Wednesday 31 July 2013

Bingo Round 8! Birthday Celebrations!

Hello Peeps,

Thanks for coming along! If you did not.. check out the 1st part of this post at my blog.. Where I have announced the 2 words already..

The 3rd word of this round is...

3. Big Shot

Yes.. A must have for every paper crafter who loves intricate paper cuts and want to craft in bulk.. This machine not only cuts the paper as per your design but also emboss it to give that lovely 3D texture.. Believe me, the investment is worth the outcome it produces.. You can make unique, never seen before cards with this machine..
Don't have one? Don't worry.. Craft corner has it in stock at an unbeatable price.. Check it here..

I hope someone was able to strike off some words from their Bingo list today..

Have a crafty day ahead!


Bingo Round 7

Hi Friends
I am sure you all would be enjoying Our Anniversary Special BINGO game… I simply loved it as it is an interesting way not only to learn different products and their usages but also to keep yourself abreast with the wherewithal’s of the craft world…
Some of you would be close to the bingo…while others would wish that my selection of 3 products exactly matches their selection, so that they bridge the gap… So best of luck to everyone.
My selection of the products are as below : (i'll announce three products)
First Product...DCWV Stacks
 I love DCWV’s colorful, printed scrapbooking paper.I love classy texture/glitter on the pages. I love that the paper comes away from the pad cleanly 99.9% of the time.I am a “less is more” kind of scrapbooker so your papers go a long way for me. Love, love, love this product! have got a huge collection of this product , you can check here.

Second Product...Spellbinders Dies

My work is incomplete without these dies...products come in all shapes and sizes inspiring creativity with beautiful details. is the only place who have got the huge collection of Spellbinders Dies at a very reasonable price ...check here

For the third product come to my blog

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Bingo round 6 - Crafters Corner Celebration

Hello Friends ,
Today is my turn to celebrate the Crafters Corner anniversary celebration .
I will give my set of three words for today .
Two words I ll be annoucing here and one word on my blog here . I am too excited to show you all my blog.
I have revived it and finally I am active on my blog after many many months .

So here are my two words .
Heat Gun 
Recently I am hooked to mixed media and believe this is like my favorite tool . I cant move forward without it . I just love quick drying my projects .
Our shop proudly hoards European version , which works on Indian voltage setting .

Distress Ink Pad 
These are like lifelines of every crafter . They need no description . We all know how they enhance our projects and how lifelike they make them .
Crafters corner proudly hoards all the shades of distress inks . We also get seasonal inks om demands ;)

Now hop on to my blog here for last word of this round .


Monday 29 July 2013

Bingo- Round 5!!!

Hello friends!

Hope you are enjoying the game!

Today it's round 5 of Bingo and let me tell you, we are gonna irritate you a bit by revealing just 3 names today! :-p

The first word-
Distress paints: These are acrylic paints that come in a small bottle with dauber. You can create wonders with them. I love them to bits. The best part about them is they can be used on dark colored card stock. Once a layer is dry, you can add another layer of a different color and the colors don't blend with each other and remain as vibrant as before. All the colors are available at our store.

The second word-
Card Stock: Now...who doesn't know card stock? :) It's the most basic of supplies for card making. Check this awesome DCWV card stock stack.

For the third one, you have got to visit my blog! :)

See you there!! :)

Sunday 28 July 2013

Another Video For You ALL !!!

Hello Friends,
The Video is finally up on Our Crafter'S Corner Screen Channel on Youtube....go watch for yourself the making of an ART JOURNAL PAGE from Start to Finish...
Don't forget to make one yourself, and if you do I'll be happy to see them !!
I'll be even happier to get comments & feedbacks from all you lovely crafters.

Here's what it looks like :

Happy Crafting,
Lot's of Love & Hugs,

Saturday 27 July 2013

Tutorial Day and BINGO round three.:-)

Hello everybody,

Today is tutorial day and it is my turn to share something new with you. I know it might not be new for all you talented card makers but it was new to me , so maybe some newbie card makers will benefit from this.

Today's technique is called the Faux Patina technique.

