Tuesday 3 September 2013

A big Hi and Hello!!

Hello Everyone! Tejal here!! Such an awesome feeling to be here on Crafter's Corner as a part of this wonderful team. It was so hard keeping the news to myself when all I wanted to do was shout and say, Helloooooooo, I'm a part of Crafter's Corner now!! hehe! Now I can.....

So Shalini has given a way more than deserved introduction to me and embarrassed me beyond let me just skip over that part and just say Thank you! {{{HUGS}}

I am someone who loves researching and getting into the core of what a product is, how it should be used and why...
 For those who are just beginning your journey into crafting and are befuddled, confused with the amazing range of products that are out in the posts are exactly for you. I feel, the more you know what a product can do, they more versatile your creations can be.
And I'm really grateful that Shalini took me on this team with this very intention in mind. To reach out to the newbie crafters and to encourage everyone to explore new products! 

So for today, I'm sharing a bit (ok, a little more than a bit) of information about Lindy Stamp Gang Mists. My posts will be solely videos....I will leave the inspiration to the team of AMAZING DT's who can create stuff beyond my imagination. I can only tell you what the basics are, and they will show how amazingly those products can be used!

So lets get started!!!

Do watch the part where I show the samples in full screen. Only then would you be able to see how madly awesome the glitter is!
Here are just some snapshots I took after making the video. (Sorry If the video is too long...I tend to talk slow...habit that comes from being a professor's daughter!)

These are the amazing Magicals...and the flowers that I colored with them.... 

 Just few colors that I showed on the video....Trust me...they shine like mad!

Some more samples... 

This is a peek from a new flower that is being uploaded onto Crafter's corner...The flower is white, but its colored with LSG mist..and the mulberry flower too started out as white!

I cannot show this project as its a part of a swap, but if you can see, the background, the flowers, the butterfly and the ribbon....are all colored with LSG Magicals. They come from the Turquoise pack of little lindy's.

Other products that  I use in the Video.
Little Lindy's Gold shade
Aqua Brush
Butterfly stamp
Friendship Quote stamp (on the blue tag)

I think the post went too long!! But do leave your questions in the comments...and I will try my best to answer them in subsequent posts. So that everyone can benefit from the answers!
See you soon!


  1. awesome..... thx for shairing ....<3 <3 <3 now my shopping list for d this month is finalised.... lol.... regards

    1. Hehe!! you'll have me on this!! :)

  2. nice demo, love how the flower and tags came out !!!!

  3. loved every bit of this video.... so well elaborated one

  4. Superb video Tejal!! And that butterfly is yummmm!! :) thanks so much for sharing the information!

  5. wow tejal.....this is called complete knowledge......I m sure each of one has absorbed a lot from this .....thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. thank you so much shalini...for having so much faith in me!! {{HUGS}}

  6. awesome Tejal...Thank you so much for the information

  7. Wow..what a review Tejal! Thank you so much for sharing..

  8. What an amazing indepth video about the Lindy's Spray's Tejal ..I have used this product but after seeing your review I realise that there's a lot more that can be done with this product ..Thank you so much for sharing ..I loved it :)

  9. Amazing and a totally informative piece!!!When I went throught the post I was like wondering..."Wow!! These guys know so much and does it so very elegantly"..simply loved it,u all make our crafting a great darn easy..Cheers Crafters' Corner :)

  10. Awesome!!! What a pleasant surprise!!!! Video is just superb and so is you!!! Welcome!!

  11. thank you teju for sharing the lovely video, great learning

  12. Awesome vid and thank you for all the info!

  13. Superb video Tejal. Glad to see someone as knowledgeable as you on CC. Its a nice video for people like me who have no idea about what these mists.


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