Sunday 3 April 2016

Be You!

Hello everyone
Its me Nupur here today!

A bright sunny day it is! 
Sipping my coffee by the window I sit
reading my diary...
flipping pages
and there I come across the word
and the bell rings...
Using the amazing Cottage Living 
I am creating 
"Be You

I choose to work with some grey and
some teal along with some rouge and some black and white.
I choose the following papers with patterns in rouge, teal and grey 
(oh these papers are so amazing!)

Using the amazing super sturdy Tonic super trimmer
I have trimmed the following papers according to the sizes mentioned below. 
(12" x 12" - base paper) 
(6” x 12” – green Patterned paper) 
(5” x 12” – grey Patterned paper)

Align the 3 papers as shown in the image below. 
(There are several ways to arrange these papers,
while playing around with the elements this arrangement may change) 
Using the super red tacky tape - especially 24mm is excellent to stick the papers. 
(The red tacky tape is an amazing bubble free solution to stick your papers) 
just love them..
(While I was nearly done I thought to add another amazing teal paper in the background,
to add to the layout at the top and at the bottom)

oh the photomatt!
A frame outside your matt is a must.
A jet black paper is so amazing 
hence I decided to use it .
(While I am arranging up until the end I use the white photomat
and then replace it with the choosen photo mat)
(Its optional to use any colour photo matt)

Sweet Greetings Gold Foil Accents
This paper is to die for. 
you just cant get over using this amazing paper.
Loved Loved Loved it.

I chose the following foil accent cards to work with.
There were few elements which I extracted 
from the cards instead of using it as whole.
Love the gold foil.
So super awesome.
Stick the gold foil accent cards as shown in the image above
using the super tacky red tacky tape.
(There are several ways to arrange these cards) 

Chop the edges and add the chosen teal patterned paper in the background.

It is a good idea to have some interesting words on your layout.

Viola, now its time for the icing! 
using the amazing and super cool 


The amazing Gold foil thickers are beyond stunning,
They add a shine and personal touch to your page
and makes it stand out.
It has this radiance which makes you want to use it more and more.
and this is not it.

When combined the thickers with the amazing gold foil accent cards plus 
the enamel dots and last but not the least with the clear die cuts.
you are on a roll!   

depending on the elements choose
or foam tape.

(These beauties are a must, they are amazing and can do 
wonders in beautifying your projects and add those 
little emotion touches and boost up your page. ) 
I choose the following elements to work with. 

While we were near the end.
I realised the layout was missing out on something.
After a thought I tried out the bow
This amazing Itty Bitty Bow die is a must
It truly adds a spark to the layout.
After having played around with these gorgeous elements, 
I landed up with the following arrangement. 
(There are several ways to arrange these elements) 
I really loved the way this looks. 
Hence I settled with this. 
Just a bit of splattering and here we goo...
Viola! and its all ready

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Amy Tangerine:Gold foil thickers 

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  1. Thanx Nupur for this refreshing Sunday morning post......

  2. Love this beautiful LO Nupur with your clear step tute! Thanks for sharing!

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