Monday 24 November 2014

Travel Junk Journal - What and how My style!!

Namaste Guys

Time for festivals and holidays and everyone will be heading for vacations and I want to inspire you all with a Travel themed Junk journal. Before I show you the finished Project lets talk about what is a Junk Journal or  Junque Journal ?? A junk Junque Journal is a journal made from found items papers and scraps and pattern paper etc! It has many a functions you can use them to store your favorite poems or draw in them or add photos and write in them.
I have come up with a unique style of Junque Journal to take on my travels and the save all my travel memories and memorabilia and instead of using scraps and leftover found papers I use good pattern paper. 
So, this journal  I have designed for my upcoming trip and Ii have used the Far and Away Line from Teresa Collins. This paper collection is awesome to make a travel themed journal as It has some really great patterns and also a Die-cut sheet, and some sheets of Atc's and Journalling cards. A lot of the thinking and the work has been done for you.
Without further ado here is how I design and make my Junque journals, I divide the Signatures Day wise and add tons of pages, pockets, flaps and envelopes. So in terms of texture and page sizes there is a lot of variety and scope for adding elements like brochures and also for writing. You must be wondering as the pages are black how I do my writing I use a simple white gel pen to do so.

Just look at all the pages and the real estate so many places to write and add photos and brochures! So, you can get everything about your holiday and preserve your memories for ever.


As you can see This book is huge and I have made it 12 x 6 to get two full 4x6 photos on the pages !! and there the pages gradient from large to small to create movement fro the eyes that I think is attractive and adds to the charm.  

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  1. Wow! Love the Journal! And so nice of you to introduce us to Junk Journals! :)

  2. Love the metal chain and links closing it Ashmita
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

    1. Thank you so much. Your kind comments always cheer me up

  3. Wonderful junk journal work! Would like to invite to participate in community junk journal weekly competition at!

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