a dear friend who is expecting I decided   to go with a neutral tone of sequins here and chose the one in peach…PINK PASTEL SEQUINS to do up this journal.
Here is how I have decorated the cover with the sequins. It very well compliments the image and I glad how its adds that bit of glitter and glamour to the front cover. A sneek into the inside of the book…I hope to add some sequins to some of the pages randomly!
PROJECT 2- What I LOVE most…recycling and altered art! I am sure many of you have this lying in your kitchen…all clogged and of no use!
Wondering what it is….the dear old faithful TEA STRAINER, lol!
 A tea lover that I am, I could not bear to throw these strainers and decided to make a home d├ęcor item and incorporate some sequins into them!
Here is what I did…
Don’t you think the birds have found a cozy little home! The aroma of the tea should keep them warm too! I have covered the rim of the strainer wit these lovely green sequins…BLOSSOM WITH GREEN SEQUINS! True to the name, it does add that brightness to this project. The lush greenery of nature combined with the warmth of the coconut coir does make it livable for these birds!
 I made a little distressed hanging sign here and the handle has been covered with cotton rope and I have distressed the edges with sequins! 
I like the play of sequins here with a little vintage and distressed back ground!
What do you have to say…now don’t throw those strainers out!
PROJECT 3-Moving to bit of mixed media that I am playing around these days, I decided to make a door plate for my little princess! She has a pink room and I thought I will make one with pink and purple!
However, I don’t enjoy this combo, I decided t o make a mixed media background for it. I played with some paints, stencils, dry brushing and created a background on a chipboard piece.
 I then cut out the alphabets using Spellbinders die and alternated the pink and purple sequins it… PRINCESSMIX SEQUINS and ANGEL SEQUINS ! Even the names were perfect for this project. I sprayed some inks on the sequins too and finally embellished with some pink flowers too! Here is how it looks!
My daughter found this project the best…for obvious reasons, lol!
PROJECT 4- Valentine’s day is around the corner and so thought to make something along those lines! Here I have altered a little packaging box. 
I made a shaker heart using the Tim Holtz alterations die and have filled it with the flavor of the season…yes.. LITTLE HEARTS
These don’t have the glitter and sparkle and are just right for this project.
The box opens to reveal a mini accordion album which obviously is incomplete without the photos ! I have made a pull out with the mini heart die and have used some sequins there.
Also you see this mini bottle filled with SAY IT WITH HEARTSSEQUINS! Perfect as the name suggests…say it.. I have a little message note squeezed into the bottle along with the sequins!
 A cupid charm adds to the plot and makes it an adorable gift for that special person, what say???
PROJECT 5- Frankly, by now I was drained! I couldn’t think of any other way to use these…there was a creative block in me for a couple of days! It was only when my little one remarked saying..”amma, only you get such lovely craft goodies in courier” !...I decided I need to involve her in my next project!
The joy on her face when I told her if she wanted to play with these sequins is priceless!
So here are some kiddo projects…simple to do and makes them happy too!
So, got her to alter 2 mini liquor bottles. 
I just applied white glue all over it and asked her to roll it on a heap of sequins! I have used yellow and teal here…SUNSHINE YELLOW and PLAY WITH GREEN SEQUINS.
 Next I asked her sprinkle some blue sequins…SEA BREEZE SEQUINS on a T- lite holder. 
She was thrilled and amused that I let her use my craft supplies! Such simple pleasures these kids have, wish I could be content like her!
This is all I have for you today! So what are you waiting for…grab those jars of sequins now and think out of the box to use them!
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.


  1. love this post Rupa, so many ingenious ways to use the sequins other than shaker cards which come to mind when one thinks of sequins !! so creative and clever !! my fav is the tea strainer, sure to brighten up any corner !!

  2. Looks like the sleepless nights paid off..So many creations with the sequins..great ideas...especially the way you have recycled the tea strainer..

    1. Thanks a lot Richa. ..yes,I do feel a sense of accomplishment today having worked with these sequins for the first time!

  3. Really awesome post. This post you showing your hard-work and dedication. And especially, the tea strainer alteration i love it

    1. Thanks know the dilema running in the mind, lol!


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