Let's start

1.Take an embossing folder and ink it up with the lightest shade or brown or beige ink you have .I used Antique Linen distress ink. Take your cardstock panel and emboss it .Since this technique is meant to give an antique-y,grungy look, it's better to use an ornate design.I used the Spellbinders M-bossabilities -Flora

2. Take Broken china distress ink and apply it on the raised areas randomly. We are not covering the whole design but just adding the colour in at some places.

3.Now take your Shabby Shutters distress ink and add colour in the blank spots. Blend both the colours well.

4.Take your brown distress ink.I chose to go for Tea dye and a touch of Vintage photo and blend it in with the blue and the green.

Let your panel air -dry or use a heat tool to dry the inks before doing the next step.

5.Take your Versamark or any other embossing pad and using a light hand rub the ink in some random places. Again, random is the key. We just want the ink on some spots and not the whole background.

6.Use any metallic embossing powder and heat it with your heating tool.I think Metallic Gold looks best on a green and blue base but try it with silver or bronze too.

Also you are not restricted to these colours. Try the same technique with different colours and see what you like.I deliberately chose to use more browns than greens and blues because I need it for a specific project.If you like cleaner yet pretty projects, use a light hand while applying and blending inks.

You can find all these products at Crafters Corner.

Okay now,that is over with,the part that you guys are actually waiting for.Yes,round three of BINGO.I am going to give you two products here ,but for the rest you will have to visit my blog

 My  first product has to be Gesso. If you like altering things and maybe want to try your hand at mixed media,Gesso is your friend.You can find a good quality product at our store here and its economical to boot!
The second product is Embossing Powders. We have a wide variety of embossing powders from opaque to metallic to glitter. You can find the whole range here. The exciting news is that now we also carry Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powders which are gorgeous two toned powders. Don't forget to check them out.
For the rest,come over to my blog.See you there and best of luck!



Friday 26 July 2013

Second round for BINGO!!!!

Hey crafters
I know some of you have already got all 5...many many congrats to you for such a great start but for those who got only 4....its not at all bad.....and for you who have just got 1 or 2 its the right time to be able to get more soon.....
Now I wont let u wait more for next words to strike off .....
So here we are
and I will start with a product which is a favourite to all of you......also we have recently added a lot of designs of those in our store ,they are very very pocket friendly investmesnt and works in any good die cutting machines so any guesses....yes u r right its
Memory Box dies

 Lets do the next now so I will take my favourite papers ....
Although we have so many brands in our store but this one is really good as they conatin all kinds of patterns like the vintage and the cheerful ones....and they are so lively that anyone might feel the same when they see these are gorgeous n lovely papers by
Graphic 45 papers

Wow how many u got both ......I m waiting to know.....

So lets do something different now.....
We have a beautiful product in our store which gives u an amazing effect of some broken glass ......u can simply apply this product on any card or any base and u get a nice crackled effect on the same......
it can be used on cards, for decoupage, for jewellery , etc.
Its known as
Crackle accents.....its a must try .

How about something to be used as a must for perfect for colouring specially for stamps like Magnolia and Wee stamps...of course we do have them in store.....
Also one of our amazing DT also did a wonderful video that .....I am sure u wanna see that so click here ....
And the product is
Koi Water Brush

Now this one is last for today......
Let me tell u about this first....they are most cute stamps in our store.....not only that ....they come in combo of dies too...
So if u are looking for something really adorable do check it out....
 Lawn Fawn Stamps

Do tell me who got all five so that I can ask for a treat :P

For tomorrow' s list click here.....
Our amazing crafter and DT  pallavi will do that for you .....

Love all

Thursday 25 July 2013

and the Wait is OVER !! BINGO Game Begins here......

Hey Crafters & Friends,
I'm here today to Flag off the BINGO Game that we announced a few days back. I can see the excitement everywhere...on Facebook, whatsapp, Messengers etc.. and it's a pleasure to get such an Overwhelming response. Thank You All for all the love & support !

P.S. Due to some technical issues on Youtube the Video could not be uploaded today.. (but I'm still working on it & shall upload the same ASAP) But that doesn't mean you guys will have to wait any longer to know the first 5 names that I will be announcing !! Inconvenience is Regretted !

Before I announce the names of products,
I wanna wish All of you 'BEST OF LUCK' & Happy BINGO !
Here's what I came up with - Any Guessses???


