Wednesday 24 July 2013


Hey are u doing....
I am sure u all must be waiting for this post of today I will quickly do what u want me to do.....
But but but
I want to thank you all those who chose to play with us....we got tremendous response for this Crafty Bingo Celebration but on the other hand I am really to all those entries who couldn't qualify for it because we received them after the scheduled for them better luck next time......
And here is the lovely gift for you guys for storing your craft supplies in Tim Holtz style...


I am sure you will love it as everyone has supplies but we are always short of storing needs.......
Its set of two beautiful Italian Boxes.
And now goes the rules and regulations for the game.....

1. U need to be a follower of this blog.....if u are not ...the entry will not be accepted......don't worry u have time and u can do so now......
2. U need to like our facebook page .
3. U need to subscribe to our video screen .
4. U need to share this on facebook that u are participating in this contest and later on u have to send us link at the time of winning.
5. Now starts the game......everyday we will call out few names of the craft supplies (it can be any no. like 5 , 6 or 7 or whatever)  out of our list of 60 ...u got to cut these names from your list which u had sent us to crafters corner everyday one  DT will come n do it for you  but u won't know whos coming next.... so u might have to hunt for it like a treasure hunt......but don't worry we will give you appropriate hints for this ....that means u might be given some clues to go the place where u will find these names.....
So the person who strikes all the names first will be the winner......The First Person to get all the words on their list cut off will have to SHOUT OUT BINGO on the CC blog !! Otherwise it will keep going so u have to be smart in checking the blog again n again.

1. U cant send any request for announcing the names u want.....doing so will disqualify u .
2. U have to follow all the above rules.
3.All the decisions taken by us will be further communication will be done for the same....
4. If we have two winners then we will call out some more names and check out who cuts the more.....
5. We might have twists n turns while playing so be careful.....any names missed by you ......will not be our responsibility.
Any questions plz let me know or mail us at ....I will be more then happy to assist you.....
And don't forget to participate in our lovely challenge of Thanks you cards.....
Love and Hugs


  1. Bingo to the core, way to go....

  2. super excited for this crafty tambola...hats off to the person who conceived this idea

    1. Thanks richa was ritis and my idea....I m glad u liked it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks archana.....if u lucky to win this u will get it.

  4. beautiful boxes...n so mch fun.. bingo.

    1. i m already a follower of all the social n/w s ..thanks for the chance.

  5. Takes me back to my school days, when we play housie at the fancy fete! :D

    Excited to be joining in the fun!
    Already following CC Blog, FB group. Subscribing to YT today.

    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely Italian box..


  6. Super excited.... I m following CC on FB,it's blog n now subscribed to its videos also on u tube!

    One ques: how can one announce when one is completing marking all on his list. As I comment here on this post?

    1. yes u have to comment on the cc blog......and shout out bingo...

  7. super excited for and gift(boxes)!

  8. i love the boxes..... super excited to win them....

  9. Waiting for the next step to start playing.. Those are really gorgeous boxes Shalini. Who wouldnt want to win them...


  10. I guessed it when sent u list of 30 items. waiting to start it...

  11. Ok... I probably will understand ti as we play along.. for now all the things done!!

  12. All things done.. Excited to play and win..

  13. Hey - i am also subscribed to your blog, fb and you tube. Shared this page on my fb page. Excited to play but now whats next - will you be sending me a mail on the 60 products? Sorry am confused

  14. Shalini already foll d blog :-) the boxes plz make them available for sale also!!!! Done all n excited to play along.

  15. Wow.. This is gonna b fun.. N I wanna win..

  16. This is going to be some fun!!!


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