Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Experiments with FOLK ART multi surface paints, Part 2

Hello crafty friends..
Welcome to Crafters Corner Blog. I am back with my experiments with Folkart multi surface paints, this time on hard plastic and glass!
I had a great time working on both surfaces but I admit I loved the effect on glass, always have a soft corner for that BUT I leave it to you to try and find out what’s your favorite.
So get ready for a loooong post!
Folk art on plastic-
A friend dropped by last week and lovingly left behind a looot of trash that she had accumulated from her house! This is one such set that she was bored of hanging on her wall! 

Have a look... a set of 3 plastic mirror frames! I challenged myself to change the look completely and I ended making this...
The process-
Step1- I removed the backing and the hardware and then kept the mirrors safely. Then I went about gessoing the plain plastic frames.
 For the green one, I sponged the paint directly on without gesso. Frankly, no difference. The paint adheres pretty well directly on to plastic too, except it needs 2 coats...fair enough.
For the gessoed ones, I gave only one coat.
Step2- As they were drying, which is not too long, I went about covering the mirrors with black chalkboard paint from my stash. 2 coats of that, and my mini boards were ready!
Step3- Once the colored panels had dried, I rubbed in Silver Inka gold with my fingers. The raised portions took to the silver highlights and the colors just complimented it well.
The smooth finish of the paints and the soft look was convincing enough for me not to varnish these! I fixed the center piece and wrote the words, LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH with chalk.
Well, I guess the messages can be changed for different moods, what say????
Lets move on to glass now!
This time around, I have recycled an empty packaging carton, some honey bottles and some left over upholstery fabric!
And with the magic of folkart paints, this is what I managed to do to them....
The process-
Step1- I covered the carton with fabric inside and out and then punched holes to make the rope handles. As this was sitting idle, I started my work on the honey bottles. I started with yellow and green...I know it is a total contrast to the blue fabric caddy but I had something in mind, so went ahead with it.
Step2-I sanded the bottles lightly to create a “tooth” for the paints. Then took the daffodil  yellow and started sponging it on the bottle. You are seeing this right, I DID NOT paint on the glass! Isn’t that amazing! I love the natural texture created by the sponge and coverage of the paint this way is really thick, I managed to cover the entire bottle with just one coat, you heard me right here too!
Step3- The other bottle got a lovely pleasing shade of green(fresh cut grass) and as this was drying, I took out some decoupage tissues from my stash which I thought would be appropriate for the kitchen theme! 
A little modge podge and I had the tissues on the bottle and this time blended them with the corresponding green and yellow color mixed with brown, to make it VINTAGE. 
If you have been following my blog, you will know how much I love Vintage and distressed...2 of my fav crafting terms, lol!
Step4- The tissues just took to the bottles beautifully and colors just perfect! I wish you could get to touch this! This is closest I could get you to feel and see the coverage of the paints, absolutely SATIN SMOOTH! I gave a coat of matte varnish and set them aside.
Step5- Do you think, I would wait and watch them dry, No way! I went about working on the flimsy lids of the honey bottles! These were metal caps and I covered them with air drying clay to form a mini hat! 
Once dry, I applied the pastel blue ( skyline)Folk art paint directly on the cap and blended it with another shade of blue(deep ocean blue). It dried within minutes, and I had some white polka dots on the hat cap! A little vintage touch with brown paint and the caps were ready to be varnished.
Step6- I gave 2 coats of varnish to the bottles and they looks just like the ones you find in those English grandma’s kitchen, lol! I LOVE IT!
Wait, am not done yet, I wrapped some hay around the bottle necks...yes hay that you get with fruit packaging! I just got a bunch from my fruit vender!
I decided to wrap this lovely burlap lace around the caddy which I though just made it so warm and cozy . 
I also made a label, decoupaged it with left over napkin and stamped on it. This went as a tie around the caddy on the burlap lace.
Now they were all coming together as a family! Here have a last look at them...I just couldn’t get enough of these bottles. 
I cannot stop appreciating the smoothness and the coverage of these paints on glass...all of this WITHOUT gesso.
I hope you do get your hands on these paints. Thanks for your patience to read the entire post and do let me know which one is you favorite too. I am waiting....
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling,


  1. U amaze me always rupa. I would like to try.thanks for sharing

  2. U amaze me always rupa. I would like to try.thanks for sharing

  3. Wow Rupa! What a gr8 makeover! Enjoyed reading ur post and the amazing fun part was the lid turned into a beautiful clay hat, awesome!!!
    Totally inspired with each of your creations!

  4. Wwwooww... this is so amazing
    love the makeover
    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration :)

  5. Love each and every thing about your project Rupa!!

  6. WOw..Awesome..can't stop looking a them !! The mirrors look absolutely amazing !! Coloring glass bottles without gesso these paints are really fab! loved the make over you gave to the bottles a lot !

  7. Rupa, you have weaved your magic again over those ordinary bottles and an even more ordinary cardboard box !!love the lids and the chalkboard frame too !!

  8. Rupa, both projects are stunning! Such a cool idea the flower frames!

  9. I love the bottles and especially the clay hat. What a clever idea!


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