Tuesday 26 August 2014

Overview of Gelatos

Good morning Crafty Folks,

Tejal here with another video. Today I'm playing with Gelatos. In my last Mixed Media Canvas Video, I used these Faber Castell Gelatos and I got a few questions as to what they are and how they I thought of reviewing it for you and showing you how to use them...

I love that I know how smooth and creamy and buttery they are (and no calories at all!!) its just fun to use them..
You can use these on Canvas, Paper, Fabric, Veneers, MDF, watercolor papers etc..and it will give a beautiful result everytime!!

So hop on the Video and join me in exploring this wonderful art Medium.


Here are the close up's of the techniques  I showed in the Video.

 As always, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with us...or leave us a comment!

Much love

Products used in the Video
Tropical Gelatos
Metallic Gelatos
Mix and match set of Gelatos (full box)
Heat Gun
Anti-static bag
Clear embossing powder
Leafy Vines Stamp
Magical Background (dots) - not in stock at the moment
Leaf and Floral background
Water Brush
The Clock work stencil
The CraftersWorkshop Stencils


  1. Thank you so much Tejal for sharing the wonderful information and different techniques!!!

  2. Thank you for inspiration. .totally love in my wishlist.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful video of it..

  4. Wow ,Beautiful I loved the bgs you have created with gelatos !

  5. sounds like a great product, I wish I knew about them when I was teaching fashion illustration, it would have looked wonderful

  6. You are such an expert with inks, paints and sprays Tejal...well hard to think of what you are not an expert at!!


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