Friday 30 August 2013

Stamping with Lindy's magicals, starbursts and Sakura gesso!

Hi everyone!

Today it’s my turn to share something with you. A lot has been said and shown about the product of the month, which is Lindy’s stamp gang mists. My DT mates left me nothing to share! :) I’m sure you all must be having a great time trying different techniques showcased by my teammates.

After a lot of struggle, I came up with something which seemed stupid to me, but I’m gonna share it with you anyway! :)

I didn't know what to try and I wasn't in a mood to even browse! My friend and fellow DT member Pallavi agreed to help me and sent a link to a beautiful video (find the link at the end of the post). I tried to make some modifications and make a tutorial but it didn't work. Hence I came up with this…

(Sorry for the super bad pictures. Couldn't take them in the natural light.)

Here is what you’ll need…

1.       Gesso
2.       Template (I have used 'Art is' template.)
3.       Stamp of your choice (I have used HA Leafy vines stamp and Simon says stamp)
4.       Little Lindy’s set (I have used green, yellow and gold )
5.       A paint brush
6.       Laminated sheet/ craft mat
7.    Liquitex light modelling paste

Technique 1- (for a fine image)

1.       Take a piece of water color paper and spray it with Lindy’s starburst spray. Let it dry.

2.       Squeeze a little bit of gesso on the laminated sheet and add little bit of magicals (add a little bit of hot water to the powder in the small bottle).

3.       Mix thoroughly with a brush and make a thin layer of the mixture.

4.       Take a stamp of your choice, gently press down the stamp onto the mixture and stamp on the water colour paper that has already been sprayed with starburst spray.

Technique 2- (for a grungy look)

1.       Follow step 1 in the above technique.
2.       Squeeze a little bit of gesso  on the laminated sheet  and spread it with a paint brush

3.       Take a stamp of your choice (I feel solid images look better), press it down onto the thin layer of gesso.
4.       Spray the stamp with starburst of your choice and stamp on the prepared water colour paper. You will not get a clean image, no problem.

5.       After you have stamped once,  press down the stamp on the layer of gesso and stamp without spraying mist this time. Repeat as long as the gesso hasn’t dried up.

Note: PLEASE wash the stamps thoroughly with water and gently brush them with a tooth brush if required to remove gesso as soon as you finish stamping.

Wondering why I added the template and modelling paste in the list of products needed? Well I made something which I added on this card-

To make that text back ground, you need to follow the below steps...
1. Take a little modelling paste, add small amount of magicals to it and mix thoroughly.
2. Take a good CS, (I used Fabriano of 220 GSM) using a stencil, apply the modelling paste. You can either choose to spray the starbursts when the paste has dried or partially dried. I sprayed the starbursts when the paste is still wet. This caused the magicals to react with the starbursts. I liked it this way.
3. Let everything dry and you are done!

Finally I've tried the starburst stains also. Made a BG with the most commonly used resist technique. I stamped the HA Leafy fines stamp with versamark ink pad and clear embossed the image. I then took three stains of different colours and applied directly on the CS. I loved the final result. It came out all shimmery! :)

That's all from me for now! Take care!


PS. Here is the link Pallavi sent. It's awesome. See if you can do something similar with magicals.


  1. Thanks for the awesome tute Sindhu !!
    Loved the textured bkg u created for the pretty card !!

  2. Nice Tutorial and loved the background/texture

  3. Thanks a lot Riti and Shalini! :)

  4. I loved the bgs you have created Sindhu ! Stamping with gesso is new to me.Thanks for the tut n link !

  5. Beautiful card Sindhu and Thank you for sharing the techniques about the textured backgrounds!..I love the stamping with the gesso technique..Never tried it before..Will definitely give this a try :)

  6. what a beautiful way of using these products.....I loved the final look of the card....super gorgeous.

  7. Great tut Sindhu.You were unnecessarily worried.Love the card you made too.Magicals look lovely with modelling paste.


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