Thursday 2 June 2016

Prima Marketing - Paper clay and Vintage Art Decor Mould

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Well I'm so excited for today's post!! 
A lot of you know I'm a huge fan of Prima Marketing and I absolutely loveeee their products from their papers, embellishments to their cutting dies! Their entire range is to die for! 
CHA 2016 Prima marketing came up with a lovely product range 
A product I had been desperately waiting for was Prima Marketing Paper Clay and Prima Marketing IOD  Baroque Moulds


Prima Marketing came up with 6 Gorgeous moulds they designs are amazing they have a very vintage- shabby chic feel to them. These moulds are food safe so they can be used for decorating cakes as well. They also came up with a special clay to be used in these moulds for making Gorgeous embellishments and its called Paper clay its a very light weight clay and it air dries. The results with this clay are great! For todays post I will also be using Art Alchemy paints and Aritisan Powder which is another great product by Prima! 
So without any more delay 
Lets get started! 

Take out the clay from the packaging and cut of a medium size piece

Make sure you pack the clay back properly and store it in a Air tight container. Since the  paper clay is an air dry clay you don't want to leave it out.

I started with dividing my clay in three pcs and then working them. Make sure you knead the clay a bit before using. When working with the clay you have to be careful not to over work the clay . Just work with it till it becomes little warm and soft.  

Here's how it will look  once done. 

Now I took a small piece of the clay and started pressing it in the mould 

Move around the clay with your fingers and make sure you have a clean edge to the design 

To any uneven level or any cracks I like spraying the clay with a little water and then making it as flat and even as possible 

Here's how it looks. If your clay gets dry while you are filling the mould You can spray the clay with  little water and work it between your hands it will become soft again. 

This is how it will look when semi dry . You can see the edges turning white - means the clay is drying. 

Once its semi dry I flip the mould.
 I like drying my molds upside down I just feel it makes it easier for me to take out the embellishments

Now slowly pull the mould upwards to release the embellishments. You have to be very careful while doing this step. The clay is a little brittle and if you don't remove them carefully the pieces might break but don't worry we have a way to fix it in case it happens! 

Ooopssiee see what happened while removing this delicate one from the mould.
But don't worry we have a trick for this :p
Option 1 is to just glue it to your project in pieces but nah that's no good there should be a way to fix this right?
Soo what you have to do it take a soft paint bush and a mini mister with some water. Spray on the cracked area join the pieces and rub your paint brush over it applying little pressure.
And Voila you are done! 

Now you can use these embellishments in their original colour or colour them up using various mediums I am going to show you two New Prima products I used to colour these beauties

I am using Parthenay Astisan Powder - color Umber here 
This is an amazing product perfect for adding a vintage touch to your embellishments 

Take some powder and using a brush dust your embellishment I like using circular motions while doing this step as it helps getting the powder in all the edges

This is how it will look when done. You can use it as it is now or follow the next step. 

Take a damp cloth you can use a wet wipe too for this step and slowly buff up the piece 

removing the powder from the top layer of the embellishment 

Creating a two tone embellishment :)

The next medium I used is The Art Alchemy Paints- I've used 2 colours Opal Magic Rose Gold 
and Metalllique Steapmunk- Copper Both the paints are amazing the only difference is the Rose Gold has a translucent finish and the Copper has a opaque finish. 
Ive tried the copper paint on various surfaces and the look is amazing I hihgly recommend eveyone to invest in these paints! They are perfect for adding some glam to your projects and they work great for mixed media!

Hope you all enjoyed today's post! Feel free to ask any questions. 

Have a good day!
Lots of love
Anchal Sapra



  1. This is something outstanding ....loved the way you explained Anchal di. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have all of these molds and LOVELOVELOVE using them!! I use them often when creating my mini scene scapes and love how versatile they are!!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Thank you, I have it but wasn't sure how to use it

  4. I bought some paper clay at michaels and I'm wondering if it is already dry because it breaks into small pieces when I cut it. after kneading a little bit it doesn't look like the clay in this demo it has cracks and I if I try to meld two pieces together they won't stick together. I've tried to add some water but doesn't seem to work


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