A Mixed Media Art Journal & trust me guys I have made a detailed video for all those people who wanna learn how to make one...and it's super easy ! So don't forget to check out my Video. I'll be posting the Link on Facebook, Crafter's Corner Blog etc soon. So please stay tuned....

Let's Begin Announcing the Names........Ready Guys......
Here You Go !!!!!!!!!
My 1st Word for the Day is : GEL Medium
You can Find it in Matte & Glossy finish at our store ! It's a wonderful product & a complete MUST-TRY !

My 2nd Word is none other than the awesome Craft Sheet, without which a crafter's Room is Incomplete !! If you still haven't got one for yourself, NOW is the time !! You can find it here at our store....

And the 3rd word i'd like to announce is Stencils !!
It's like fire everywhere.....this is such a versatile product. Check it out for yourself to believe it... You can find a huge variety of these at our store here.

To know the Rest of the 2 names for today please hop over to my BLOG !!
Will be Happy TO Have You All there !!
Don't forget to see me there...i'll be waiting with 2 more names for you all !
See You there !!

Lots of Love & Hugs,
Riti :0)

Wednesday 24 July 2013


Hey are u doing....
I am sure u all must be waiting for this post of today I will quickly do what u want me to do.....
But but but
I want to thank you all those who chose to play with us....we got tremendous response for this Crafty Bingo Celebration but on the other hand I am really to all those entries who couldn't qualify for it because we received them after the scheduled for them better luck next time......
And here is the lovely gift for you guys for storing your craft supplies in Tim Holtz style...


I am sure you will love it as everyone has supplies but we are always short of storing needs.......
Its set of two beautiful Italian Boxes.
And now goes the rules and regulations for the game.....

1. U need to be a follower of this blog.....if u are not ...the entry will not be accepted......don't worry u have time and u can do so now......
2. U need to like our facebook page .
3. U need to subscribe to our video screen .
4. U need to share this on facebook that u are participating in this contest and later on u have to send us link at the time of winning.
5. Now starts the game......everyday we will call out few names of the craft supplies (it can be any no. like 5 , 6 or 7 or whatever)  out of our list of 60 ...u got to cut these names from your list which u had sent us to crafters corner everyday one  DT will come n do it for you  but u won't know whos coming next.... so u might have to hunt for it like a treasure hunt......but don't worry we will give you appropriate hints for this ....that means u might be given some clues to go the place where u will find these names.....
So the person who strikes all the names first will be the winner......The First Person to get all the words on their list cut off will have to SHOUT OUT BINGO on the CC blog !! Otherwise it will keep going so u have to be smart in checking the blog again n again.

1. U cant send any request for announcing the names u want.....doing so will disqualify u .
2. U have to follow all the above rules.
3.All the decisions taken by us will be further communication will be done for the same....
4. If we have two winners then we will call out some more names and check out who cuts the more.....
5. We might have twists n turns while playing so be careful.....any names missed by you ......will not be our responsibility.
Any questions plz let me know or mail us at ....I will be more then happy to assist you.....
And don't forget to participate in our lovely challenge of Thanks you cards.....
Love and Hugs

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tutorial : Mod Podge Glitter Magic

Hello Friends!

Today is tutorial day and I (Priya) will show you how to make glitter embellishments and home decor items with Mod Podge..

I am upcycling my empty kitchen jars and turning them into b'ful tea light holders which you can use during dinner parties, Diwali, Christmas and can also be a gifting option..

Here we go!

Supplies you need:

1. Mod Podge
2. Empty Jars
3. Glitter of any brand (MS is very fine)
4. Paint Brush
5. Big Shot Cutting Machine
6. Cutting Dies
7. MS 3-in-1 Butterfly Punch

Step 1: Pour mod podge on thick card stock (I have used 300 gsm)

Step 2: Spread it out with a paint brush

 Step 3: Sprinkle glitter generously onto the spreaded mod podge

It's more easy to make glitter paper of different colors at once.. Shake off the extra glitter before pouring the new color.. 

Step 4: Once the paper gets dry, add another layer of mod podge to lock the glitter well..

Step 5: Coat all the colors well..

