Thursday 18 September 2014

Tute on Bracelet and Key ring!

 Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today am here to share a tutorial with you all! I’m so excited!! Eee :D
Well as you all know I just love charms and embellishments and our store has a huge variety of these! So I decided to use them in a bracelet!
Its my first jewellery project ever and I’m super happy with how it turned out. 
So lets get started!

 I had this old bracelet lying with me which was just a plain chain. So i decided to make it look pretty! :p

I selected few of my favourite charms and decided the placement first and then started adding them using jump rings from my stash.

 Once i was done with adding the charms I made a variety of hangings using some wire and added them to the bracelet. Here’s the end result!

 For the key ring I’ve used the same technique but here I’ve use this cute ball chain available at our store and the rings are also available at the store! These key chains are super cut and fun to make!

This is how it looks when ready!

Hope you all like my bracelet and key rings and will try to make few!

Have a great day!

Anchal Sapra

Hand mirror oval charm
Bird nest with eggs
Pair of scissors
Tiny wing
Epoxy clock
Tiny Bird Cage charm
Princess dress charm
Princess hanger charm
Princess comb charm
Rose key charm
Antique bronze ball chain
Crystals, bracelet , pearls from my stash


  1. Absolutely love it. I love small trinkets and charms and this is just my type! I have recently bought a lot of these from your store and loving it!


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