Tuesday 15 October 2013

Lets talk about Crafters Foam...

Hello everyone. Tejal here with another info video.

Today I am going to talk about a new product in our store called Crafters Foam. This is not a mainstream product, but this is something that will save your time and energy in a quiet and silent way. I call it a background product. Something that you will never use on your card or project's directly. It works in the background making your work easier.

So what is it and what does it do?
It an adhesive backed foam which when used with your dies makes it easier to pop out your die cuts out of your die.

If you own any intricate doilies, delicate flourishes, scrolls, dies with loads of teeny tiny pieces...then you will know the time you waste in getting your die cuts out of your dies. You end up taking a pin and poking the bits out of the die..or you tear the die cut.

Not anymore. Check out the video below and I am sure you will pick up at least one set if not many more.


Please feel free to ask me queries regarding this product or any questions about any product we carry.

Products used in the Video
Crafter's Foam - 4.25 inches
Crafter's Foam - XL Sheets - 8.5x11
Craft Sheet
Floral Flourishes Dies From Spellbinders
Spellbinders D-lites Die - Flourish Trim


  1. lovely video tejal :D
    loved the drumming in the end :P happens to me all the time always at a loss for words :D

  2. good product. how long this crafters foam stick to the die.

    1. It wont come off until you forcibly peel ut off

  3. What an awesome, informative video Tee...
    now gotta have a couple of foam sheets in my craft room soon !!


  4. Interesting information.Will have to give this a try.I struggle badly with some of my dies too.This could very well turn out to be a lifesaver.

  5. Interesting information.Loved the video.So do you leave the foam on the die after one use....?Maybe a stupid question but I was just wondering.Do you change the sticky foam often or leave it on the die?

    1. Its sticky backed. So it will stick as long as I dont forcibly peel it off...I only change it when I feel the foam has thinned down after extensive use...sometimes not even then. It doesnt affect the performance of the die

  6. very informative Tejal...need to buy these foams as i face such problems in some of the dies...thanks for sharing...

  7. Fab product ,thanks for sharing tee!


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