Don't worry about the streaks and the whiteness of Mod podge. Everything will become transparent once the Mod Podge gets dry

Step 6: Once the paper is completely dry, use your punches, Big shot, scissors to create embellishments..

Step 7: Give a nice Mod Podge coat to the jar and stick your glitter embellishments.. Once it's dry, you can coat it again with a thin layer of mod podge. It will add another few years to the glitter jar's life!

Here is the final product with a tea light lit up inside.. It's adoring my center table so well!

I clicked another pic with lights switched off! Pic is not doing the justice to the beauty of this jar in dark room.. It looks so romantic in real! ;)

I hope you guys will give it a try.. I am in love with these.. Now I am waiting eagerly for my sauce/dip jars to get empty!

This is it from my side... but there is lot more happening here at Crafter's corner.. CC has turned 1 this month!! We have organized a Crafty Bingo Party!!!.. Participate and win Prizes!

Also, our new challenge "Thank you cards" is up!! Do play along!

Have a good day!

Sunday 21 July 2013

One more 'thanks you' card!

Hello everyone!

A very quick post today. I have a card to share with you all. This card follows the current theme which requires you to make ‘Thank you’ cards.

So, here it is. My love for distress paints continues and I use them at every chance I get! This is a combination of distress paint (wild honey) and distress ink (Vintage photo)

Now for the fun part… Have you read the post about our first anniversary celebrations? Click HERE if you have not. It’s so much fun and there are lots of prizes to be won! 

For a chance to win a beautiful Prima template and a stamp, enter our current challenge. For details, check HERE.

Kaisercraft stamp (Contact Shalini if you want this stamp, she will be able to get it for you. It's called the twig and berry)
The sentiment is CAS-ual fridays stamp.

For all product queries, contact Shalini at

See you, take care!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Join Us for Our 1st Birthday Celebrations !!

Hi Friends,
We just celebrated Our 1st Birthday on July 10th & would love to continue with some fun stuff & Celebration all throughout the Month of July, in our 'own Little Crafty way'!! What say people ?? Wanna know what we have in store for you??
psssst...that's a li'l secret for now !

But I can assure you all that you guys are in for some Awesome Fun & Some Amazing Prizes from Our Store !!
Here's what you have to do..

Out of these 60 Products mentioned below, all you gotta do is choose 30 of your most favourite items, make a list and email it to us at
Please mention - ' Birthday Celebration' in the Subject!
Easy- Peasy !!
Once you send the email, please leave a comment below to let us know, cuz we don't want to miss out on any entry !  The Last Date to email us is July 22nd, 8 P.M. (IST)
Open for Indian Crafters ONLY !

Trust me it's gonna be Super Exciting for all of you. So HURRY UP! and email us with your fav 30 items ONLY.  Please NO MORE/LESS than 30 Items.
Stay tuned for the next step till we get all the entries. Spread it around on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ON YOUR BLOGS SO THAT WE CAN HAVE A LOTTT OF ENTRIES ! 
As they say 'The MORE The merrier' what are you guys waiting for?? Start jotting down your favourites and mail it to us at

Right NOW !

 I have my list all ready !! 

Have a Great Weekend,
Riti Poddar !

Friday 19 July 2013

Another 'Thank you' card Inspiration :)

Hi everyone,
Its Hussena here bringing you a 'Thank you' card  for the inspiration for our current challenge set by our very talented and sweet DT member Sindhu who has set such an easy-peasy challenge for this month...I am sure you people will definitely give this challenge a try and win some yummy goodies in our prize package...Now coming on to my card I have made a layered card again and had lot of fun using the distress stains to color my flowers and leaves....If you have not tried the distress stains yet,I would really recommend you give it a try...I promise you,you won't be disappointed...The colors are so vibrant and the application is really easy and helps in making your projects that much more faster !
So here's a look at what I have created :


Now for the side View :

As you can see, I have created a frame with corners adorned with flowers...I have kept the sentiment as the focus of my card..The vibrant pink flower is made using the daisy die from Cheery lynn and colored with Picked Raspberry distress stain...This time I have colored the foliage using Mowed lawn distress stain...I so LOVE these new colors!....All of them are very beautiful especially Peacock Feathers !
I have colored my frame using this color :) And also gone ahead and colored the butterflies using Wild honey Distress stains ..I told you I am in love with this product :)

Supplies used :-
Pattern Papers-Cosmo Cricket.
Embossing folder-Darice.
Dies :
Spellbinder's Fluer De Lis Square.
Cheery Lynn Tropical flourish, Cheery Lynn Daisy strip.
Stamps :
Hero Arts Antique Engravings.
Inks :
Versafine Onyx Black.
Distress ink -Scattered Straw.
Distress Stains :
Wild Honey,Picked Raspberry,Mowed Lawn,Peacock Feathers.
Rose buds,daisies and pearls from stash.

