Wednesday 1 April 2015

The Design Team Reveal 2015 - April

This is Shalini Mittal this side..
Hope u all are ready for approaching summer vacations....yes i know we all are as this is the best time to enjoy be it a holiday or ant new learning......and i know some of you  are waiting to launch your new courses and classes....and some are like me who start searching Google that which is the best place to go in summers......  lol.
But for those who are waiting to do something creative this would be a moment of jumping......also writing this post is a moment of proud moment for me......
As we are going to announce our new team for new session .....
Believe me gals .....we have got SEVEN WONDERS for you.
As always we have got the bestest team to inspire you and they are the names which people always look forward for ...
Before i announce them....let me tell you something about some changes on our blog now :
We will have two posts by each DT.....and each of them will do a detailed post for will be full of knowledge and they are going to teach u selflessely...we will specaially take care of all techniques and steps involved....
Also u can invite your friends to join our blog and our you tube channel
I can assure you that you will love these creations by them as they are really working very hard to please you but one request please take out just one minute to appreciate them to keep getting best of theirs....
They are best people in their fields.....its gonna be a lottery for all of us to get to see their detailed work .
So here we go .....
This is me who is gonna coordinate for all blog if u have any demands for any particular product or project please feel free to mail us at and we will make sure that we could that live for you here....

Now meet my excellent team.......

Anchal Sapra
 ( Our cute baby always doing bright n soothing stuff....she is simply amazing...).

Hello everyone! My name is Anchal Sapra. I am 24 years old and I am from Chandigarh. 

My Blog goes by the name A Colourful Affair! I've been working for Crafters Corner blog for almost a year now. I did take a short break during my DT term but its hard to stay away and not be associated with India's leading most craft website Crafters Corner which has always offered us excellent service, best pricing and amazing variety of products! 

It is always a pleasure to work with Shalini di.
She's a gem of a person , always to helpful and understanding! 
Thank you Shalini di for having me on your team! Looking forward to inspire and create beautiful projects together!


Arjita Singh
 ( All rounder..she can manage to make anything with her best...).

Hi, I am Arjita Sepaha Singh and I live in the city of lakes Bhopal.
I am edupreneur but enjoy crafting above everything. I find my inspiration in my 9 year daughter Adveta and feel awesome when i see her interest and knowledge in the world of crafting.
She is the cutest volunteer i could ever get. I've been stamping and creating cards and other paper crafts for around 6 years now. I started with paper art / quilling and entered into the stamping world when i accidentally bumped into "cuttlebug" in New Zealand. 
I dumped some of my luggage and made way for my eternal love affair with crafting world. But the supply of accessories was a major constrain in the city I live. Thats when Shalini came like a fairy who gave me whatever i desired right at my door step.

Crafters Crafters is a store where you can find the best craft brands at the best price and that makes it my favourite. The web store is amazingly planned and its super easy to find the products you want. The tie up's with the companies makes the new releases and after services hassle free.

 When Shalini asked me to join her as a DT I was jumped with joy and excitement. 
It's like a dream one true !! It feels awesome to work with the most talented 
and creative team as we all are crazy craftaholics

I find crafting the most relaxing & unwinding. I find it extremely rewarding whenever i see someone happy and inspired because of my work.
God has blessed me beyond measure with opportunities to use my creativity and my loving husband Sanjeev who supports my work and art.
 I am extremely excited and proud being the DT of Crafters Corner and I believe that this camaraderie would bring the best out of me!
I pray you find inspiration in the creations and experiences I post here!

Ashmita Roy 
(Vintage Queen...she is our Tim Holtz......)

Crafting isn't just a hobby it is a passion. Even as a toddler I loved papers.  My mom would put me on a rug and give me a stack of newspapers and I would play with them for hours tearing them up and squealing with delight every time I tore into a new one.  This passion and this love for paper has only grown over the years. When I am inspired and in the middle of creating something new I can go without food and water as I get so engrossed and loose all sense of time. I love to draw inspiration from day to day life and things around me the sheer thrill of creating something that has been knocking around in my head is what I live for. I love to come up with new ideas and designs and try to make every project better and more put together than the previous one.
Research is my key mantra.
Every new product or technique that comes up I study it and teach myself. For me its knowledge and like studies in school I like to keep myself informed and abreast
I love to dice into everything new and won't give up without giving it a try.
By profession I am a trained Media person with a Masters degree in Mass communication.  For the past one year I am a Design team member for one of India's leading online craft store Crafters corner.
I conduct workshops from time to time and teach online classes regularly for my various projects.  I have students all over the world and in various parts of the country. 
Personally I love creating journals.  This is a signature technique developed by me and I have designed many styles over the years. Travel Themed and vintage colors are my forte!
I also love Miniatures and can spend hours working on a miniature project. I find creating little detailed pieces is very satisfying and fulfilling.

Jaya Raghuvanshi
( Mixed Media Queen.....She will make us this beautiful art with her passion....)

