Friday 9 May 2014

Review - Perfect Layers Ruler

Hello and Good morning everyone...Tejal here and my turn to review another fabulous product that we have in our store. Today I'm talking about the Perfect Layers Ruler.

I am a stickler for perfection and that perfection demands that I have straight and even mats on all my photos or cards. And this is where the Perfect Layers Ruler comes into action.

So you get a set of 3 rulers.. giving you 10 mat sizes between them. Starting from 1/16th inch mat to a 1 inch mat. These are unlike any rulers you've ever used. They do not have any markings down the sides..rather they have markings on the top and bottom only. 

How to read this scale. Don't get confused at all the numbers you see. The only one you need to see is the one to your right and which is printed right side up. the picture above...1/16th is readable and is to my right side. So that is my cutting side.
For the the number to your left side. So you will be cutting 1/2 inch mat.
Now you know which side to use. But how to use...
Now..can you see the notches?  That is where your paper will go.

Now here I need to cut a 1/16th inch mat for my quote. So take your mat piece..which has to be bigger than your photo/card. Glue the photo onto your mat pi├Ęce (black cardstock here) and make sure it is big enough to cut around.
You are always going to glue your photo/top piece to your mat first.  And then cut around it.
Now I've glued my card front to my black Cardstock. Making sure that 1/16th is on top right side and facing up...I will slide my ruler in till the CS hits against the notch...not your mat but your top piece has to be against the notch.
And using my craft knife just cut against the ruler.
Have no fear..all sides have a steel guide which means you can never cut the plastic on the ruler.

It sounds more complicated to write it than actually show it. But I have no Internet for the past please bear with me.

Doing the same on all sides...I get this PERFECTION! !

The left image below is cut with 1/16th inch side and the right with 1/8th inch side. And can you say Wow!! Love the clean neat and perfect mats I get every time with this.

Showing you some more examples of the perfect cuts and mats I get every time...
I loved the black against the yellow. Totally brings out the color of the papers. Had I used plain yellow on would have got mixed up without a clear definition.

Another example of a perfect border on a card. 

All in all I haven't found a negative thing about these rulers. They are as the name says...PERFECT!!!.

So what are you waiting for...go ahead and buy this must have tool in your craft box. Its already at a fabulous price in our store...Perfect Layers


  1. Excellent post Tejal di! So informative and I loved your projects!

  2. I was thinking..that I get perfect result with my no need to buy perfect layers...but Tejal I must say tempted me to buy...thank you for explaining so no confusion. looks that it really gives pafect layers....thanks for the review. ..

  3. Thanks so much for the review Tee. This is one tool i'm definitely gonna buy as straight, even mats are so important when it comes to CAS cards.

  4. This is perfect for mentally challenged folks like me.:-).Thanks for the review.


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