Hope you all like my card...Do leave me your comments/suggestions...I love hearing from you :)
Have a nice day everyone ! And don't forget to play along our current challenge # 10 which is to make a "Thank You" card :) craft supplies under one roof)
For further information please contact us at :                               

Monday 15 July 2013

Peggy says ''Thanks so much!' :)

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Enjoying the monsoon? If you are in Andhra Pradesh like me, Vizag to be precise , it’s like experiencing a second summer! :-/ Send some clouds across pls! :)

I have a card to share with you all today that follows the current theme which is ‘’Thank you very much!’’ set by our very talented DT member….guess who? :-p

So, here is my card… Peggy felt I was neglecting her and insisted me on having her on my card and I couldn’t deny! :)
A closer look at the panel...

And Peggy...
Supplies used- 
Sentiment- Hero Arts 'Made with love' (if you want this stamp, pls contact Shalini, she will be able to get it for you)
water colour pencils, pearls, lace, small mulberry paper flower are from my stash.

For all product queries please contact Shalini at

By the way, have you checked the new collection of mulberry flowers in our store? There are some awesome colours to choose from...

You have exactly two weeks to play along with us for the current challenge. It’s a simple challenge that requires making a ‘’thank you’’ card. Link them all up HERE.
That’s all from me for now friends…

See you again…


Thursday 11 July 2013

Our Very First Video on Our Youtube Channel - Crafters Corner Screen

Hello Friends & Fellow Crafters,
I am here with my Very first Video for Crafters Corner and I'm super excited. Thank You Shalini once again for the opportunity. It's a pleasure and I'm looking forward to doing many many more Videos & Projects here.

I hope you all watch & enjoy it.
Since I'm very new to video making, I might make mistakes or goof things up..Please excuse them as I promise to improve in my upcoming videos.

For Any Questions, or comments please leave a message here or under the Video on our Brand New Channel - Crafter's Corner Screen !!
Happy Watching....
You can Find the Video Here...


Wednesday 10 July 2013

Winners for tags galore challenge

I am back as I promised you all.....with the results of last months challenge..... so lets us make it a little special this time ..ohhh I mean Super special.....we have a surprise for you ........
So instead of one winner we are selecting three winners for our last month challenge....So all of them get a chance to pick up two lovely distress stains of their own choice from carfters corner ....u know why we did it because we have completed our lovely one year of crafters corner website.... so we wanted you all to feel special......
I really wanna thank you all for your continued support with us......
We would like to mention that our website has got all things which a crafter needs for it a cutter, trimmer, colors, stamps, die cut machines, dies, embossing folders, inks , papers, embellishments, shimmers, sparys, mulberry flowers, decoupage stuff,adhesives.......ohhhh a long list to go for......
And I would like to mention that we are launching our new range of Martha stewart punches soon.......
So keep checking our store.....
                                                                And now
                                        Our winners of last month challenge are
                                                          ( in random order)

                                                                 Aanchal Sapra
Congratulations Aanchal.....

And the second winning entry goes to

Congratulations to Bipasha.....

And the last but not the least is :
Congratulations pooja.....

Don't you think they all have done a great job.......
Hey guys u can mail us at to claim your gift and badges .....

Now the Top 3  (in random order)

With such a pretty Gift Box & Tag !  Love the Feminine touch & the colours she has used here. Pretty !! Very well done  Jaya !!

with this Gorgeous Heart Shaped Gift box along with such a beautiful Vintage tag. Love the Pretty roses, Lace & Glittery Look. Absolutely Stunning ! Way to go Poornima.

 with her Stunning Gift Box & Tag. Beautifully stamped & coloured and perfect embellishments used !! Great Job done Daksha..

