Friday 17 July 2015

Crafters Corner launches Collage Clay In India

                    CRAFTERS CORNER LAUNCHES 
                               COLLAGE CLAY ART

Greetings Beauties :)

CRAFTERS CORNER proudly presents you the new art for the first time in INDIA -
                                            COLLAGE CLAY ART

As promised in my last post I have something very very  very exciting  and awe- inspiring , stupendous cool stuff for you all. The most amazing , awesome, wonderful, the gorgeous, the yummiest , the fantabulous  COLLAGE CLAY from MOD PODGE family by PLAID ENTERPRISES is now available in India, at your very own favorite craft store, the one and only CRAFTERS CORNER.

My my  what else I can say Thank you Ms. Shalini Mittal and the entire Crafters Corner team for bringing us the best of products, introducing all of us to new forms of art and above all making things available for us right in hands.

Oh my god … where to begin from??  Ahhaaa how about starting from WARNING/DIS CLAIMER
 ( Laugh out loud)

WARNING-  Picture heavy and long Post!!!!! Sit tight , eyes wide, I bet you can't stop drooling over these gorgeous gorgeous products and projects that I have here for you all. Don’t blame me Ladies if you go CRAZY .. Trust me it’s damn yummmieeeeeeeeee (oops)

Let’s welcome the STAR of our show 

                                          THE COLLAGE CLAY by MOD PODGE

On behalf of CRAFTERS CORNER Team, I am thrilled to introduce Mod Podge Collage Clay Art in  India, a versatile whipped clay that you can use to easily embed and embellish your favorite projects! Craft experts Cathie & Steve were so smitten with the crafting technique of Decoden from Japan, that they worked with Plaid enterprises to develop Collage Clay for the Mod Podge family. You can use Collage Clay with Mod Podge Mod Melts and Molds, trinkets, cabochons, buttons, rhinestones, and anything else you can think of! You can also use it in mixed media arts, 3D collage, assemblage arts, 3D stenciling, creating mini faux food and much more!!!


- Mod Podge Collage Clay is lightweight whipped clay. It is used to embed decorated Mod Melts embellishments. It comes with 3 tips and a cap. The tips included are a star tip, round tip and wavy tip. And Lastly The finger technique - the messier the merrier :)

- Collage clay comes in two colors Vanilla white and Strawberry Pink
- It's not EDIBLE. 
- Can be used on porous and non porous surfaces.( name any surface it can work on any thing - sky is the limit)
- Dries in 24 hours.
It gives u a spongy feel after drying.....yummmmm

Mod Podge COLLAGE CLAY teams up with drizzle paint to make your projects more yummier.. 

Picture courtesy- Plaid Enterprises

You all will be very glad to know that CRAFTERS CORNER has come up with more variants in drizzle paint. They have imported the ice cream toppings under the brand name of CRAFTERS CORNER only. Have a look at the awesome colors of ice cream toppings by CRAFTERS CORNER.These are from Crafters corner - are light, flowing  and little thin in comparison to drizzle paint form Mod Podge. So you need to use two layers of the same or a thick layer of sauce to cover your surface.
It looks amazing when sprinkled on the collage clay as its very yummmmm to look at .


What say Ladies ??? I am super excited and thrilled to work withMOD PODGE COLLAGE CLAY( I wish I could contain all the excitement in me). Wait a minute If you thinking that I am done ... no way gals we have so much more for you. 

CRAFTERS CORNERS Proudly presents you the the BEST EVERCABOCHONS you could ever think of. When I say best - trust me they are the best quality you could ever think of. Crafters Corner has come up with most adorable, cute, charming, yummy, lovable, enchanting range and huge variety of CABOCHONS.
the best part is all colours schemes have been considered very well so that u are all set ready fr any occasion to work for ....
Also the best part is they are completely handmade and comes with extremely good finishing...
And the bestest part is we have got more than 100 of designs which will be online very very soon....

Now hold your breath ladies...
take a look at the samples which I have lootedfrom Crafters Corner.. aren't they yummy <3  
stop drooling gals ( they are all mine.. hahahaha)
I know you cant find many of  them online as i looted
Nono .....let me be serious ...they will be online very soon ....

                 AWESOME CABOCHONS ( my awesome loot at CRAFTERS CORNER ) 

Adhesive sticks - This is just one small piece of wonder. It make super easy pick tiny miny embellishments, As soon as your embellishments come in contact with glue it will release the em-bellies on its own.
This is the original adhesive picker which has an ultimate grip of holding the small pearls (soon online ) n rhinestones ( soon online ).....

Fillers and sprinklers - They are handmade from FIMO clay one of the best quality. Look at these rainbow crumbs  gorgeousness how detailed and fine they are. 
I am sure you all Don't wanna get confused with candies :P 
These are another topping for your clay ....which makes work more attractive.

Crafters Corner Cabochons are handmade and are of premium quality. There are two types of cabochons in terms of material used - 

1- Matte Cabochons
2- Glossy Cabochons 


A cabochons  can be made from just about any kind of stone as well as ceramic, porcelain, clay or even wood. The materials doesn't matter. The defining elements of a cabochon have more to do with the shape of the component: it is flat on one side and domed or rounded on the other side.
                                         Pronunciation: Cab-O-Shawn


Well we had conducted some trials and tests with the product before its Launch and it turned out to be a fun session of playing drooling and above all crafting .. and creating gorgeous samples for you all. I would like to thanks Shalini Mittal  for letting us go mad with these and enjoy ourself to the fullest. It was a fun learning session with crafty beauties Ms. Shalini Pahwa and Ayushi Aggarwal.
Thank you ladies it was great time with  you all. 

Now the samples which we made -- 

Allow your projects to air dry for 3 to 4 days before actually using it. The clay once dry will remain soft and bouncy but dry.
Kids will love this awesome product

And Some More Pictures - 


The one is white is finger technique and in Strawberry Pink is Star tip technique. They all look so amazing. The Pink hanger was done by Shalini Pahwa ( She has super clean hands and did wonders at the time of testing).
Also Ayushi Jatin Agarwal was a big help in preparing samples with us...


                       DIY PHONE COVER - PICTORIAL

I have this pictorial for you all showcasing how to make your own phone cover.

Material Required-

1-  Collage clay.
2-  Old phone case or any new .
3-- Cabochons.
4- Adhesive stick .
5- Mod podge drizzle paint
6- Glitters ( although any glitter will work but i suggest you to strictly go for Elizabeth craft glitter , Clearsnap dust or Glamour dust as these are super pretty and shiny and also they are dust so looks great ).

                                                                              Step 2
                                                                               Step 3
                                                                            Step 4
                                                                             step 5

Viola!! we are done so simple . It's fun to do some DIY's .
Don't you think they look like candies from candy stores hehehehhehe ... mind you not to be eaten but so tempting.

Now its time to order your very own set of Collage clay and get crafty- create your magic.
But did u see how we welcomed our new CRAFT  in India....let me show you some sneak peaks.....
We had a full day of live demonstrations going on...and Shalini di did all those demos for all the visitors.....
It was a great launch and a Mega event for us....
Hope u all enjoy these beauties and our precious moments....

I hope you all liked the projects and I really really hope you all found the post helpful. If you have any questions and doubts please please please leave us your comments below and  I will more than happy to help.

Have a nice day
Love and Hugs


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