Hello everyone!
My name is Jaya Raghuvanshi and I am Dental Surgeon by profession.
 Crafting,painting and pencil sketching have been my hobbies since childhood.
 I discovered paper crafts in 2012 and have been hooked on it since then. 
I started with scrapbooking and making layouts only recently around April this year and
 I find them really exciting and challenging. My style is a 'mixed bag' and I love to try anything new that comes my way. My greatest inspiration is LIFE and my best critic and supporter is my hubby.
As any other crafter in India, I always looked up to the DT at Crafters Corner and when Shalini asked me to join in 'the most talked about' team I just didn't have to think twice. 
I hope you will like my creations :) 
Thank you Shalini for having me here. 
Its an honour to share the platform with such great artists at Crafters Corner. 
You can find my work here-

Blog- 'My Craft World' - 
Facebook Page-  'Art Palette' -

Neha Bhatt 
(CAS expert...she needs no introduction.....she is a multi talented artist..)

I am Neha, a house wife - hence full time crafter. I am crafting since last 10 years. 
I had an opportunity to live in USA for few years. 
It is where I came to know about stamps and inks.
 Paper crafting  is a pure passion and my high-way to happiness. 
It gives me that inner peace and keeps me sane. My Style is CAS cards. 
I love the aesthetics behind their designs and how they convey the message. 
 My blog periwinkle-creations is comparatively new
 but you can find my older work on my fb page here.
Even though I have many years of experience, this is my first opportunity as DT. 
I happily accepted this offer by Shalini because Crafters Corner 
has the widest range of products and super talented DTs. 
I feel,  the inner drive of Shalini to do better will make me a better crafter and 
I will be able to showcase my creative side more effectively. 
Thank you Shalini for this opportunity. I promise to give my best...:)

Nupur Patel 
( She is my little girl who is unconditionally there for us all the tme...she needs no name as she can do anything or everthing)

A very big Hello to Everyone.
I am so honored for having received an invitation by Ms. Shalini to join her marvelous Crafters Corner family. Its nothing less than a dream come true to work with such a wonderful lady on the biggest Craft supplies store in India. Her open minded and positive attitude is the sole reason that led me to be a part of crafters corner family. 
 “Design and creativity is the fundamental soul of any human made creation that ends up expressing in form of successive products.” Is what I believe in.  
I am Nupur Patel, 23yrs old from Mumbai, India. I have been scrapbooking since past 3years because it is my hobby. I was introduced to visual arts in my school years at Ecole Mondiale world School. As a visual artist here you will find me playing with various color palettes, medias and elements, these explorations opened new doors and led to a new world of Mixed media. After having learned and explored the handworks it was high time that I stepped into the Digital World to enhance my creativity, thus, leading to Graduating at Raffles Design International. 
Traveling, capturing and trapping memories are my source of inspiration to enter the world of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a large world in itself, there is a lot more learn, to explore and to meet new people, reach new horizons and much more.

You can pay me visit me here:
Blog: Down the MemoryLane
Facebook: Down the Memorylane

Sonia Suprabha
(She is the soul of our blog...nobody can write tutorials better then her.)

Hi everyone I am Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal ,an ENT Head and Neck Surgeon from Kerala now settled in Bangalore. I was a proper book worm and studious girl all through my childhood and college years and never had a chance to explore my creative side till I had a little girl of my own and had to make crafty school projects for her! I infact started my  blog Cards Crafts & Kids Projects just to share our little school projects and kiddy cards...the blogging bug bit me and crafting evolved into a passion! Crafting for me is a wonderful distraction and a beautiful stress buster! And though I love crafting its strictly a hobby for me. Hobbies tend to die if not nourished  especially in our madly busy lives and I must confess one of the reasons I accepted a place in Shalini's Crafters corner Design team is to keep my crafting passion alive by challenging my creativity a bit more !! If I may use a medical simile--Shalini has her hand right on the pulse of the crafting world and I am super excited and thrilled [ and a bit scared too!!] to be on her Design team!




  1. Thanks Shalini for the warm welcome and I am sure we will rock the show ... Super excited to b a part of this awesome blog

    1. Hi arjita...we aremore than happy to have u again on the team.....

  2. Hearty welcome super duper team. Great selection of dts shalini

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  6. This is really a superb team.. Welcome everyone.. :)
    love visiting crafters corner...

  7. So honoured to be a part of the fabulous DT at Crafters Corner. Thank you so much for believing in me and my work!

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  9. Congratulations Team... you will rock here! Looking forward seeing your beautiful creations!

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  10. Wow! Great to see such a talented team! Looking forward to some amazing inspiration from them!

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  11. What a super talented team Shalini. It's going to be a lot of fun and looking forward to all the wonderful inspirations from all.Congrats to all of you.

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  16. Thank you Shalini for the grand welcome and for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Crafters corner family...thank you so very much...xx


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