Wednesday 23 September 2015

Pictorial : Stiffy Butterfly!!

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How are you all doing, Hope fantastic :) and I am doing good too. I even hope you all might be enjoying the posts, tips and techniques shared by my fellow DT members.

In Today's post we will be talking some more about Mod Podge Fabric stiffy. It's a wonderful product and seriously great fun to work with. I am sure you all will enjoy working with the wonder bottle Mod Podge Stiffy.
In my last post I have shared basic information about stiffy ( what it is all about),now moving a step ahead with this wonder product I have yet another simple embellishment to share with you all. If you have missed my previous post about stiffy you can check it here.

Coming back, I have a fun pictorial for you all here, and I am sure you will all like it. Lets get started:

Supplies needed:-
Hot Glue Gun
Butterfly image

 For this embellishment you will be needing some piece of Fabric( any of you choice), I have used some scrap piece of fabric here black and white in color and Mod podge Fabric stiffy .
I decided to go with Black fabric. I have taken a small piece of it.

Now cover the entire piece of fabric with Mod Podge Fabric Stiffy with a help of foam brush, infact you take some stiffy in a bowl and dip the fabric and lay flat on craft sheet. Now, once you have covered it completly with stiffy ( I have used multiple layers of stiffy) allow it to dry for sometime. (Couple of hours will be good)

  Once it dries, the fabric gets stiff and it dries clear, I hope you can see that in the above picture.

                                                            STEP 3
Now I have taken a butterfly image ( I have downloaded this image and printed it with an inexpensive laserjet ink printer) and fussy cut it. For cutting the piece of fabric in butterfly shape, I have pasted the butterfly (paper) with a help of masking tape and cut the fabric in the same shape. You can also use pin to hold the butterfly in place.

 I have finally managed to cut my butterfly woohhoooo. Oops I forgot to mention you will habe to cut to pieces of fabric with the same technique shared above.
(I have cut to pieces sorry forgot to share here in the image the other piece.)

                                                             STEP 4
Now you will be needing two piece of scrap paper and cut them in thin strips of 2 inchs size approximately and make rolls of the same I hope you can see that here in the below left image. Take you fabric lay both the pieces of fabric on top of eachother and paste it with help of glue gun. Once pasted now you have to take those rolls and pasted it right between the two pieces of fabric excatly in the middle section of the butterlfy.( Hope you can see that in the right side of the image)

Once you have pasted the two piece of fabric and paper rolls this is how the butterfly will look like. Now for butterfly antenna and thorax I have used these pearls sticks ( from my stash). I have pasted the same with help of glue gun.

Once you have pasted the pearls stcik this is how it will look like. I some how did not liked it much, so I though to add some small mulberry roses to make it thorax part.
Yay.. I love my butterfly .... what say ladies ??


In order to stiffen the edges or to give it more precise shape I have used hot glue on all the sides ( tip/edge of the Fabric)

And finally have decorated the butterfly with loads of pearls and even attached two pearl string at the end of its thorax. I have pasted thin strips of black paper under the top layer of fabric , this will help to give more dimensional shape to wings.

This is how my butterfly looks like, I hope you all liked. You can use this embellishment on you scrapbooks, home decor projects or use it for DIY accessories and what not.

I hope you all liked and enjoyed the tutorial. If you any questions write us in comment section below. Happy to help.

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