Saturday 10 August 2013

Mixed Media Layout Tutorial

 Dear Friends and Crafters

There are times when one creates such a product that he/she may also be surprised at his own creation. Leodardo da Vinci did not pick up his brush one day and decided that he would create “Mona Lisa”… he just let his creativity flow and what came out was a masterpiece that even today we get mesmerized by seeing it. The feeling of satisfaction of creating something which you feel is a reflection of nearly your best, is indeed immense. I am nowhere in comparison with such legends but I am having the same feeling today as I present to you my latest creation “The Moonlight” – a photoframe using mix media, which I consider is my best work till date.Here's the pix

 Let's start with the tutorial
For this frame, I first applied “Guesso” acrylic color on a chip board to prepare base for my working


 Then I pasted some laces using Mod Podge and heating tool.

Then I used some TCW (the crafters workshop) templates with “Guesso” color to create shapes (honey comb, butterfly) on the base itself. This is important since later when I would use color sprays these bases would come out vibrantly giving a total different look to the creation, Without these undulations in base, the base will look flat.

Then I used flowers, trinkets etc, to define the boundaries of the place where the photo would be placed. Since these flowers would be painted and repainted subsequently, you may not use your best flowers here.

After making your desired combination of the flowers and trinkets in the created base, apply a uniform layer of “Guesso” on it. This would make all things blend together and create a base on which colors may be applied to give any sort of look.

Then I used color sprays (Lindys Stamp Gang) of various hues to get a “moonlight” look to the frame – white but still resplending the orange and golden hue of the sun. has got huge collection of Little Lindy and all shadesavailable and its a must buy product

Shalini has got all the products that i had used in this layout and contact her at

I hope you would also like the creation as much as I loved creating it.
And Please give your valueable comments below

Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. this is the best mixed media I have ever seen In India.....I am really very thankful to you for sharing it so generously.....
    Love you for this.

  2. I really think...these pics arenot doing justice as I have seen it personally and its mind blowing.

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  4. Very nice tutorial.very well explained.

  5. Fantastic LO ! I loved the fab textures n colors it has.Thanks for sharing !

  6. lovely textures and colors, you really rocked it gurl!!

  7. Awesome project!,very well done and explained. Thanks soo much for sharing! :)

  8. AWWWsmmmm...loved it...thnx fr sharing...and inspiring me to evn try some mix media stuff...:)

  9. Great tutorial and your project turned out gorgeous.Thanks for the share.:-)

  10. Wow... Genuinely exquisite... Having honor of seeing it live... I think it is just heavenly and such heavenly things cant be enjoyed with a few snaps... Way to go Shalu...

  11. Your project is gorgeous Shalini!...I think this is the first time I am seeing a mixed media project done on this scale and shared so well..Thank you so much for the tutorial and the way you have explained it step by step!...This is such excellent work! :)


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