Monday 29 July 2013

Bingo- Round 5!!!

Hello friends!

Hope you are enjoying the game!

Today it's round 5 of Bingo and let me tell you, we are gonna irritate you a bit by revealing just 3 names today! :-p

The first word-
Distress paints: These are acrylic paints that come in a small bottle with dauber. You can create wonders with them. I love them to bits. The best part about them is they can be used on dark colored card stock. Once a layer is dry, you can add another layer of a different color and the colors don't blend with each other and remain as vibrant as before. All the colors are available at our store.

The second word-
Card Stock: Now...who doesn't know card stock? :) It's the most basic of supplies for card making. Check this awesome DCWV card stock stack.

For the third one, you have got to visit my blog! :)

See you there!! :)

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