Now as we always pick entries for Honourable Mention, to appreciate their projects.
Here are the Honourable Mentions for our Challenge #9 :
and they are :

Taranjot Kaur 

Wow this is just beautiful. Love the explosion box with the Glittery Ganesha & that pretty flower at his feet. Love the Colours you chose. Great Job !

Another interesting project that made it to the Honourable Mention is by

With such a Pretty Fabric Tape covered Gift Box. Perfect to gift a Friend/Sister/Mother. Great use of embellishments !

And last but not the least honorable mention is A gift Box with Tags by

A lovely Gift Box & Bag with super cute fruity tags...
Keep Up the Good Work all of you guys..


Winners please contact us at to claim your prize !!

 Random Winner from our 25 participants (chosen through
is entry no. 5

Riti Poddar !!!!
It's Double Treat 4 you Riti !! Please email us at to claim your Prize !

Congratulations! to All you Winners once again !!
Happy Crafting !

         Shalini !

Tuesday 9 July 2013

A couple of cards

Hello Folks,

This is Pallavi and today is my turn to post some projects using products from our awesome store. This month's challenge theme is Thank you cards, so I decided to 'attempt' making cards. Note the stress on the word 'attempt'. If you know me at all, you would know that making cards is a bit scary for me and its no help that all the other DTs are masters at making gorgeous ones. Gives a girl like me a huge complex.:-).
Anyhow, I did make not one but two cards and of course it took me forever to think what to do and as usual these are done last minute and in a hurry.Here's the first one. If you look on the left hand side panels, I have tried a metallic look on them using heat and dry embossing over regular cardstock and then sanding them a little bit to give an old aged look.

Supplies Used :
Spellbinders Classic Oval Die
Spellbinders Nestabilities Floral Ovals
Spellbinders Flowers, Branches and leaves
Ranger Distress ink -Tea Dye
Zing Metallic embossing powder - Gold

This is my second card. This could probably classify as a mixed media card since I have used a lot of   media like alcohol inks, gesso, paint  and embossing powders on it. I did this technique for a swap that I am in and I liked the bright background, so I have tried to replicate it in a card. This card is super colourful and blingy and glittery and I love that. Did you notice that the sentiment is crooked? Aargh ! I will fix it once I am done with the post. I told you, card making and me. Not a good combination sometimes.

The yummy texture in close-up

Supplies Used

Spellbinders M-bossabilities - Splendid
Zing Metallic embossing powder - Gold
Spellbinders Shapeabilities Fancy Tags 2
Alcohol Inks
Ranger Distress ink - Faded Jeans
Ranger Distress ink - Dusty concord
Distress Paint - Picket Fence

Sorry about the not so nice pictures. Had to use my phone to take these.
 On another note  are you guys excited about this month's challenge set up by our talented Sindhu?It's an easy challenge and we are looking forward to loads of awesome projects by you.Also, keep your eyes peeled for last month's challenge winners. You are in for a BIG surprise! :-)

That's all from me today. See you later!



Kuch khatta kuch meetha....

Hi all....
Hope you all are doing great......
Today I have so much to share with you all.....and its all mixed up some good news some bad news....and for sure you will not like one but would love another.....
As u all know at times life becomes very demanding and we cant control circumstances so same is with our lovely DT Anita ......her health is not keeping too well these days she is able to be very regular on the blog these days.....and for the same reason she has taken a break from being a DT to crafters corner....I know we all will be missing her lovely posts and miss her too.......but I think sometimes we need to understand the requirement of an hour....
So a warm farewell to her......
We will miss u Anita....
I am sure she would do wonders in her life and soon we will be able to see u back in action.
You are very dear to us......have fun Anita....

Now I wanna share a very good and exciting news with you all.....
We have a new member in our crafters corner family who is joining in.....I am sure you all must be familiar with her as she really stands out in her work....she is an amazing crafter.....whatever she does its upto the standard of international level.....she is too good with her work....
When I saw her work I got badly carried away and couldn't resist offering her to join us and she was very generous in saying yes to us........ so thanks to her to be a part of our family and a warm hug.
OOPS I didn't share her name with you she is none other than

                                                                  RITI PODDAR

Hello Friends & Fellow Crafters,
This is Riti Poddar. I'm Super excited & happy to be here on Crafter's Corner as a DT Member. It's such an honour to be a part of such an amazing store & amongst all you talented DT's. I was thrilled and on top of the world when Shalini offered me to be an exclusive DT member for videos for MY Most Fav. store Crafters Corner.

