Monday 4 June 2018

Easy And Quick Scrabook Album Binding

Hey there! Suzna here......:-) 
Did you think I disappeared? I know it's been a few weeks since my last posting.
So my project today is a small scrapbook with easy binding technique. I took few the step by step pic. Hope u guys can understand.
And This is the cover design of my Album

This Album Binding originally by me ;-), Actually i am a lazy women - same time i am finding easy way to finish it.

Okay let start sharing the idea

Here i took 300gm Black cardstock, perfect for album pages

Main cover of scrapbook : I choose 1mm chipboard, In that i stick 300gm black cardstock. So that will get little more heavy weight cover.

These fabrics are Men's shirt pieces. Easily available in any textile shop.

This is rotary cutter, Easy to cut fabrics.

This is the way i am choosing pages. This album has only 2 pages. And i am planing each page can hold multiple pics.
  I start sticking with both cover sides. 
My album size : 6X8.5 inch
I score my cardstock like this : 8.5" - 9" - 9.5"
and the rest of the card stock is 2.5"
so that is the 1st page of my album
And i did same on other side too.

These two piece of cardstock going to sick on it. Like pocket style.

And here i stick small piece of fabric to cover / attach the 2 pages. Because of this style attaching pages (fabrics), this album can widely open.


Embellishing stuffs.

After pasting pattern paper, This is what my album looks like.

So how is my easy binding scrapbook Album? 
I hope you all like this Album
If you would like to create one of your own,
Don't wait for long, do it fast
Thanks for stopping by

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  1. As always lovely work done by you....

  2. Can you please share a video of this please.. It will be more helpful for beginners like me... Thank you

    1. Check this link ""

  3. this is so cool and loved the album Suzna <3


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