Wednesday 6 July 2016

Folk Art Multi surface paints- Tutorial

Hello crafty friends..
Welcome to Crafters Corner Blog. I am Rupa from Bangalore and so happy to be part of the extremely talented design team here!
I am into altered art and mixed media and I love to up cycle house hold trash in most of my projects. You will see a lot of them in future.
For today, I had this scrap piece of wood that was abandoned after some carpentry work at home and I decided to try this new product Folk Art Multisurface paint on it.
It is durable, weather-resistant SATIN paint for glass, ceramics, wood, metal, rigid plastic, fabric, canvas, paper and terracotta...phew! That’s a lot...isn’t that amazing! I will work on each of these surfaces and let you know. It is water based and dries permanent and there is wide range of colors to choose from.
June was special month for more than one reason... I got my first DT kit from Crafters corner and secondly I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary!
And so I decided to make something for the house with these new paints and a piece of wood! Ready to see???
Here it is....

Let me explain in detail the process in making this.
Step 1- I cleaned the old piece of wood and gave the first coat of folk art paint, Fresh Cut Grass! Yes...I applied the paint directly WITHOUT gesso! This is how it is after the first coat.
 Good coverage but I could still see some wood beneath and so i went ahead and gave another coat of green.
Step2- I wanted a distressed finish and so took out a plain wax candle and went about rubbing it in parts that I wanted the wood to be distressed. 
I then applied my top coat, Daffodil Yellow. Wow! I just loved the vibrancy of the color...the wood was coming to life!
You can see here, that the wax has resisted the top color and this make it easy for you to sand and reveal the base color. This is one type of wood distressing. I hope you give it a try.
Step3- My wood piece was beginning to look like a piece of green land and I decided to make a nature background. I stenciled some ferns on the top of the plank with brown acrylic paints. You get the feel of swaying palms don’t you???
Step4- I further distressed and gave a vintage look to the panel by dry brushing brown acrylics on the main panel and the edges. 
Finally some color splats with black and white paint and I was pretty much happy with the background!
Step5- I nailed a mini paper clip in the center to hang the photo mat. No nature inspired project is complete without flowers and birds! Crafters corner has some lovely embellishments and you are actually spoilt for choice here!
I have used a pair of resin embellishments, the corners which I have aged with brown acrylics.
Step6- I then tied a jute twine on the lower half of the panel do that the photo mat sits snuggly there.
To the left, I arranged a bed of coconut coir and arranged these lovely flowers from the floral collection at Crafters corner. 
I love calla lilies and I was so happy to use them here, so cheerful and adds so much beauty to the vibrant background! It almost looks like an anniversary bouquet, a symbolic gesture, lol!
The little bird you see sits comfortably there amongst the coir and flowers, just the perfect final touch to my nature inspired anniversary panel!

Step7- I placed the photo was sheer co incidence that the colors there complimented the entire panel work! Now that’s a bonus .A die cut sentiment and my anniversary gift to  my husband and my first project for Crafters Corner was ready!
I hope you enjoyed the process as much I had a blast making this one! The paints are so easy to work with and believe me, I have not varnished this piece because I dint feel the need to! The satin finish has a lovely feel to touch and see, I dint want to seal it.

A side view of the panel...You can see the distressing of the wood clearly here, all this and more possible with these amazing satin finish paints.

Here are the list of supplies I have used from the shop...
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.


  1. So Happy to see you here Rupa, the recycling queen !! thanks for such a detailed post and inspiration !! love the colors you have used !!

  2. Love the vibrant colors, I am a nature lover and it's so wonderful and perfect for Anniversary! Thanks for explain the full details!

  3. Such a fabulous tutorial the wax resist idea...awesome!
    Dr Sonia

  4. Well explained!! Enjoyed reading and will try out the folkart colours too.


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