Friday 4 October 2013

Double Bonanza!!

Tejal here today...Since it was raining candies and prizes all over Crafter's Corner, I thought I would give you a double bonanza too!! Btw I hope you have entered our Candy on the blog!! If not...go check it out!
Today I'm sharing not one but two videos!! Each one talks about using a different product, but both are from the Mod Podge families!!

So you can watch either one or both, and start on exploring the new products that we have in the store!

First up is the Mod Podge Dimensional magic....and this product is sheer magic!!
Just have a peek at the the little samples that I made while playing with this product!!

If you are dying to know how I made those...check the video below...


Oh yeah!! I show you how to alter the brad!! 

 And for the next video...I don't have any pictures to will have to see the video for it...But I'll let you in on a secret!! My dear hubby makes a guest appearance in it!! :P

Check out how to do the photo transfer using the Mod podge photo transfer medium.


So hope you learnt something new about two new products today....

For any questions, please leave a comment, and I will get back to you asap!

And here is a list of the all the products I mention or use in the Videos!
Dimensional Magic - Gold Silver
Mod Podge 
Foam Brushes for applying Mod Podge
Tim Holtz Fragments
Manila tags
Butterfly stamp on the faux tile.
Butterfly stickers


  1. got little time as my baby is sleeping and saw a photo transfer video.lovvvvvvve it. you are genius. for long time i was thinkg how people do this now got it.thanx a tone dear for information and tute.
    One question can i do the same on ceramic mug with the color print.

    1. I think this medium would work on a ceramic mug. But it will not be washable. It would be just a showpiece. I'll give it a try on a spare mug and let u know. Do try on fabric. This is specially for fabrics and canvases

  2. waiting for my second break to see the first video

  3. these are amazing... hoping on to the video...

  4. lovely video tejal.. i have one question ... is this waterproof if m gonna try it on tshirt.

    1. You can wash it...but I would recommend a test run before you do it on your Tshirt...and it needs at least 72 hours of drying time before you wash it. I will find out more and get back to you on this.

  5. Love your videos Tejal !!
    Superb job !!
    have tried photo transferring before....but never used the Mod Podge Dimensional. Gotta try my hands on it fast !! :) Thanks for sharing Girl !

  6. wow...Tejal...both the videos are just awesome...superb.....must try....beautiful....mind blowing....:)

  7. awesome videos and very informative

  8. Great vids and I love the samples you made.Photo transfer was great.What was your husband's response?

    1. He was speechless!!! :)
      I made him rub off the paper! :p

  9. I cant tell you how I badly I loved the sample u prepared...I m also fascinated towards these super gorgeous pendanants....

    1. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence Shalini!! Mwah!!

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