Wednesday 25 February 2015

Decoupage with Ice Resin: Steampunk Tag

Namaste Guys

What is Decoupage?

Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special painteffects, gold leaf and so on. Commonly an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the "stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. The traditional technique used 30 to 40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish.

Watch the full video tutorial of the Tag in the making . The Resin was so versatile and easy to use as a decoupage medium and also as a glue!

The best part about using Ice Resin as a decoupage agent you don't need to use any glue or varnish and you get a really awesome finish. 

Materials Used 

  • Ice resin
  • Prima Cartographer paper
  • Prima Cartographer Chipboard
  • Butterfly Charm
  • Ball-chain
  • Tim Holtz film strip
  • Filigree corner
  • Eyelet
  • Lantern die

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