Monday 15 May 2017

Altered Bird House

Hi Crafty Friends! Again Suzna here. I hope you are ready for more of inspiration :-).
Today I'm sharing an altered Bird house, I made using lots of different Creative Embellishments, like metal charms & flowers. This was really fun to create with especially Prima marketing art mediums

Inside of the frame was not heavy with mediums, but heavy with lots of flowers :-) 
I have to admit - effects were simply breathtaking: all the different colours, textures and compositions made this bird house totally unforgettable for me. I think i may be tempted to make one more project with prima art mediums..

Here is Step by Step details

1. When i got this frame, i was confused. How to decorate this bird house. But the Prima marketing mediums gave more confident to go forward. 

2. I started off by gluing all the metal emblishment pieces onto the outside and inside the frame.

3. I painted everything with two coats of Black gesso

4. When the gesso was dry, i took 3 colors of iridescent Mica powers. And i made the metalic paste by mixing with Modeling paste.
1st Lilac Opal Magic with Modeling paste
2nd Peach Opal Magic with Modeling Paste
3rd Gold Opal Magic with Modeling paste

5. This is the way i made the paste. Very small amount of 3 separate mix. bcoz only we need to touch up with brush

6. After this process i feel i need more color layer required, so i took Acrylic Dark velvet. And i painted only on edges

7. Final layer coloring : Metallique Wax

8. Next part is decorating inside: Why i choose pattern paper inside, bcoz this metal frames are shadow box. And i dont like again dark inside.

9. Only 1 12"X12" paper is required for covering inside all sides


10. Prima paper vine flowers are always perfect for decorating roof of this house. And i forget to tell you, i choose gel mediums to fix the metal charms. 

Hot glue is problematic though - it chips off! It won't stay permanently on any acrylic, glass, metal or plastic element, especially if there's a lot of water around it! My option is securing my embellishment with the coat of Modeling Paste or gel mediums. 
And hot glues are perfect for gluing paper flowers :-)

11. Adding lots of different size paper flowers, like layer

This way my altered frame was fully decorated on the outside  inside, and quite pretty I have to admit, even without any photo or item inside... but of course I couldn't resist and for the photos I had to add something inside

12. Final touch were done with colored micro balls and matte finish mode podge.  

I hope you've enjoyed the project
Thanks for visiting today!   
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