Saturday, 18 February 2017

Mixed Media Tags- Creating basic mixed media backgrounds/Stamping-Heat Embossing/Doodling

Hi my dear crafty friends...

How you guys are doing?? I am sure you are loving groove golf tools and sequins from Dress My Craft..These are few amazing product...and so much more exciting is coming soon
so stay tuned with some more new launch from DMC..

Also the search for DMC brand new design team is going good luck to all the participants :)

So, I have a one big project for February month and I have divided it in two parts...So today I am presenting the first part which is about basic mixed media tags. Basically this post is for new or aspiring crafters. There are hundreds of techniques now and for that thousands of products are available in it is very important to understand the correct use of each and every product before you invest. Before I start I will tell what all I am going to cover in this project..

1. Basic background creation with Prima marketing- Art essential mixed media products like Modelling paste, white sand texture paste, 3d Gloss gel, heavy black gesso

2. Stamping and Heat Embossing

3. Doodling- You will learn how doodling can enhance your mixed media projects and how it can be used to create beautiful and arresting designs.

4. And last is dressing up your tags- It is very important how you are embellishing the project and this is one of my favorite part.

I will mention the product details at  the end of the project.

Here is what I created, I have used Prima's Garden Fable and Tales of you & me collection for making the base of the tags.

In all these tags I have tried to cover basic techniques to create textured backgrounds and stamping with heat embossing... So if you are a journal or mixed media lover then also these are few elementary things which you should know.
Also I will be doing little bit doodling which is again a fun part and you will see how you create some nice effect on your background.

So without taking much time, presenting you the video tutorial.

I hope you all enjoyed watching it. Please do share your reviews.

Here is the list of  products,

  • For background texture effect: I have prima mixed media kit which has around 5-6 types products. I have used below three products

  • Stencils
I feel stencils are not always required while creating background texture, It all depends upon your choice and requirement. I preferably use Tim Holtz Stencils..almost every design is available at Crafters Corner, The one which I used in this project are

  • Stamps, Ink Medium & Embossing Powder

  •  Paper pack

Friday, 17 February 2017

Dress My Craft Papers and Tools Rock!!

Hi friends, Thank you so much for all the love showered on my Altered KeyHolder posted earlier showcasing handmade flowers and Tutorials. Here is another altered project..this time a Tea-light holder dressed up in a fairy house style using lots of  handmade flowers , vines and crystals!

I am so in love with the new Dress my Craft Papers...they are superb for die cutting as due to the thickness of the papers, the shapes hold so well.
The roses were made using Dress my Craft Floral Oriental paper and Spellbinders Rose Creations  dies.

The tear drop crystals are gorgeous fillers I picked up from Crafters Corner. Love how they lend a magical touch to a project.

Propped up the dragon fly charm on floral wire to fly  above the flowers!

The yellow and pink blooms were also made using the same Spellbinders Rose Creations  die and Dress my Craft papers! Dont you just love it when you can stretch your supplies and make so many different flowers using a single die / punch.
        I had never been able to quite enjoy making the crushed flowers which are so popular...I think the problem was the paper I had been using. This time I used the Dress my Craft papers and tools.I loved how easy it was to crunch up the papers without tearing them and the best thing was the shape held wonderfully!

Here are some of the flowers I made using Dress my Craft papers and tools.

The rose is one of my favorite flowers to make and yes I agree its the toughest one to get right too!! 
I love to find  easier ways to do something and in the last Tutorial I showed you how to use an earbud to help shape the central bud of the this post I will show you how to use Dress my Craft tools to make your flower making quicker and  easier.

  • Dress my Craft Oriental Paper
  • Groove Golf Tool Set: used the 2 large ones here
  • Any 5 petal Flower die: Here I used the Spellbinders Rose Creations  die and used the 2nd largest die 
  • Distress Inks /other inks
  • Mister
  • Towel
  • Embossing Pad
  • Adhesive of choice : I prefer the hot glue gun for its fast results.
  • Dress my Craft Sparkling dust
Use any 5 petal flower shape and color whichever way you want.Use one color, ink only the edges or use 2 different shades. Just remember to color both surfaces of your flower as the rose is a 3 dimensional flower and you will see both sides on your final flower.
Mist lightly with water and blot gently with a towel.

To quickly and easily form the central bud , use the largest of the golf tools and roll your flower petal around it

This is so much quicker than embossing with  tools and much easier than simply trying to roll the petal into a cone using your fingers alone!

Do the same with all the petals of your flower.

To form a nice pointed cone, now take the 2nd largest golf tool and wrap one petal around it...sliding it up to the tapering end and rolling into a tight cone.

What I loved about the Dress my Craft paper is that not only is it super easy to shape by this method but also the shape stays nicely...see how the petal doesn't uncoil immediately but gives time to glue!

You need to do this with only one petal which will form the innermost core of your bud. Glue the other petals around this .
You can use hot glue if you are adept with it [meaning not prone to burning yourself and not using too much] or use a clear drying adhesive of your choice.

You can either glue the adjacent petals overlapping the edges or glue petals from opposite just slightly changes the look of your bud and gives a bit of variety!

Your bud is now ready ! Add a calyx and its ready to go on a project as it is!

For the layer immediately around the bud, again use the large golf tool and rather than emboss, simply wrap the petals around it like you did before.

Optionally,  use the pointed tapered end of your 2nd largest or smaller golf tools and gently curve the edges of the petal outwards.

 Glue around your bud

You can achieve a tight or loose look for your rose by choosing where you apply the glue:
apply glue only on the  base of the bud and you will have a looser rose
apply glue on the base and on the lower half of the sides of the will get a tighter rose!

For the outer layers [you can add 2-3 depending on how full a flower you want] use the large golf tool to nicely cup and add subtle texture to the petals.

If any area looks stiff ,switch to a smaller golf tool and go over that area. Keep in mind that if you want more embossing anytime switch to the smaller size of the golf tool.

Invert the cup shaped flower and press the center with the round end of the largest golf tool.

Glue this under your rosebud

And so with just 3  die cuts  you have made a cute little rose!

Add more layers if you want a fuller rose .
To jazz up your rose...apply adhesive medium [use spray adhesive, crackle paint, multi-medium matte, glossy accents etc] and sprinkle Dress my Craft sparkling dust or frosted sugar.

Doesn't the rose look beautiful !!!

And the best thing is it was not too hard to make too isnt it!!

The pink one below is the one I used in the tea light holder

And here is the tea light holder hanging from our miniature Orange tree!

I hope you found some of the tricks I have shared useful.Do tell me how it is.

Supplies : all from Crafters Corner
Dies : Spellbinders  :Spellbinders Rose Creations,Heartfelt Creations :Heartfelt creations Classic Leaf, Heartfelt creations Delightful Daisy Die, Cheery Lynn  Dragon fly
Stamps : Heartfelt Creations Open Leaf Stamp,Heartfelt creations Delightful Daisies Stamp
Inks : Ranger Archival Inks , Distress Inks  Embellishments & CharmsHeat Embossing Supplies
Flower making : Pollen, Crystal Fillers
Dress my Craft products: Flower Making Paper : Dress my craft collection exotica and Floral Oriental collection paper

Golf Tools : LARGEMEDIUM,  SMALLMINI and NEW : Golf tool set
Misc Tools:Funnel tray
Sparkling Dust from Dress my Craft