Friday 6 September 2013

Different ways to use pattern paper scraps

Hello Crafters,

It's my turn (Priya) to write a tutorial.. Since the product of the month is Pattern Papers.. I am sharing some cool ways of using those scraps or leftover PPs..

I always keep the leftover papers (even tiny bits and pieces) in a separate box after making a project and just forget to take a look at the box afterwards and now the box is getting smaller to keep my paper scraps.. Have a look at my scrap box..

So today I decided to reduce the burden on my poor cardboard box by using some of those scraps..

1. Lets spread it up! 
:D... I first spread the left over pieces on my craft desk to have a deep look at the papers I have.. We crafters find it difficult to throw away even tiny bits of beautiful papers and end up with piles of scraps.. like me!.. :D

2. Organize!
I then sorted the pieces as per the sizes..

3. Squeez them out! 
What about those papers which has gone through die cutting machines and punches multiple times? like these..

I cut these nicely to get long strips of papers.. and reducing the size length wise till it gets difficult to hold that tiniest piece of paper... ah.. I had to throw it evently.. :(
But yes, I managed to get some long strips and decent sized rectangle and square papers.. :D

4. Make something 1 - Embellishments!
I took some small to medium sized squares and rectangles and used my punches and die cutting machine to cutout different shapes.. like this..

and then I arranged these randomly to make embellishments to adorn any paper craft project... you can make as many as you can in one go and keep it ready for use.. These will come handy when you have limited time to craft and the deadline is approaching..

5. Make something 2 - Brick design with strips!

In this you can use even tiny bit of paper .. Take out  those small strips of leftover PPs.. the strip can be as small as .5 inches to .25 inches..

I cut these into rectangles with breadth as .5 inches... length can vary as per your design... I distressed the edges to give these a worn out look like bricks..
I made 3x3 inches mini card just to show a sample of this design.. I am sure it will look cooler in bigger cards.. try it!

6. Make something 1 - Design your own pattern papers!

Now take those long stripes of papers and a piece of cardstock.. I used 2 pieces of leftover cardstock to make the base of the pattern paper..

Now stick these strips onto the cardstock randomly.. you can arrange the strips first to be sure if the final design looks good and then glue it...

and.. the pattern paper is ready! You can use it cards, scrapbooks or any other paper project...

I made 2 book marks out of these.. and oh I used the embellishments I made in the beginning.. See, you never know when you need these.. so make some and keep these ready of instant use..

 Here is the complete set of embellishments and other projects I made with scraps of PPs today..

I hope you liked my way of using scraps..

Supplies Used:
1. Pattern Papers of Different Brands (Crafter Corner has humongous range of pattern papers)
2. MS 3-In-1 Butterfly - 1
3. Spellbinders Classic Heart
4. Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Heart
5. Spellbinders Standard Circles SM
6. Spellbinders Classic Scalloped Circles Small

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Have a good day!



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