Thursday 22 June 2017

OUTDOOR play with PLAID!

Good morning!

Welcome to another Thursday and a fresh new plaid play!
Today its outdoor play ...yes...something for the outdoors! I have altered some plain metal planters using Home decor Chalk paints, Plaid stencils and sealed it with the OUTDOOR  MATTE SEALER from Plaid!

Isn't that easy peasy...

Lets move on to the process...I need to apologize at the outset for the lack pf pics on the wip, as my phone crashed and is under service! I have no access to the pics taken in it.
I shall explain to the best of my capability, I hope you understand. Do let me know if you have any queries.
I have worked with 4 planters at a stretch and will explain one by one.

PLANTER 1- I have mixed chalk paints  River walk and Vintage mustard and used a spouncer to dab the colors using honeycomb stencil from the stash.

You can see the smooth coverage of the paints on metal surface.

The bee and fly have been stenciled using black multi surface paints. I have then sealed this with 3 coats of outdoor sealer , allowing drying time between coats.

PLANTER 2- The bright greens is a mix of multi surface paint and chalk paint and I have used the same honey comb stencil. The cute little birds on the branches is the plaid stencil (birds)and have used black for this too. Sealed with outdoor sealer, 3 coats.

PLANTER 3- I arrived at this lovely peach color by mixing Imperial and vintage mustard! I applied the paint and when it was still wet, just dabbed it with a rag cloth to give some texture. When this was dry, I have stenciled with black using plaid HUMMING BIRD stencil! Isn't it lovely??? Again sealed with the outdoor sealer, 3 coats.

PLANTER 4- The lovely blue hues is using chalk paints (nautical and river walk) and stenciled with black and another stencil from my stash.

What gave me the confidence to do this outdoor planter is the OUTDOOR MATTE SEALER and I am sure this last many moons and suns!
Properties of the sealer-
It is water based.
It is non yellowing.
It dries fast.
No odor.
Can be used outdoor/indoor.

Here is a look at them in my garden!

I urge you to try and experiment with chalk paints for your outdoor needs and also use the sealer. This way you can now start decorating your outdoors!

These planters add so much life to the plants now and its like the birds are enjoying their new home!

I will see you next week with another Plaid play.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling,

Products used-
Chalk paints
Multi surface paints
Plaid stencil (birds)
Plaid stencil (Humming bird)
Folk art Outdoor matte sealer


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