Tuesday 20 January 2015

How To Make a CAS card With dies

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This is my first Post for the 2015 !! Can you believe it the first month of this brand new year is almost over ... My My how time flies and soon it will be  February and The month for romance and love.Also, this time of the year is full of Weddings and hence also full of Anniversaries. I wanted to Design a Soft romantic Card just for this occasion so you all can jump start you Valentine Day Craft or projects.I have created a CAS layout, using several layers of cardstock.

Here is how I did it 

Layer 1- White cardstock:- 8.5" x 8.5" Layer 2 - Silver cardstock:- 8 3/8th" by 8 3/8th "Layer 3 - White cardstock:- 8 2/8th" by 8 2/8th"Layer 4 - Silver cardstock:- 7.5" by 7.5Layer 5 - White cardstock:- 7 3/8th" by 7 3/8th"

Additional pieces 

2 pc Distressed doily
 1 pc white Romantic Couple
1 pc white Romantic Couple
1 pc silver Romantic couple
1 pc white Labels from the largest die
pc white Labels from the second largest die
1 pc silver cardstock cut at 73/8th" by 73/8th"
1 pc butterfly out in white
3 pc snow flowers
Some pearls


  1. Glue Together layer #2 and #3 and adhere on Layer #1 centering all of them as neatly as possible. 
  2. Add the silver square piece and set aside.
  3. Glue together layer#4 and #5 and using a cutting mat and exacto knife cut a window that measure 7"by 7" in the middle.
  4. Glue the two Doily pieces on the opposite side of the window on the inside.
  5. Add foam tape to the window piece.
  6. Glue together the label pieces. Center in the frame and glue down.
  7. Adhere the white and the silver couple pieces together this is to add some weight to the piece.
  8. Add foam dots to the couple piece and glue on the labels piece.
  9. cut out just the swirls from the Butterfly out piece and glue them on the left bottom corner of the card.
  10. Add some pearls to the flowers and glue them.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorialYou can do so many layouts and sizes and compositions with this basic construction. Experiment and Do share 

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CiaoAshmita Roy


  1. Superb concept ! BnW looks amazing

  2. Lovely card . And just perfect for Valentine . Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)


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