Saturday 9 July 2016

Collage Clay with Anita Kejriwal

Hi all...Here I am today with something which I didn't know I could ever do that... something that is out of my comfort zone but yet so challenging and that too nothing to do with paper!!!!
Yes I' m talking about the Collage Clay only....
This was the product which was introduced by Crafters corner a year back and I have always been in love with this... It is an extremely versatile product and one does not need much expertise with it.
This art is really mouthwatering for all ages....and you can create so much with these.. perfect gifts for all ages.

The best part is that Crafters Corner stocks everything related to this art....
I will love to share with you all a beautiful composition of all posts here which my fellow crafters have done earlier and trust me that they are outstanding and I had a real tough time to make something after seeing these posts ...But as I said , I love challenges, so here I have tried to create gifts that will be loved by all. Do excuse me, if I have faltered anywhere because as I said, I am totally new to this art. Here are the links to all the products used.
But they are all adorable do check them out :…/crafters-corner-la……/collage-clay-art.h……/…/collage-clay.html…/collage-clay-few-e……/elegant-home-decor……/collage-clay-my-wa……/chocolate-overdoze……/wonders-with-ultim…

But as I said this is something irresistible so I could'nt control trying my hands on it and giving it MY STYLE :P

To see our amazing collection of collage clay art material do check this : HERE

Hope you all will love it :
Do watch this video here and I'm sure you will  love this.

If you are still doubtful, do not fret... just grab a tube and those lovely embellishments and create something that you will love. With the upcoming festive season, this is what you will need most.



  1. Wow. ..not just mouth watering, hands itching to try too! Love the jar lids.

  2. Thanks Rupa , I am sure you will come up with amazing recycled jars

  3. WOW what a unique take Anita...and your icing skills are awesome...such thin lines you have made on the banners!!
    Dr Sonia


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