Saturday, 22 October 2016


Hello Everybody! What a week!!! Hope you all are enjoying the fantastic posts by my fellow DT's they are doing a fab job!
I did want to take a quick second and thank all of you who left so many, many awesome comments on my last blog post
Today I am here to share a very everlasting dreamy whimsical project for you all!

The festival season going on us, I thought I would share this fun and easy to make doll house room box for gift giving to your little ones... When Shalini ask me to make a gift, my mind went immediately to this. And i challenged myself to make this.
I pretty much stuck in making this. I finally finished Yahooo. It was a blast to design and create!!  

Top view of my box
I decorate 3 sides of box, in that one side can keep photo

For more about this box, see the video here.  

These are the paper which i used to decorate outer of my box.

Here is some tutorial pic of gift box
1. Neutral Mount Board is best for 3D boxes.. You can create any size of box

2. I use masking tape on the edges. For making this box, need two layer of chipboard sheet

 3. First base i simply wrap with normal gift paper. This is the top portion, and glue the 2nd base on top of this sheet

 4. I Glued 2 bases together

 5. I joined the sides of my box ( chipboard sheet ) with Dupont Tyvak paper. Stick the side walls on the first base

 5. Add magnet on side of chipboard with masking tape

 6. Top cover, just like how we create in explosion box, But here not only paper . You can see the chipboard on my pic. And make sure that the cover fits correctly over the walls of the box

7. Arranging Ribbon, i choose two soft colors

 8. Simply glued with glue gun

Now its come inside part

9. Main products are Craft and you new born baby paper collection and MDF dining room furniture 
For finishing touch i add this white paper on center of wall

This is the way we getting furniture. 

 2 sheets of MDF furniture

 10. Use sand paper on edges to get smooth effect

11. To start with I have applied Gesso to all the piece of both sheet and joined with glue gun.

13 For Dining table and chair i choose soft pink shade ( mixing gesso with Prima marketing Lipstick mica powder )

12. Curtains are made by gold coin cover with lolly pop stick
I choose violet color
13. Arranging flowers and pot

14. Filling glitters on glass bottle

Here is some more close ups

 15. I already shared, how i'm making stand in my last post, or if you want the details check here Miniature-dresser-room
 This little ted with basket, it was a cute keychain
And i'm just tried with does it come. Lol, flames never come in miniature way

I really love these mini's and all it's incredible goodness! The papers i used are simply outstanding. soft color touch, I love working with them.

That's it for today

Once again, Here's to a Wonderful Healthy Happy crafting to you all!!!  
Thanks for the interest in my pattern! Y'all Rock!  

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Friday, 21 October 2016


Hello dear friends !!!

It's Anita here with lot of fun activities for you. First tell me something !!!! Do you love  making cards?? And are you the CAS type or multi layered card maker like me ??
Also, how long do you to take make a card??
Too many questions !!!! But you will be amazed to see how I have a quick and simple answer to all these questions by showing you just one product.
Will you believe me, if I tell you that you can make multi fold cards in just 40 minutes with flaps and pockets and that too without any measurement and score board.
I must be joking right !!!
This is the most versatile and wonderful product by Heartfelt Creations--Kraft Pocket Flipfold Inserts  B and Kraft Pocket and Flipfold C

These are pre- made and pre- cut card stock inserts with flaps and pockets which can be used to add interactive pages to your albums. But you can also use them to make multi fold interactive cards and you just have to score along the lines and fold according to your requirement to create many such cards. This makes the whole process of card making so easy and quick. These are especially suited for those people who are scared of all the measurements and cutting and inspite of going through all that when you do not get perfect folds, its very frustrating. So here is the answer to your problem. 
You can create 4-5 cards from one pack. They come in three colours-white, Kraft and Black and We have the Kraft and Brown available at Crafters Corner.
I have today, brought 4 yes !!! 4 interactive cards for you using these flipfold inserts. Some are heavy layered ones while some are simple. I have used Heartfelt Creations Paper Packs to make these cards.
The size of the card fronts and panels coordinate with the design and card panels in the paper packs. So no measuring there also. Just cut the card panel to your card size , mix and match and paste. So easy !!! And of course you can decorate your cards with handmade flowers.
For this I have another bonus video for you where I will teach you how to make a Rose flower using the Classic Rose stamp and die set,
Another there is another video where I show you everything that comes in the pack and the cards that I created with them.... !!! So watch both videos very well get a wonderful solution to all your card making problem.
So sit back for this is a super heavy post.
                A Step card made from Insert B

A double fold card with flap and pocket made from Insert C

A tri fold card made from Insert C


A single fold card made from Insert C

So let me take you on video tour. 

Make a Rose with me.


Products used

So that is it all for today !! I hope you liked my effort and will certainly try your hand in creating these cards using the Flipfold inserts. For all your Heartfelt creations products visit the store and you will be amazed to see the variety here.
So see you next week with another new product that will leave you asking for more. Till then keep crafting !!!!