Wednesday 17 May 2017

Sliding Recipe Card Holder with Memorydex

Hi friends,Dr Sonia here with a simple project which is not only practical and useful but elegant and cute in its own way!
I used the Memorydex system to make a Recipe Card holder. Though it's the times of pinterest and cooking apps I am still old school when it comes to cooking ...I need to see a recipe on paper while I cook ! 

And I am sure all of you will have at least a couple of cook books and mamma's favorite recipes and of course those tried and tested family favorites!!

My favorite recipes are scattered in various books and when I want to make one particular item I have to go hunt for the book it is when I got my hands on the memorydex system I was thrilled that this would be a cool, hassle free ,not to mention pretty way to organize my favorite recipes and have them on hand in my kitchen!

 I used food themed DCWV papers to add a bit of color to my recipe holder and used Spellbinders dies and adhesive backed glitter foam to add the headings.

Since a recipe holder is a practical project which is going to be put to a lot of daily use..I let the paper take care of the  prettiness coefficient as I didnt want to add bulky embellishments!

The slider cards have 2 slots in the lower part and this makes them easy to insert into the slider tray and also to the Memorydex spinner.

Here are the options to make the slider cards:
Memorydex Oval Dividers dies : You can use these to make 2 types of shape can be a divider and have headings and the other one can be used to write the recipes .

Tab style die: This is cool  if your want to add labels to the tab part. I already have a Spellbinders Address Bood die with tabs and a MFT tab die so I use those to make tabs.

Memorydex punch: This is especially cool to use as you are then not dependent on a die cutting machine and can punch holes into any paper shape

Here are all the materials I used in this post. It also has the memorydex spinner which I showed you in the post here : Memorydex Spinner.

I used the different styles of dies to act as separators between the recipes

I have to use glasses to read small print but not otherwise so I find it handy to have a recipe written in large font in my own handwriting rather than read from a book!!!

The trays are made of sturdy chipboard and have metal rods on which the cards slide. They are big enough to hold dozens and dozens of cards!

I hope you liked this simple idea!!


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