Sunday 19 July 2015

Collage Clay Art

Hello everyone!
Today I am here to share a video tutorial on the Fabulous art introduced in India by Crafters Corner! Its called Collage Clay art! My fellow DT Isha did a post on it recently and I am here just to share my creations as I was way too excited to try my hands at this super adorable art form!

Let me show you first what all I created!

I made a small pocket mirrror

A table clock

and a phone cover!

Aren't they all so adorable and yummy? 

Collage clay art is also popularirly known as DECODEN. Decoden is a Japanese art form of decorating mobile covers. Where as Collage clay art is not just limited to moblile covers but soo much more! Its super fun and very easy.

Our store has introduced special variety of High quality Cabachons which are perfect for Collage Clay projects. The finish is excellent, we have a vast variety of sizes and they all are super cute.
Lots of sets o Cabachons will be uploaded soon - example if there is a set of clocolates then it will have all sizes and colours of it.

Now let me show you the video

Hope you all like it!

Do feel free to ask any questions

Anchal Sapra 


  1. Too cute Anchal !!! Wud love to see more ...awesome mirror

  2. Wow...anchal..such gorgeous it..xx

  3. Super cute Projects Gal.. Love the mirror .

  4. :) Beautiful projects Anchal, loved the video! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Super awwwsummmmm....loved it..

  6. Replies
    1. Its an air dry clay. Usually it takes 1-2 days to dry but can take more if the layer is thick and once it's dry it won't be rock hard it will be little spongy to touch. Hope this helps :)

  7. Hi Anchal which clay to buy for cell phone covers just modpodge only?

  8. Hi Anchal which clay to buy for cell phone covers just modpodge only?

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