Now here's a little about me:
My name is Riti Poddar and I live in Kolkata, India. I'm married to my sweetheart & Best Friend Sourav for 8 years now. I'm lucky to have such a supportive & encouraging hubby, without whom I would not have been here today. I enjoy all kinds of paper crafting, be it scrapbooking.Card making, Altering Items,Decoupaging,Mini Album making, Mixed Media etc. Crafting is my passion & it gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction.Also it's one of the Best Ways to get rid of stress in today's world.
I have been crafting ever since I was a little kid. My mum used to tell me that I was prolly born with glue,scissors & a paintbrush in my hand. ROFL !! As a kid & even now, I have always gifted people my handmade cards & altered items for their birthdays, anniversaries & other occassions. I have been making Rakhis for my brothers, Decorating my home for Janamashtami, Creating platters for Holi & Diwali as a kid and still enjoy doing it! Since then I have enjoyed every bit of my passion for crafting and want to continue to do so. I call my craft room my 'heaven' and that's how I have a blog named - 'A LIL PIECE OF HEAVEN'
Riti will be doing special video for us every month as well......u wont believe....her videos are just amazing.....
So looking forward for her lovely work.....

I know you all must be waiting for the results of our last month challenge so here we are without any more delays we would like to tell you that we will announce them tomorrow on the eve of crafters corner website that is on 10th of july with a big will be a big surprise for you.
So keep watching....

Sunday 7 July 2013

Quick and easy Sunflower tutorial !

Hi everyone,
Hussena here to share with you a very simple and quick tutorial on how to make a flower using the Cheery Lynn Sunflower die!
Let's start with the supplies that you will need first :-
You will need :
Cheery Lynn Sunflower die/die-cuts (4-5 pieces).
A ranger craft sheet/Any laminated sheet.
Distress stains/Distress inks of your choice.
Ranger ink blending tool /Applicator foams.
Embossing tool (I have used the Fiskars dual tip one).
Embossing mat.
Perfect Pearls of your choice(This is not necessary)

And here's how you go about creating your flower :-

Step 1 : Take the flowers and apply the Distress stain color of your choice on one side of the die-cut...The distress stains bottles have a felt tip and you have to press it on your craft sheet first to get the liquid flowing and once that's done you will find that the stain comes out of the bottle evenly...So you can color your flower as dark or as you light as you want it....Similarly,color the centre of the flower which you have die-cut along with the flower using a contrasting stain color (Here,I have used Peacock feathers and Wild honey distress stains).                                                               
Step 2 : Now, emboss the underside of the flower from where you have applied the stain..Then,once that is done,turn the flower around and emboss the centre of it as shown in the picture.                                                                          
 Step 3 : Once the flowers are embossed ,start assembling them one above the other...Build atleast 3 layers in this way.                                            
Step 4 : Once,the 3 layers are done,for the 4th layer cut a slit through the petals to the centre of the flower...And overlap the slit area and glue it,so the flower becomes one size smaller and now place this on top of the 3 layers.                                                      
Step 5 : Finally,for the last layer of the flower ,curl your petals inward first and then using your tip of the embossing tool,shape the petals by bending the top of the petals a little bit outwards as shown in the picture and also very importantly the last layer of the flower has to be colored using the distress stain on both the sides....As,this layer will show on both the sides.
Step 6 : Once the final layer has been placed,its time to emboss the centre circle of the flower.                                                             
Step 7 : I have added two layers for the centre circle,you can decide how many layers you want to put in your flowers...After,the centre of the flower has been embossed and placed I have distressed the edges of the flowers using the Scattered straw distress ink....It gives a nice tone to the flowers.                                                          
Step 8  :  This is how the end flower will look like...I have added glitter balls to the centre of the flower to give it a shine and finally also sprayed some perfect pearls on it.                                                        

And this is how I have used the flower on my card :-                                                                           
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