Monday 25 April 2016

Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial and Liquid Leaf

Decoupaged Box
     Hi crafters Dr Sonia here to share a 2nd project with Liquid Leaf .Sharing a mini tutorial on decoupaging a plastic container  with  gorgeous  Bob n Betty papers .I  jazzed up the edges of the container with fabulous  Copper Liquid Leaf to bring out a uniform and rich metallic copper theme to the project.
Heartfelt creations Botanical Wings  flowers
The flowers were made by heat embossing in copper some Heartfelt creations Botanical Wings  stamps.
Heat Embossed Flower
The heat embossed parchment flowers were randomly inked with Distress Inks to match the colors of the florals in the pattern paper.
Pearls placed with Crystal Katana
I have been adding lots of tiny pearls to my projects ever since I got the Crystal Katana as its so quick and easy!
Crystal Katana and Tanto
Used the Crystal Katana to add the pearls on the edges of the paper and on the tiny plastic butterflies
Crystal Katana in Action
I used the  Made in India Ornate Annie papers designed by the talented Deepika Sharma and which is sold exclusively at Crafters Corner .
Bob N Betty Pattern Papers
Here is the plastic container I altered by decoupaging
Altered Project
For anyone wishing to start decoupage these are the Basic tools of the trade!
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
  1. Decoupage Glue- most popular is Modpodge
  2. Scissors - normal and fine if you want to fuzzy cut pictures to decoupage
  3. Scale- to measure out the sides of your projects and pattern paper
  4. Pen/ pencil to help mark your pattern paper and cut
  5. Squeegee- I have used a different type of plastic squeegee in my Sospeso Trasparente projects which is rather nice but totally in love with the squeegee in the Mod podge kit because of its rubbery nature and wedge spage at its ends which allows one to reach awkward nooks and corners like I will show in the subsequent pictures
  6. Not shown in the picture : Sanding / distressing tool and
  7. Brushes to apply modpodge - use sponge brushes or regular brushes
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
Measure your project and cut pattern paper to line it. I personally like to cut slightly less than the dimension of the side to be covered as I hate to later sand down and cut the paper once it is stuck to a project.

Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
If your plastic is super smooth ,sand it to give it a grip .
Apply decoupage glue using a brush as shown above[ the brush I am using above comes with the Plaid Decoupage Kit] - dont add too much glue as it will just wrap and wrinkle your paper.
Decoupage kit
Stick on your pattern paper starting from one end of your project.
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
You get the best results on decoupaging if you remove excess glue from under you paper and here comes the advantage of having a squeegee. Use the squeegee to firmly but gently [ too much force and you will slide your paper off the project!] slide over your paper and the excess glue will come out from the edge of the paper at the end and you can simply wipe it off.
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
Using the squeegee you can easily slide into corners which are otherwise difficult to reach as you can see in the picture below.
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
I have used the squeegee  to get a proper adhesion of the pattern paper in the depths of the container I was lining .
Decoupaging on Plastic Tutorial
Once the paper had dried you can give a top coat of mod podge if you wish and later seal it off with a varnish if you want.
Decoupaged Container
Notice the uncovered rather unsightly looking exposed edges of plastic  in the project photo above-- well I could line it with paper but that would involve quite  a bit of hard work so I took the easier and more fun way out by painting the edges with Liquid Leaf .
Liquid Leaf
I have already introduced you to this amazing product Liquid Leaf in the post her e: Metallic effects with Liquid Leaf
Liquid Leaf
You can see the beautiful metallic shimmer of the paint in the pictures above and below.
Liquid Leaf
I used a thin brush to paint the edges of the container using Copper Liquid Leaf and added matching flowers with Copper heat embossing!
Decoupaged Container
And here is how the decoupaged container looks from the side
Decoupaged Container
I hope you liked this decoupaged project with Liquid Leaf painting.

Liquid Leaf
Supplies : 
Liquid Leaf Copper
Adhesives : Tom Bow Multi mono, Modpodge
Decoupage Tools : Modpodge Tool Kit
Distress Inks  
Papers : Bob n Betty Ornate Annie
Dies :  Heartfelt creations Botanical Wings , Spellbinders Parisian Accents
Stamps : Heartfelt creations Botanical Wings


  1. Its Beautiful ! Liguid leaf has made it easy to cover the edges and loved the look it gives !

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Sonia!! Love the idea of using liquid leaf to cover the narrow areaas..
    Moxie Craftie

  3. lovely.. liquid leaf made easy to cover and added a lovely metalic effect.. love the project Dr Sonia..:)

  4. Wow! Lovely decoupaging on a plastic box! Flowers are gorgeous and that liquid leaf is perfect to hide those edges! Love the pretty copper shade of liquid leaf :)

  5. You are a crafting queen mam


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